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  1. We are in our third year......never had any written homework from Leeda JAs!!!!
  2. Ah yes....all those stretches that Miss Cara and Miss Hatton tell their students to do at the end of the class when their body is warm enough, so they don't injure themselves!!! My dd has now go to the point of sitting quietly doing a bit f point n flex etc and listening to her music. Good luck!!!!
  3. sunrise81

    RBS JAs 2020

    My daughter had chicken pox on the day of her audition in Leeds. There was only London left so they offered a spot in one of the auditions down there. Day trip to Covent Garden 🙂
  4. Thank you! I always let her decide.....I know nothing about dance so I am quite happy to let her decide with the advice of her teachers too. She is still swaying more to Elmhurst. We shall see!
  5. She has. I left it up to her to decide and after speaking to her teacher she said even f it was for the experience she wants to go....never been to WL so why not eh?
  6. Yep Manchester I have one very shocked but very happy DD too!!
  7. Omg!!!! Dd is through!!! Actually in shock after her experience!!
  8. Oh and she is still a RBS JA on saturday morning. And does a contemporary class and graded ballet class at local dance school. If she ends up staying at CAT next year I think we will drop her local school though.
  9. My dd is in Level 1 as Year 6 at school. Have to admit that driving in to Leeds on a Tuesday and Thursday is a bit of a nightmare with traffic and the awful parking at the moment. But we manage ok. She is there those nights 5 til 7.30pm. Then Saturday 12.30 til 4.30pm.....but it it has now been extended til 6pm as they are rehearsing for end of year show. Intensive during holidays, and a couple of Sundaya too for extra rehearsals. But she loves it and has become so much of a stronger dancer.
  10. They told us the video was to watch back if they wanted to check something again.
  11. She has Elmhurst finals so all is good . That's was a completely different first round audition experience. Huge studio and parents got to see the last 10 minutes of it too. Not at all impressed with RBS. I will be emailing her JA teacher who will most likely be really sad about it as she is so lovely and supportive of everyone. Other parents said the same things as we were leaving
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