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  1. Depends on the teacher. When my daughter was a London year 6 JA with Miss Krapft she specifically said towel not mat we had an email before classes started with class specific details. She is now an MA and it is may and towel.
  2. We got offered 12.-1.15 but I emailed and asked if there was a morning class and they swapped her to 1.0.30.
  3. I have a basically brand new skirt I would like to sell. Would would fit a year 5/6. If anyone is interested I will measure. it’s never been worn in class as she started in year 6 where Sept- March was basically technique and audition prep and then after that we went into the first lockdown. She wouldn’t part with it last year but happy to now.
  4. Did you get the email yesterday? I’ve not heard anything yet. Is it morning? How long for? Thanks
  5. My girls did the Easter one abs really enjoyed it.
  6. Amazing! Huge congratulations to your daughter.
  7. Yes London for us. With out wanting to raise hopes when my daughter got her yes (2019 in person auditions) it was an hour or so after the no emails had all gone out.
  8. My eldest daughter got her place from the London results on 21/6 in 2019 according to my FB memory! So could be another few weeks yet!
  9. I think the second viewings is a good sign, ours have just been watched once through for each video so I'm pretty sure it's a no.
  10. This year seems particularly intense with the riseof online super teachers (ex company dancers/ highly sought after ballet school teachers) being able to offer private zooms easily from their homes. Also how much in person prep would have varied hugely this year as some schools were continuing ‘elite’ associate programmes during lockdown and others not. Some teachers doing live audition prep as per the rules and others not. I expect this will continue. However, I don’t think it is just a new thing this year, my dd got to WL finals last year and seemed to be one of the few who hadn’t been having almost daily private lessons and hadn’t applied to all the ballet schools. She had just started as a JA in year 6 and we hadn’t even considered ballet school until we realised to apply to MAs you it’s the same audition process as WL. With hindsight, I think on less than 2 hours ballet a week and alternate weeks as a JA from Sept - Jan, she did amazingly well to get to WL finals and get an MA place. If we”d gone all out maybe she would have got in somewhere but would it have crushed her love of dance? I don’t know but I do think that realistically there is very little chance for those children (especially girls) who are auctioning based on potential with just a limited amount of hours of ballet in the week.
  11. Thank you. Definitely some I’d never heard of in these replies.
  12. Good morning dance oracles in my phone. I’m looking for suggestions/ recommendations/ information on summer residentials for my daughter who is currently 12. Possibly for this year, she’s on the RBS waiting list (but appreciate most will have passed on places from last year or we will have missed deadlines) so primarily for me to look into in preparation for applying in time for next summer. Just for background she is a current MA with the Royal Ballet School but I’m completely clueless about what else is out there as I didn’t actually realise she was particularly good until she got a year 6 JA place and her teacher encouraged her to apply for WL. She got to finals and got the MA place but seemed to be one of the few who hadn’t done the rounds of all the full time schools! Thanks in advance
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