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Found 2 results

  1. When will results be out?
  2. Hello, I'm completely new to the forum! I have applied for the Royal Ballet School (the school of my deepest dreams!) for Senior Associates and White Lodge (I thought there was nothing to lose by ticking that box!). Apart from the anxieties I have about me not being good enough (I only started dancing at 12 and went en Pointe literally a few weeks ago- I'm now on the late side of 13- but I do work as hard as possible and practise everyday) I am currently stressed about what to wear. On the confirmation audition email, it just states a leotard. Could anyone advise a leotard that would suit certain physiques? I am very small and slim for my age, so anything that would make my lines longer would be great. I currently have 2 (standard strap) leotards. I really don't know whether to pick the classical in black choice or the dark magenta-pink one (which also comes with a waistband). I do want to draw attention of course, but for the right reasons! Secondly are the topic of shoes. I have three pairs: my usual class shoes (full sole and leather, but quite old now). My problem with these shoes is they make my arches seem flatter and the sole is in a really weird place that makes me look like I'm rolling in! My second pair is a satin split sole, very pretty in terms of foot definition, but a wee bit big for me. My third pair is my favourite pair which I use in festivals - my satin full soles with ribbons. I have a very narrow foot and ankle, so the ribbons fit the nicest. However, when I attended the Audition Insight Day (which was the best day of my life! I definitely recommend signing up!) only one dancer had ribbons. I wouldn't want them to fall out and look messy! What a stress! But it's all worth it on the way to becoming a dancer! With love, thanks and an arabesque P.S is anyone else going to be at the Manchester auditions 17/01/17 ?
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