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  1. We’re thinking the same but I would have thought they’d have emailed the nos as well today? I’m sure we’ll hear tomorrow. DD is okay about it, she thought it was a really hard audition and wasn’t at all confident.
  2. My DD auditioned on Sunday too. We noticed that there weren’t many younger DCs there. Is scholars more suitable for teens?
  3. So, so helpful! We are lucky enough to have good training within easy reach. I’m really starting to question the idea of lower school. I’m not sure it’s ‘the answer’ for us.
  4. These are all incredibly helpful and insightful answers! Thank you! For us, it’s a juggle to manage all the classes but manageable, just. She will be doing two associate schemes from September, alongside 4 hours of ballet (private class, grade class, IF class and an open class) , 2 hours of strength and flex, and tap plus contemporary. It’s a packed schedule but every element is from high quality dance schools. But, and it’s a BIG but, I have absolutely no idea how she’ll manage it all alongside increasing demands from secondary school? There’s lots to think about!
  5. The more I think about it, the more I’m moving towards this thinking!
  6. I think this sounds like a very realistic option! She’s starting 2 associates schemes in September. I’ll look at intensives, pop ups and summer schools too.
  7. Thank you! That’s what I’d thought but had a moment of doubt! 😂
  8. I’d not thought about that aspect. I think she’ll give it a go, it’s all good audition experience if nothing else!
  9. Daft question, is upper school years 10-11? I had post-16 in my mind.
  10. I was hoping for some insight into experiences of applying for vocational school for year 8. After having a look through some of the threads on here, I noticed that lots of schools are no longer assessing out at the end of year 7 - which I think is great news! But, it made me wonder if applying for a year 8 place would be a pretty pointless exercise? Will there even be any places for year 8? I’m guessing not! DD will audition for the experience of auditioning though! She didn’t want to audition for year 7, covid made things really difficult and she just wasn’t ready - I do fear she’s missed the boat though. Perhaps continuing with associates and thinking about post-16 is more realistic? Any thoughts or similar experiences? xxx
  11. I think it’s a tricky one to judge. My DD has experienced being given nos and wait lists whilst her peers get multiple yeses, and it was hard to be ok with at the time. BUT, I must now admit that next year my DD is doing two associate schemes alongside her ordinary classes, so 10 hours a week. I agree, at junior level it could be too much, it would have been for my DD, but now she’s 11 we wanted to ensure DD had some high quality training after covid with a view to applying for vocational schools for year 8 onwards (a difficult aspiration but she wasn’t emotionally ready for year 7).
  12. I’ve had an email today with times for Upper Mids Hull - 1pm-3.45.
  13. Thank you! And thanks for the info. I’ve just emailed them too to ask.
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