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  1. Last year my dd was a Cecchetti associate, and this year she has got on to the Northern Ballet CAT scheme. I have emailed her teacher to let her know on both occasions.
  2. Please could I have pics to show my dd?
  3. We love visiting Planet Dance
  4. She was absolutely fine doing both. She finds it easy to remember if something is slightly different......at her normal dance school she does ISTD grade 4, but RAD inter foundation so has become used to switching if needed
  5. Measured my DD last night for the RBS online form thing and she comes up at 141 cm tall if that helps - mostly in the legs though rather than body.
  6. Yep you can do more than one scheme - just be aware of different styles of training and technique. My DD is a RBS JA, and last year was also a Ceccehetti Associate. This year (Year 6) she has dropped Cecchetti as she has gained a place on the Northern Ballet CAT scheme.........she will be busy very, but it was her choice to audition - we are already in Leeds for her Saturday lesson, so it is 2 extra sessions during the week - we shall see how she does!
  7. My 10 year old has been wearing a 7-8 tracksuit top and size 1 leotard.........just bought her the next size up in each for her final year
  8. It's in two payments......usually september by the time they invoice you and then January right after xmas
  9. Yep you need a small bow pinned on to each side of the head. The teacher at Leeds wont mind a bun in the first lesson but she does expect the plaits for yr4 and 5
  10. Year 4 and 5 have plaits.....yr 6 a bun....but I think that depends on the centre too (we are Leeds). We just got the top as dd is so skinny I sent the pants back as they didnt fit her.....got a navy pair from next boys dept. They should be wearing full sole as it works the feet, but I have noticed some splits creeping in....and yes leather. I dont think there is a preferred brand. Have attached a photo of my dds hair.....I have had 2 years of this and cant wait to be just doing a bun!!!
  11. Yeah we found that too sadly.....she really likes the online tutorial though. Yorkshire Ballet Seminars are doing a back to ballet workshop at end of august, and they are doing some pbt as part of that.... so dd is going and she can see if she has been doing it correctly
  12. Its online.....there are tutorials and then classes.....she really likes it If you take a look at the website https://www.pbt.dance/
  13. We could never find any.....so my dd has a membership......£12 a month and she does it 3 times a week
  14. I am sure the teacher wont mind missing a lesson for a performance, especially since it was auditioned for before results came out. She is very understanding, but does also make it clear that they should attend every lesson and RBS should be more important than festivals etc, but plenty seem to still do these.....my dd never has. They changed the time so that the Year 6s could attend the Northern Ballet CAT scheme in the afternoon (which my dd will be doing).
  15. You will get a pack with all the dates quite soon.....we usually get them in June. It will have email contacts on there too so you could email them. But parents do attend the first lesson with students as they are shown all the exercises etc, and expectations for uniform etc are set out. It is usually mid September it begins......was the 15th this year
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