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Found 86 results

  1. A fascinating video feature on how Hannah Carter of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre prepares her pointe shoes. https://www.pointemagazine.com/hannah-carter-pittsburgh-ballet-theatre-2640107707.html?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1
  2. Is it possible to go en pointe as a male ballet dancer and do the same stuff that girls do? How long would it take to learn that?
  3. Hello fellow dancers! I recently got my first pair of pointe shoes this past January. They are Suffolk Stellars 5.5 XXXXN. I sewed crisscross elastics onto them, so I could get maximum suppoirt for my feet. Once I had finished sewing them on, I realized that the position of the elastics made my shoes look unclean. So, can I move them? Or should I remove them completely and sew single ankle bands? Maybe I should wait until my next pair, and try a different position of my elastics? I attached some images, so you can see what I mean...... Also, I don't believe I am doing well getting over my box for taking 2-3 thirty minute pointe classes a week, for two months. I bent my shanks back and forth, and this helped my left foot a little, but not my right at all. Is it my feet, or my shoes? Or, am I doing fine, and have to wait until they mold to my feet more, over the next months? Thanks for helping a fellow dancer out! - Perfectly On Pointe P.S. I will cut my ribbons/elastics when I am sure I don't have to move them or tighten them.
  4. We’re heading to London for DD’s first pair of pointe shoes. A very exciting rite of passage as I must admit I am a bit jealous as I never had the opportunity to go en pointe when I did ballet way back when. Am I right in thinking Dancia, Bloch and Freed are the places we should go to? Would it be better to go to Dancia first as an over view as such and then if they suggest Bloch or Freed shoes, to go to the specific brand shops? Are there any other dance shops worth trying in central London? Any other first pair shopping tips? Should we get elastic and ribbon or see what the fitters suggest? Does one generally get ouch pouches for first shoes or try starting off with lambs wool or something else?
  5. Has anybody tried the Grishko Smart Pointe? What is your experience? For what kind of feet is it suitable?
  6. Hello all, Please can I draw on your knowledge and experience. DD is to have first fitting for pointe shoes and I am totally ignorant as to how this works and where it is best to go in and around Glasgow. Are some places better than others and how do I know? Thanks in advance
  7. My daughter is getting new pointe shoes next. She usually wears Russian pointe but the shop is hours away. I’ve found a closer shop but they don’t stock them although they stock a wide variety and have been recommended to me. Are there other pointe shoes similar to Russian pointe or am I wasting my time and should book her in the shop that stocks them and make the difficult journey.
  8. I've bought some new pointe shoes (Bloch Eurostretch). On flat, they feel like slippers and they look lovely en pointe. However, I have the wimpiest feet in the universe and the slight discomfort in my big toe I felt during the fitting has turned into actual pain when I've tried them on again at home. So my question is - how can I tell if the pain is due to the shoes being hard due to not being broken in yet or if they're the wrong shoe & I'm putting too much weight on my toe? I don't want to start squashing the box if it turns out I'm going to need to return them.
  9. Hello. I’ve got some brand new pointe shoes for sale for a special price. Its Suffolk, size 4 1/2. if you are interested, just send a message here and we can negotiate! Its a professional pointe shoe also great for students!
