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  1. We never had to last year......maybe because of covid
  2. Oooh this is new!!! My dd did urine test when there, along with height and weight and physio in first week! Eeeeeek!!!
  3. For any new Year 7 parents, then take a look at the second hand uniform page. Obviously with MDS you get your uniform grant, but you may want to save some money on their formal uniform which isn't covered by MDS. Hope I am allowed to share the FB page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/711211885650689/?ref=share
  4. Yes just looked back at our email.....place was open for one week
  5. There are people from the waitlist in dds year.....there will be students with multiple offers. I think we had a week or so to accept, so there will be movement from the waist list. Not sure how many on it though
  6. Argh so exciting!!! My dd says she just wants to know who the new ones are!!
  7. Definitely looking forward to it! Yes they have been just outside York for many years.
  8. Which week is she going? My 12 year old dd is going week 2. The location in Harrogate is new so not sure about the set up?
  9. Mine is yr 7 and loves it too!! Though her reaction to having to do strength and conditioning lessons was "oh mum, seriously, it's a holiday" 不不不不不不不
  10. At WL there are 3.students in yr 7 from the north....and 3 in yr 8 one of the yr 8s used to dance with my dd and the rest from her JA centre. And in dds year at elmhurst there are 6 northerners.......she always gets comments about her Yorkshire accent though I can hear her losing it sadly
  11. My dd was a JA for 3 years....got to finals.....got a.no....only wait list for mids. But got a straight yes for Elmhurst So who knows!!!
  12. Rbs are always before elmhurst. There will be kids who will get offers from both and then decide, and ones who immediately accept rbs so will be movement on elmhurst wait list. I am betting on Monday
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