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Found 9 results

  1. I am looking for a new fitter for my daughters pointe shoes and I was wondering if anyone has any excellent fitters I could try - anywhere in the south of England will be considered.
  2. Can anyone recommend a pointe shoe fitter please, we live near Darlington. Many thanks
  3. I need new pointe shoes and am going up to London next week. Can anyone recommend a really good fitter they trust? (i pay for my shoes myself so I can't afford to make a mistake!) I currently wear blochs but don't really like them... I am interested in suffolks, but are the fitters good in the capezio store? Thank you for your help
  4. DD's feet have changed so much in her first year at 16+ vocational school and we are getting nowhere fast with our usual pointe shoe fitters. Can anyone recommend a truly specialist fitter anywhere in the country? Used all the usual shops in London and locally but would like an individual, private fitting and happy to pay over and above if required.
  5. Having trouble finding somewhere to go for new pointe shoes - DD has had grishko 2007 for a while now but feet changing shape and want to try some other options. Looking for somewhere preferably around Hampshire/Surrey/West Sussex so if anyone has anywhere they can recommend that would be great. Thank you!!
  6. Hi, I came across this forum as I was obsessively googling advice on pointe shoe fitting - my first at the age of 40!!!! Lifelong dream, am very excited but confused too! Teacher suggested Stardust in Lichfield but has said to go where I wish; have also come across Charades in Wolvs. But when I rang Step by Step school they advised Edward at Ladanse in Worcester who I have read about on here; Rutleigh/Norris were adamant about Lapointe in Evesham and another Edward...haven't found them on net so am wondering if they are the same place?? I may be being silly but Edward at Ladanse sounds very serious so may think I am silly to be doing it at my age?? Is there a huge price difference between Ladanse/Lapointe and the others? Stardust look very nice and completely professional from their webpage. I am in Mid Wales so it needs to be around the Midlands area. I think I have too much choice now so would just like some advice please/reassurance! :-) Oh - and also - how many hours should I spend wearing them in before my first pointe class? Thanks very much in advance.
  7. Can anyone recommend someone who fits Pointe shoes in York please. It will be DD first pair and I don't have a clue what to look out for so need a trusted fitter.
  8. Hello - is anyone able to recommend a dance shop in Nottingham that has good stock and good pointe shoe fitting at all? Hoping to try some Grishko's or Bloch to see if will last a bit longer than the Freeds I've been getting for DD. We will be in Nottingham in the holidays so thought it may be a good opportunity to try and find sth suitable if anyone can recommend a fitter/shop? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Travelling up to London on Saturday for London Senior Ballet Audition and thinking about getting new pointe shoes whilst up there as i don't go to London very often - local shop doesn't have much stock/variety and I'm not convinced their fitting is too great either! What are the big dance shops in London that I could go to for a good quality pointe fitting? Thanks
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