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  1. Any London class 2 mums fancy a coffee today while the children are dancing? We weren’t there last week so not sure if anyone met up and went anywhere? X
  2. My daughter had a wonderful time. It was all quite overwhelming with the homework exercises for me though! I’m rather cross about this though. She splashed a bit of water on herself in the train home! 😡
  3. Gymnastics is bonkers I have a 6 year old who does 13 hours a week and an 8 year old who does 10 hours alongside its of dancing. Something has to give quite soon. In terms of ballet my year 6 JA just has her syllabus class 45min, a general ballet class 1 hr as well as a pre pointe conditioning class 1/2 an hour. She also does tap, contemporary/ jazz, modern and musical theatre.
  4. We are London year 6 too. It does say they will tell you on the first session about hair so what is everyone going to do until we find out? I was thinking of the plaits but if the general consensus is bun I’ll do that.
  5. We have to miss the second one due to being at centre Parcs that weekend. It was book before we knew about the JA result and I didn’t think she stood a chance anyway! On another note, has anyone received their invoice yet?
  6. How do you find out about the intensives? Do they tell you about these things when you start?
  7. The shoe rule is quite strict I think from what I’ve heard from a mum of a previous London JA. Leather full sole works the foot harder apparently!
  8. I think the leotard is just a weird shape. The crotch is too wide so looks a bit big across there. We’ve got a size 2 and my daughter is 11 in September and quite tall so couldn’t have a size 1 but she seems to think it is too big! I called the shop about the tracksuit and the measured the inside sleeve of the 9-11 tracksuit top as approx 48cm so we’ve gone for that one as it’s a little shorter than her current dance hoodie which is quite big for her.
  9. I’m thinking about just ordering the zip up jacket and buying navy leggings. I emailed and asked the shop and they said they are plain with no logo and at least she can try them on as I always have trouble getting bottoms to fit. I have got to measure her for the skirt before I send of the order. Will try to do that today.
  10. My daughter is worried about having to wear the knickers! She doesn’t usually wear knickers under leotards but I suppose given they are white!
  11. London year 6. I’ve ordered a leotard and knickers! #winning 😂
  12. Thanks. We normally do a bun for class and plaits for exams/ festivals but don’t want to turn up the only one with a particular hair do!
  13. I’ll go first. Hair. When they say hair up bun or plaits do they actually mean plaits across head? Does everyone buy the tracksuit? Ballet shoes - split sole or full sole. I’ve not bought leather since she was about 5 so is there a particular pair that is preferred/ nicer? I'm sure there’ll be more! thanks.
  14. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to ask ask the all the questions that are bound to crop up. Hopefully there will be some experienced parents on here to point us in the right direction. 🤞🏻
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