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  1. Hello all! As a young dancer auditioning for schools at the moment I would like to know if any of your DCs have gone on to have a ballet career by following an unconventional route i.e. not going to vocational school and doing training through private classes abroad and then on to a ballet company for apprenticeship? I am fortunate to have the option to do either and am leaning towards the latter but I only have one shot at this as next year I will be too old for vocational school... any experiences very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that Balletbean, I suppose I feel a bit cheated that they didn't give me a chance. The school is in the EU and I can try again in another few months but I'm just wondering if there's any point if they won't go further then my application form... I asked if maybe there was something that I filled out incorrectly but I got quite a short reply stating that it was at the discretion of the artistic director.
  3. Feeling disheartened this morning... I sent a video to the school that I would like to attend and I got a no this morning. Its just that according to the video platform, they didn't even view my video, they just went by what I put on the form with the payment... not a UK school
  4. Stunning black velvet leo with deep back and lovely black net v mesh inset to the front by Kandi Kouture. Gorgeous pattern on the velvet. Bought from another site but too long in the body for me unfortunately - I'm an adult XS but I really hoped I'd fit into this £25 + postage
  5. Oh Kanangra I really do feel for that girl, it really is such a gigantic step to move that far away. I hope she found happiness and her place closer to home.
  6. Allwrong, I can't thank you enough for coming on here and sharing your DD's experiences, it really is invaluable to people like me just starting out. Your review sounds just great to be honest! I do have some specific questions and will dm you. Thanks again
  7. Thank you so much for that suggestion Cotes du rhone ! I will do that, in the meantime, I hope someone will contact me with their experiences.
  8. Would any members please have any reviews or opinions of this school? I have been offered a place there but I can't find anything online from people's personal experiences - if you'd rather message directly thats no problem at all, I just really need some opinions good or bad! Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply Harwel, its really great to hear about the job side of things too!
  10. Thank you for the reply Kanangra - is your friend that attends the school happy with the training and the school itself?
  11. Does anyone have any reviews, recommendations or opinions on this ballet school please - I realise it is relatively new so I cannot find much online about it other than their own website. If you'd rather pm than post please do thank you
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