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  1. Well done to everyone!! SWL is also great.....my DD got SWL in year 4.....3 days later we got a phonecall giving her a place. She got to WL finals and has a place at Elmhurst full time. I will keep my fingers crossed!
  2. Have to say I am glad DD has come to the end of her JA journey. We were not impressed at all by the lessons she was sent, and still wanted 50% fees. If she had another year and it was by Zoom I dont think she would be doing them!!
  3. Yes I saw there was no mention of cost. No surprise there. Still waiting on my JA refund for missed classes. Was told this week, but now next week! They have been sorting these refunds since April!
  4. Same here!!! I am hoping that Iain Mackay is still going to do the YBSS online classes he mentioned in the e.ail when he cancelled, as I would much rather give money to them than RBS!
  5. YBS is cancelled. My dd was going as non residential but the school they were using isn't opening
  6. I have sent them an email this morning about these lessons. She doesnt do them......they are boring she says. In the meantime David Nixon says I dont need to make any payments for her CAT lessons. I will see what they say? But her RBS teacher can have a Zoom catch up with them......why not teach a lesson?
  7. I saw this post and started panicking!!!! My dd starts Elmhurst in September and with a furloughed husband I cant justify paying full fees when she might be learning virtually. I'm hoping for the fact that theres only 200 students means they get to go back!
  8. Year 5 upwards.....most of the students that do them are JAs or at Elmhurst or RBS.
  9. My Dd did her first one today with Natalia Osipova and she loved it! She was a really good teacher and took time to explain the exercises. Looking forward to next week.
  10. That's what they basically said at my DDs WL final too. You have to fit in with the school image. We have done JAs for the 3 years, and I have to say that I am glad she is off to Elmhurst!
  11. The year 6 JA classes have been just as poor. My dd hates doing them, and if it wasnt for the fact that I am still expected to pay 50% fees for them, she wouldn't be bothering. Still also waiting for the refund from missed classes too. If this weeks lesson is just as uninspiring then I will be sending an email too. On the other hand her local dance school is going above and beyond, and every class is a Zoom class with personal corrections still. I am so disappointed in RBS, but not in any way surprised tbh.
  12. We just got the home practice ballet mat.
  13. I have got mine from Dance and Stage and DD loves how she feels more secure on it.....and not about to go ice skating on the laminate. But I think we need some underlay under.it.to make it.more.....springy? Any ideas? Will thick carpet underlay suffice?
  14. We live in a 3 storey town house and thankfully have a utility room / playroom on the very bottom floor. She does have to try and do the zoom.lessons with the washing machine on in the background!!! Portable barre and mirrors from IKEA which she bought last year with her bday money. Just waiting for flooring to arrive as the laminate is a bit slippy
  15. I'm just about to order one from Dance and Stage 1.5x2 for my dd. Is it good quality?
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