  10. I've just picked this up via Facebook: Patter en Pointe - LIVE on Thursday 2 May at 6.30pm
  11. Hi, My DD is 16 now and we have always struggled with getting pointe shoes to fit her feet. They are VERY flexible feet and it seems that there is not a shoe that ever seems to work for long. She is currently in Grishko I think, have had two or three pairs of Freed, at least two pairs of Gaynor Mindens. She is not at vocational yet, and we still only get about three weeks out of a pair of shoes doing minimal amount of pointe compared to what she will be doing. I have consulted all her teachers (mostly because they love to tell us that we have the wrong shoes, but refuse to come along to the hour long pointe shoe fitting to try to find something that works!) and generally it has been the consensus that at some point we are going to have to start having them made, and I think maybe we've hit that point. Her feet are maybe a few centimetres smaller when fully flexed and this makes her arch very hard for her to control when she's on pointe. She does lots of exercises to strengthen her feet, but because she doesn't feel supported in her shoes she is starting to hate doing pointe. My question, after a long winded ramble, is how do I go about finding someone who makes pointe shoes? I'm not a dancer, but from what I gather she has a tricky foot to shoe!! Thanks
  12. Normally I wear grishko nova pointe shoes, and while they're very supportive they look rubbish on my feet. In the search for a prettier, softer shoe, I bought a brand new pair of Mirella Whisper pointe shoes. In the shop they looked gorgeous on, I had no trouble getting over them (which is rare for my flat feet) and I was super excited to dance in them. Fast forward to today, where 5 minutes into class I am in agony and about ready to throw these shoes against the wall! Rises were alright to start with but once we got to releves I felt like I was putting all my weight straight on my big toe and toenail (on both feet), it was excruciating and I couldn't attempt anything in the centre. These shoes have a gel 'cushion' thing that I'm thinking, far from cushioning things, is actually causing more problems. It's a curved pillow and I think it is digging into the toe under the nail and the curve is pushing my toe out of alignment. I'm thinking of removing the gel cushion entirely, though this will make the shoe bigger. I was thinking maybe padding with lambswool might help? My teacher says the shoes don't look too wide, though this happened last time with bloch european balance shoes and both my toenails cracked and fell off. I just dropped £75 on these shoes and while I don't want to see this go to waste, I also want to keep my toenails...has anyone else had this problem before with shoes like the mirella or euro balance? Are there any DIY fixes I can try before packing it in? Obviously I've sewed ribbons on and danced in them so there's no chance of taking them back.
  13. London Ballet Masterclasses welcome ex-Royal Ballet Dancer Celisa Diuana as our guest teacher this October Half Term. She will be teaching a 3 day performance workshop for 12-18yr olds (26-28th Oct) and a Giselle Repertoire evening for adults of mixed abilities (2nd Nov). Both courses to be held in WAC Arts, Hampstead, London, Book a place here: https://www.londonballetmasterclasses.com/book-online
  14. Any recommendations for pointe shoe brands for dancers with very narrow feet ? TIA
  15. It's curiosity really but wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how on earth my daughters pointe shoes have lasted so long? She started on pointe at age 12 in February 2014. 2 1/2 years later and she is still in the same pair of pointe shoes! The ribbons haven't even needed resewing. She usually only does 1/2hr pointe class a week although recently there's been extra exam prep and rehearsals for shows and festivals on top, they must have been danced on for 50-60-70+ hours. How can this be? She's been told she has strong feet (and her shoes are Bloch serenade strong), is it that her feet are strong so she is not needing support from the shoes or did she not need the stronger shoe? I am grateful for the expense I have been saved, as we approach their 3rd birthday I am also mystified by their long life!
  16. Associate Auditions 17th of June 2018 Introducing Our NEW Programme for the Discerning Dancer A fully encompassing training programme to give todays generation of dancers knowledge and understanding combined with a pure fundamental classical technique delivered by a professional faculty. We produce "Young Artists of Tomorrow" and fully ensure a musical and artistic dancer, encouraging a "True Love Of Dance". Applications are open and will close on the 30th of May 2018 2 Scholarships are on offer 1 Female and 1 Male will be awarded on the day. Online application forms and full details are now available through Our website www.southeast-balletscholars.org
  17. Hi! I'm going to get pointe shoes soon & may be going to London to get them. Where should I go ? , thanks.
  18. Having spent some time over half term going with pupils for their first pointe shoe fitting I had to explain to DH why it takes so long. Not that he resents it, but he just wondered. I came up with the car explanation which helped him "get" it. There are various manufacturers and brands and within each brand there is a range of models with different options. Then for the shoes there is the sizing, length, width, strength of shank, profile height, length of vamp etc. plus the possibility of various other tweaks. Thank goodness pointe shoes usually all come in the same colour - unless to match a costume!
  19. Two pairs of freed pointe shoes from special order - new and unused. £15 each or £25 for both pairs. Other ballet clothing md equipment for sale also including high leg strappy leotards, ballet wrap skirts, the-footstretcher, pirouette master, Bloch ballet bag. Please message for details and for pictures. ,
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1w8zbEf_Qg&feature=youtu.be Came across this and thought some of you might like it.
