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  1. Ah that's good then! Just be prepared for WL finals......2 days needed.....plus travel time.
  2. My DD had 4.....probably the same 4! We ended up only applying at Elmhurst and RBS. Glad we did as I dont think work would have been too happy with twice as many days off!!!!
  3. Definitely agree with this! My dd came out thr first day of WL finals and said to me "mummy, even if I got a place I dont think I want to come here!!!" It wasnt the right fit for her tbh.
  4. My dd doesn't have particularly high arches and has to work really hard on her foot strength and flexibility so dont worry. We dont know what it was that RBS found fault with for WL as havent got the feedback despite her teacher contacting them on more than one occasion....mind you she isn't really bothered anymore 😂
  5. Oh and she did a year on the Northern Ballet CAT. I honestly think this programme helped the most in terms of making ber physically stronger. Her RBS JA lessons helped prepare her for the auditions. It was just too much driving in to leeds several times a week for us as a family, so gone down the vocational school route.
  6. My dd was a RBS JA for 3 years.....got to finals for WL and Elmhurst. Got a no for WL and a yes for Elmhurst! Just try and go to the open days if there are any. You will get a gut feeling which school is right for you......thankfully my dd got in to the one she wanted!!!
  7. When my dd auditioned they had 2 days of auditions and about 4 groups a day......she was in the last group. I cant remember if they was for all years though. But a lot!!
  8. Yeah I wear them you see, aswell as reusable pads. They get rinsed and put in a wet bag and then into the washer altogether.....but they also have to be washed with non bio and without conditioner. I just dont think the laundry dept would want a wet bag full of pads and pants, and take that much care of them.
  9. You see I was wondering about pants for vocational school for my Dd......but then wondered how happy they would be about washing them. Anyone else's dd wear them at a school.awayfrom home? I have bought her a pack of Always to take with her.......only going to be yr 7 and hasnt started yet though.
  10. At first I went.....£50!!! Then I looked in my email folder for RBS JAs and saw that 3 years ago I paid £45 😂 Tbh I do think it is a bit cheeky to ask for £50 given that it is video auditions and they have no overheads to pay for studio use etc for auditions. Mmmmmm.......
  11. My DD is starting Elmhurst in September and I showed her the video. She seems fine with the weighing taking place, and thinks it's cool to describe herself as an athlete. I think it's a good thing it is being addressed so publicly.
  12. Normally RBS and Elmhurst have audtion prep type days. My Dd went to Elmhursts audition insight day at the end of Sept and booking opened in August for it (it booked up quick though!). It was worth going to that as she got a tour of the school and took part in an audition style lesson which we got to watch (you can then see the standard). As soon as she got in to the car she wrote down the exercises and stretches she did and practiced, and then found that her first round and final were practically the same as that!! RBS do an audition insight in October but we didnt bother with t
  13. Very different! Yes in Leeds they didnt need them until after Christmas!! And I'm sure she didnt wear it until after WL audition in Jan.
  14. Dont rush with the skirt. In Yr 6 they wont be doing any character until they have done all the auditions. Up until March it is literally audition class prep!!
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