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  1. Hello, DS has a place at Central . I'm looking at Liberty House (Walmsley house) as one of the options. He would be looking to share (to get the price down a bit!) Do we need to find a flatmate ourselves? Also does anyone know of any Homestay websites or where I can look?!! And the last thing the prices at IQ Paris Gardens (for a shared twin room is the price per person or room?.
  2. We’re just tentatively researching accomodation for September start . Does anyone have any recommendations or anywhere to avoid please. Thank you!
  3. Hi - left it too late to apply for Central associates this year, but their recent building move posts have reminded me to look for a bit more info. So I know I’ve missed this year’s application (I think!) but can’t find much info on here about the associates scheme as opposed the the school itself. So- any current associate families- I know lockdown/zoom will have given different experiences but (normally) how big are the classes? Is the teaching consistent ie same teacher each week so gets to know your child? Do you think your children have progressed- any first hand comparisons with other schemes also welcome! Thanks in advance!
  4. Does anyone know what time Prep 1 classes are at central? Also are they every Saturday on term time? Thanks
  5. My daughter has accepted a place at Central for September 2021. We are currently considering accomodation, but think the £300+ a week being quoted for places like Drapery Place will just be too expensive. Are there any other options people are aware of? Being 17 a lot of the cheaper options do not seem to be available to us as they need residents to be over 18. Is anyone else looking for accomodation currently?
  6. Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with the physical screening for Central or RCS? I have some questions about their procedures and would like to understand them better. Thanks for sharing. I'm happy to DM if this is preferred. sillysally
  7. Hi. My ds has got into central and is looking for accommodation. Looked at liberty plaza and liberty house and he would like to share a room with someone in liberty house. Nice place and convenient. Is anyone looking and also alternatively does anyone want a lodger! He's clean and polite! Advice please. Thank you
  8. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  9. Hello, I wondered if anyone did the online ballet audition for central associates? and to perhaps share when you get news of if you were successful?
  10. Hi. My daughter will be going to CBS in September and we are wondering if more people will stay at Paris Gardens or Liberty Plaza. She doesn’t know of anyone else who got accepted but it would be nice to be in the same place.
  11. Can anyone help tell me more about Hammond upper school? I’ve seen lots of posts about it and read the website but would love some more informal feedback. I’ve found this forum to be a treasure trove of lovely people and useful supporting information, so thank you to everyone who posts! I am doing research on upper schools. Happy to share whatever I learn about dates and so forth.
  12. Just wondered if anyone had experience to share from last years finals? Just be good to know what to expect. Many Thanks J
  13. My child’s JA teacher recently recommended Central Ballet School Associates as an excellent program offering both classical and contemporary ballet training. I asked for a recommendation because my son wants to broaden his ballet training, as he really enjoys Contemporary ballet as well. Does anyone’s son train with Central on their Associate program? Would love to hear a bit more about it. Thank you.
  14. Hi there Can anyone give any insight to the central preps audition please. What sort of things are the dancers asked to do, are they in big groups, etc etc. Interested to hear others experiences and where Parents went whilst waiting ? Thank you
  15. Is anyone else going to the Central one day ballet intensive on the 30th May?
  16. Dd has eventually made her decision and accepted her offer from Central so we are now looking at accommodation. I believe a lot of students stay at Liberty Living. Are there any forum members thinking of Liberty House which seems the closest to the school? All require sharing. Any insights into how you find a like minded roomie? I am quite stressed at the prospect of sorting this out as it's so important to get it right!
  17. Guest

    Central finals

    My dd has central finals at the weekend and we are hoping that this could be her big chance - but not expecting it to be !! Does anyone know anything about the call backs? I'm sure that last year some were called back for an interview or maybe an extra class or something? Does anyone know why this was? Was it the ones that they weren't sure about? Good luck to everyone else there this weekend!!
  18. Hello! does anybody have any idea whether the Central spring course is first come first served or by selection? Just because you have to send photos in, I'm not sure. thank you! Feel free to add any other info about the course! I'm debating whether to do Central or Ballet Boost, as I can't make MBS dates this year 😪
  19. Just to say my dd went to the Central audition in Glasgow at the weekend. It was fairly relaxed and friendly. There were 16 female and 2 male dancers. There was a 1 1/2 hour ballet class (about Inter to Adv 1 level) followed by a basic contemporary class. (DD has done only a small amount of contemporary and found it fine.) They were numbered in height order smallest first. The girls wore leotards of various colours - some camisole, some cap sleeved. Mostly single colour leotards, not much lace etc. From what I saw most wore discreet/low key make-up but some wore none. Sorry can't remember what boys wore but must've been fairly standard as I didn't notice! They were told results would be out soon!! I am happy to answer any questions if I can.
  20. Has anyone received any information regarding the prelimary audition this Saturday 9th December at London we haven’t heard any info about times etc they are leaving it a bit late!
  21. Hi need some advice dd keen to audition for central & Elmhurst, feeling concerned that if offered a place how do they cope at 16 with cooking, cleaning etc as well as studies? Seems very young & surely at that age would need house parents for guidance, does anyone have dc at these schools? Thanks 🤔
  22. Well this looks exciting! Lovely new premises, to include accommodation, hoping to be ready for the start of the 2018/2019 academic year. http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/arts/central-school-of-ballet-set-to-move-centre-stage-to-the-south-bank-a3494916.html
  23. Hi guys! Quick question... Does anybody have any experience of Central School of Ballet's holiday Intensives (especially the spring/Easter one)? 4 days at Central would cost about the same as 2 days of Dance Forward, so was wondering whether it was good quality. On that note, what about Dance Forward? Thank you
  24. I've just picked this up via Twitter. Good news for the students at Central. http://new-adventures.net/the-red-shoes/news/new-adventures-central-school-of-ballet-announce-student-associates-programme
  25. Deal all, I am looking for affordable accommodation for my 15 year old daughter in London during Central Summer School from 27.7.2014 till 9.8.2014. Can anybody please give us tips or advice? I am also happy for her to stay with a "dancing" family. Thank you.
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