  21. DD is grade 4 ballet, just 10, dances 9hrs a week, has been asked to join pointe class - so building strength etc but teacher says will be 6-8 weeks before need pointe shoes, in your opinion, is this too young?
  22. Hi all, just a quick question! Would you recommend darning the shoes before breaking them in, or breaking them in and then darning them afterwards? I'm going to sew a new pair before summer school and just wanted to know which would be better for the shoes! Thank you!
  23. I'm 14 years old and have been dancing since I was 5. In the last few years I've focused on ballet. I've been encouraged lately to move onto pointe because it's the next step and will give me more options in the future. I enjoy watching pointe I just don't know if it's something I should do. I realize the difficulty and the time it will take to learn this. If I decide to do it I will be fully committed. I realize that it will be mostly girls which I'm used to. I wish more boys would be interested in ballet as it is. I have heard that dancing en pointe is easier for girls so I don't know if that's body type or what. I'm 5'4 and 118 pounds so I might be able to do it now but I could grow more. Is that an issue? Is this something I should just try and see how it goes. I would imagine it would just start with pointe work on the barre so maybe I could start with that. I could use any advice. Beginner pointe shoes? I have been told that I have ideal feet for pointe. No high arches, etc. I would imagine I would still get custom shoes. I really want to make the right decision with all this. Thanks.
  24. My DD has an important exam on Wednesday. She has a pair of pointe shoes bought not long ago. They were absolutely fine yesterday and today all of a sudden big toes in both feet very painful in every single exercise! I don't know much about pointe shoes, DD is young so not much experience. Is it possible for shoes to "die" so suddenly? Both shoes exactly at the same time? I'm thinking straight away about buying new shoes on Sunday but she says she can't have new just 2 days before the exam. Help! Her plan is to use lambs wool (normally uses just ouch pouches). Is it a good idea? (Just to say, the shoes haven't been properly used for around 3 weeks during Easter, last couple of days DD had them on for the first time after the break - not sure if it makes any difference). Any thoughts? I'll be grateful for any advise.
  25. I had my first pointe shoe fitting today (exciting!) but after leaving I have a few concerns as it didn't really go the way I was expecting and I'm not a huge fan of the shoes themselves... By way of background, I'm 23 years old, started dancing three years ago and am starting IF this year. My teacher has just approved me for pointe and told me to go see a particular fitter at a particular store because my teacher trusts her. My feet are two different sizes (very different) and I have a disappearing heel which I've been told will make my feet hard to fit. I went in prepared with this knowledge but I'm still a little disappointed with how it played out. First of all, the fitter didn't ever actually look at my feet... She told me to take my socks off and pull my tights (convertible) down all with her back to me. So she never got a sense of length of toes, shape of toes, height, width, anything. Never considered toe spacers when I know my big toe points inwards slightly. She gave me some ouch pouches and then just thrust shoes at me. The first ones she tried were Bloch European Balance and she decided they weren't right, so she tried Bloch Heritage (I think they only stocked bloch) which she said she loved. I then asked if there were any others I could try on, if for no other reason than to feel what the wrong shoe feels like. Her and the assistant both looked at me like I was crazy and refused, the main fitter saying 'if you want to feel bad shoes, put the Euro Balance back on'. So I did, and on flat it feels like my feet are being squashed, they're actually painful and I was getting pins and needles in the 5 minutes I was just standing in them. When up en pointe they felt fine as my heel gets smaller and they size is just right. The fitter says 'well you'll be up there all the time so it doesn't matter what it feels like on flat, besides, this is ballet not basketball you just have to deal with it'. And then decides that it's the Euro Balances she previously didn't like which are now the perfect shoe and that's what she sold me... My question is - will they stretch at all through wearing? Will they feel better when they're broken in? Are they really supposed to be that tight? Is it better to fit to a pointed foot than a flat one? I'm so new to this, I really don't know what to be concerned about and what is normal, but it was a pretty unpleasant experience and sort of soured my excitement at finally being ready to progress. My teacher still has to approve them before I sew anything and I'll raise my concerns with her, but I'm a little worried that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill and I don't want to insult a fitter she clearly trusts and sends all her students to. Sorry for the essay, any advise greatly appreciated!
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