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  1. Yes it was £60 for us 2 years ago......I remember standing in a queue at Disneyland booking her place!!! It was after that day she decided it was Elmhurst for her
  2. Elmhurst have just also released the dates of their open day and experience day......they book up quickly though!
  3. Plus Elmhurst should also have RAD on a Saturday......though my Dd didn't this year because of covid restrictions and having the associates in the school at the same time
  4. Just want to say thank you for the recommendation of Malvern Ballet Seminars.....dd attended last week and loved it, and we were also able to go and watch their show in the theatre. Was brilliant what they achieved in their time there. She wants to go again!!!
  5. My DD was sent straight for a PCR on Friday morning as she had been in contact with the positive case.....come back negative thankfully. I really didn't want a week working from home again 😩 She is very upset still
  6. Have they been able to do any of their shows? 😢 I know.....Elmhurst were doing so well!
  7. All of lower school has closed due to confirmed positive covid case. Upper school still there but not sure if still doing anything on Thursday
  8. It's always emailed to you
  9. My dd is so excited for this and all the year groups performances sound wonderful! Have to say the parents tickets sold very quickly!!!
  10. Yes my dd along with 2 others were both yr 6 RBS and Level 1 CAT. We did it as a back up in case she wasn't successful at her vocational schools auditions. There are always a few who do, especially if they live close to Leeds.
  11. My DD went to Moorlands SS between yr 5 and 6, and there were 2 or 3 older girls from the school helping them and would do their hair if struggling.
  12. They are weekly term time, so 32 sessions.
  13. Sharpies are a great find too!!!! My dd says if they can't find the name easy the washing ends up mixed up, so her name written on a label is a winner here!
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