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  1. Yes she has!!!! She did not sleep though last night as she was nervous for results!! She then went straight put to play........on her roller skates!!!! Eem nope....no broken ankles!!
  2. Arreggghhh!!! We have a yes!!! Email!!
  3. Oooh I have seen on facebook about an upper school offer so quite possibly. They were after the lower school too 🤞
  4. My post has been.......nothing!!!!!
  5. That's fab to know! Well done to your DD! Here's hoping 😍
  6. Just trying to comfort my DD. Does anyone know anyone at Elmhurst who auditioned for Royal and either got a no or swl for mids? She is feeling very down and I need to pick her up again with some good news.
  7. I was hoping so too!! I think Monday......only because it's my birthday and it will then mean it's a good news envelope. Surely!!!. That's they way I'm approaching it at the moment 😂
  8. Well my dd got her JA place off SWL! Then got to WL finals this year too.
  9. Also does anyone know of any success stories? My Dd is really despondent and says if she cant get a place on mids the Elmhurst wont be happening?! Can anyone help me cheer her up! Giving her the stats isn't working at the moment!
  10. Good point.....anyone know when Manchester Mids lesson is?
  11. SWL place for my dd at Manchester Year 7!
  12. Last year it was 31st march.....I checked the thread 😂
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