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  1. Do it! My DD will be going in to her third and last year as RBS JA in September but has also got a place on the NB CAT. If you can get them there why not I say!?
  2. Charlotte Tonkinson attended the NB CAT and went on to get a place at RBS upper and now is an artist with RB My daughter was pleased to find this out when she got her place on the CAT
  3. Booked tickets under the order of my eldest who has just got on the CAT scheme there, so she could take her little 4 year old sister to her first ballet 😍
  4. We cant do it As we weren't planning on the CAT scheme this year so we already have our holiday booked as its thise exact two weeks!! So annoyed as it's amazing that its included in the cost of the scheme!! Does it tend to be around the same time each year? And which other holidays tend to have intensive......I don't mind them as I'm a teacher so I'm off work anyway!
  5. Not answering tour question...but is anyone's child going to the ballet intensive day at tring in may half term? My dd is booked on. She is 10
  6. Not sure.....she will be going in to Year 6 at school. She was supposed to go in on the 23rd April but we were away and on the email it said we would hear on the 29th.......so if it's the same timings for hearing back, that would take it to Bank Holiday Monday for hearing! Eeeek! She loved the class so if she doesn't get in this year I know she will audition again next year.
  7. My dd ended up doing a class audition on Tuesday for the scheme. Any idea how long to wait for results?! I keep refreshing and it's a nightmare!!!!
  8. She should def have a go at RBS JAs . Miss Hatton teaches in Leeds and is such a lovely teacher......classes are at Yorkahire Dance which is about 100 metres from NB. My DD is in Year 5 and does ISTD and is grade 4....don't know how it compares. At the start of the academic year she did also start RAD inter foundation, which I know is quite unusual but something her dance principal invites younger ones to start if she has spotted them for potential vocational training. She does two classes per week plus RBS JA lesson.
  9. Has anyone done this before? What was the rehearsal demand like? It will be audition year for dd so wondering if it would be too much
  10. My dd is off to Moorland after being recommended by her JA teacher They have a junior and senior week separate depending on how old she is.
  11. Hi Can anyone give any info about Elmhurst Associates in Manchester? My god daughter lives near Manchester and is planning to audition for RB JAs and is considering Elmhurst too - but I dont know anything about their programme. What day is it on? How often are the lessons? How much does it cost? Any info much appreciated for me to pass on
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