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Found 5 results

  1. My DC is yr6 and so we will soon be embarking on the whirlwind of vocational school applications and auditions which if I’m honest, I’m a bit apprehensive of the rollercoaster ride of emotions I’ve heard it to be. im still unsure whether I’d actually want my DC to attend a vocational school even though they really want to if they were lucky enough to be offered a place. So I’m looking for first hand experiences of the good , the bad and the ugly of your children’s experiences of vocational training at one of those 3 schools (feel free to DM me) so that I can go into this all with open eyes before making informed decisions as we have no experience of vocational schools, what it’s really like living away from home from 11 , the schooling , the training etc so feel a bit clueless as to what we’d really be in for if indeed we were lucky enough and decided to take this route. I’m hoping that by hearing some of your honest experiences , we may have more of an idea of whether to actually even try to go for auditions or whether to decide as a family that it’s not for us. Thanks
  2. Hello, first time post from a nervous Dad... My daughter has accepted a place at Northern Ballet School for September 2021. The euphoria of getting in is now giving way to anxiety about living away from home in the middle of Manchester at 16! Especially the accommodation, sharing the building with older students etc. So I wondered if anyone else on here has a child going there? And anyone who is there now or has been there recently who could offer any advice about the accommodation in particular - and anything else too! Many thanks.
  3. Hi DD has been offered a place at Tring for September (letter has just arrived!). It says though that they can’t guarantee a boarding place yet. Is this normal? Is it safe to accept a day place (we live the other end of the country)?!
  4. Can I ask whether parents of young ballet students have had the opportunity of forming a received view about London Russian Ballet School? Our fourteen-year-old son is desperately keen on a ballet career and is very tall for his age. He believes, because male ballet stars in Russia tend to be tall, and indeed female stars do too, that he could follow in the footsteps of the likes of Xander Parrish, whose example has inspired him. But although the LRBS recruit students from overseas and from many far-flung parts of the UK and these students of course board, the school itself does not offer accommodation under its own auspices. So a young boy, away from home for the first time, would be living in a boarding house (which would be near the school apparently) on his own. And although the school says it recruits purely on ability, and grants are given according to potential, and that no student considered a good prospect would be disadvantaged financially by the fee regime, the school refuses to give out its fee structure. It says it depends on the course taken. This seems a bit mysterious to me. Is it unusual? We live a good five hours from London, and we now have the prospect of making a compulsory formal application and then taking our son up to London for a whole-day audition session involving two nights away, and then seeing how talented the school thinks our son is, without having any notion of the kind of fee we will have to pay in the end. It would seem strange to go through that whole process and only then discover the kind of financial commitment that is required. Of course other schools have no difficulty publishing their fees. What do people think about this, please?
  5. I'm hoping for some words of wisdom I guess. 🙏🏼 Our DS is doing really well at vocational school, in year 8 and with a classical leaning. He has potential to do well if he continues to work hard as he always has done in the past. He loves his school, the teachers, the academic side and all his dance classes and achieves excellent feedback . He's a hard worker & conscientious. He does however struggle with boarding - the noise, lack of privacy and the odd difficult character to deal with 24/7. He is a home bird, loves the tranquility of home and being with us as a family unit. He also likes the relative freedom of being at home compared with the more structured life at boarding ......... this including more access to the bloomin PlayStation & the various addictive games available. We have explained to him numerous times that when he's at home for holidays & exeat we tend to allow him time to relax & do "what he wants' a little bit more, due to life at vocational school being so demanding , regimented & tiring. We have also explained - if he were at a 'normal' school and living at home - we would be encouraging a lot more structure to his life in general in the time he would have Outwith school. The second problem he has is stage fright. He worries a lot about performing whether it be at open evenings, parents evenings right through to annual dance shows. Once feeling well rehearsed and actually performing - he loves it & the feeling it gives him to take part & perform. The boarding & stage fright is making him think twice about continuing with his training. He is not sure if this is what he wants. He seems to have lost the fire in his belly & his heart doesn't seem to be in it at the moment. As caring parents - we want him to be happy above all else, but do we let him give up and not take advantage of the talent he has . Is this just a passing teenage phase and could he be making the biggest mistake ? We will support him whatever and he says he needs time to think about what he wants. We also think he may be feeling guilty about the financial commitment we have already made !! We know he loves dancing & has potential for the future ............ just so unsure how to advise him x
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