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Found 3 results

  1. My DC is yr6 and so we will soon be embarking on the whirlwind of vocational school applications and auditions which if I’m honest, I’m a bit apprehensive of the rollercoaster ride of emotions I’ve heard it to be. im still unsure whether I’d actually want my DC to attend a vocational school even though they really want to if they were lucky enough to be offered a place. So I’m looking for first hand experiences of the good , the bad and the ugly of your children’s experiences of vocational training at one of those 3 schools (feel free to DM me) so that I can go into this all with open eyes before making informed decisions as we have no experience of vocational schools, what it’s really like living away from home from 11 , the schooling , the training etc so feel a bit clueless as to what we’d really be in for if indeed we were lucky enough and decided to take this route. I’m hoping that by hearing some of your honest experiences , we may have more of an idea of whether to actually even try to go for auditions or whether to decide as a family that it’s not for us. Thanks
  2. I am very excited to bring to you The Academy of Balletic Arts I have wanted to do this for 3 yrs now with my very own building but its hugely expensive!! In the mean time I am opening with the kind permission of Pineapple and am in talks with other venues too. So far I have space for Yr 7 , 8 and 9 to train 3 days a week from 4.30pm at pineapple. As this programme is aimed at those who fall just shy of White Lodge or Elmhurst or those who make a choice to stay at home longer - I would fully expect they have been with an Associate programme for some time and so will have 4 fully vocational classes per week. With an added programme of pilates that will be set up for each child, a tailor-made programme from our Physio (Luke Abnett - Ex RBS), coaching 121 with myself (included), swimming and Anatomy - there will be plenty for them to do! The aim is to assist the talented ones who may flourish later or just not quite tick all the boxes at 11 but by 16 will be beautiful! Or those that choose to stay at their wonderful academic school AND stay with their families AND now also get the training thats needed to succeed. I wish to help these dancers achieve their dreams with a forward thinking international approach to training. Creating global links and ensuring the best interest of the student is paramount throughout. This programme is based on years of listening to students and parents and observing whats necessary and I truly hope to ensure its what is needed. Please feel free to add comments of what you think or need as all feedback and thoughts are useful. It really is being developed for you and your dancers with a heart felt desire from myself to help you all. If you wish to enquire further please email me emmanorthmore@yahoo.com info @balletboost.com 07958 725862 TO APPLY for the AUDITION on MARCH 29th 2018 at 4pm email monique_aaliyah@live.com (official school email yet to be tried and tested but will be coming!)
  3. I'm not sure if this is classed as doing dance, but it is certainly about dance. At the moment my dd (who's in year six) is trying to write a story about the Royal Ballet School. Basically the general plot is: The main character (Suki) auditions and gets into the Royal Ballet School and attends for two years until she is assessed out at the end of year eight because she had grown into the "Wrong Figure". Then she finds out about a new school (made up) that feeds into a company where they don't care too much about your body shape, just your technical ability and performance quality. When suki auditions for this school she gets in and loves it. So basically my daughter has asked me to help her find out about what happens at the Royal Ballet School (e.g. daily routine, meals, etc...) Thanks in advance
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