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  1. We got the finals results by email once the country was in lockdown, as opposed to the letter we got to invite her finals. The finals letter also had an extra sheet with it as need finance info from you, so will have an attachment I guess
  2. Yep I would say thats true.....for yr 7 alone there were 3 or 4 auditions a day for first round with about 25 in a class. There were 4 first round days in Birmingham with some in London too.....then about 60 girls in the final audition. There are 14 in dds yr 7 class this year.
  3. Don't worry about physio! My DD is in yr 7 and was offered a place without being able to have a physio appt as their final uditions were just another class. She didn't have a physio assessment until her second week there And whilst she was a JA we always thought the physio appt was pointless if we are honest and it made her very insecure about her legs.....when the physio has hold of your leg, then looks at your knee, then look back at you and say "don't worry about the shape of your knees, they will change over time".........erm, thanks for upsetting her!!!
  4. Please could you send me a picture of the Royal blue one?
  5. Yep the ones in BRB Nutcracker are students of Elmhurst too (yr 7 and 8, as well.as using the EBC for some of the other roles)
  6. We have just watched the stream this evening and loved it. Though sad at the silence from the theatre. But have booked tickets for Cinderella. My daughter particularly enjoyed it as she got to watch her classmates (yr 7 Elmhurst)
  7. It will be yes as that's what they did at the end of both rounds of auditions according to my dd.
  8. It makes me sad reading all this about video auditions and your dcs are missing out on the full experience. My dd is in yr 7 and loving it!!! Good luck to all auditioning.
  9. Always an interesting post. My DD got to WL finals......the one thing that stands out from.that day is the principal saying "it is a chance for you and your parents to see if you like the school, but also a chance to see if you fit our image too" Mmmmm....... I'm glad she got in to Elmhurst!
  10. Ah that's good then! Just be prepared for WL finals......2 days needed.....plus travel time.
  11. My DD had 4.....probably the same 4! We ended up only applying at Elmhurst and RBS. Glad we did as I dont think work would have been too happy with twice as many days off!!!!
  12. Definitely agree with this! My dd came out thr first day of WL finals and said to me "mummy, even if I got a place I dont think I want to come here!!!" It wasnt the right fit for her tbh.
  13. My dd doesn't have particularly high arches and has to work really hard on her foot strength and flexibility so dont worry. We dont know what it was that RBS found fault with for WL as havent got the feedback despite her teacher contacting them on more than one occasion....mind you she isn't really bothered anymore 😂
  14. Oh and she did a year on the Northern Ballet CAT. I honestly think this programme helped the most in terms of making ber physically stronger. Her RBS JA lessons helped prepare her for the auditions. It was just too much driving in to leeds several times a week for us as a family, so gone down the vocational school route.
  15. My dd was a RBS JA for 3 years.....got to finals for WL and Elmhurst. Got a no for WL and a yes for Elmhurst! Just try and go to the open days if there are any. You will get a gut feeling which school is right for you......thankfully my dd got in to the one she wanted!!!
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