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  1. Parking is a nightmare at the moment. It's much easier to park in Leeds NCP Market car park!!!!
  2. Number 3......blue degas leo
  3. Post been!!! Its a yes for my dd!!!!! She is on a teacher training day too so what a good day!!!
  4. Really??!!!! Still waiting here too!!! The yes I know of got their letter on the monday....so in our case that would be tomorrow....eeeekkk!!!
  5. From tuesday 26th. Or 12th? I know of one yes for finals but they were at the 12th Nov audition.
  6. My dd was number 3 in the blue leotard:)
  7. In group 2 the majority of the girls were in elmhurst associates uniform too! My dd decided not to wear her Royal JA uniform!
  8. We were in the second one, and I thought the same
  9. So is your DC currently at Elmhurst? Wondering how many Year 11s started in Year 7?
  10. We are at 11.15am Fingers crossed for space.....dont need that stress too! Congrats to your dd too!!!!
  11. We have just got the email confirming it for next week! Dd is very excited to be going! Did anyone go last week? Was reading about parking.....was there plenty at the cricket ground?
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