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Found 13 results

  1. Can anyone recommend a bra that doesn't show under a leotard? My 12 year old dd is very self-conscious and needs a bra to wear under her black leotard. The leotard has quite thick straps but her bra straps show at the back and also the leotard is quite low cut meaning a bit of the bra cup shows at the front. Any recommendations please?
  2. My 16 years old daughter is tiny.. she’s a size 4 but has an F cup bust. She does vocational ballet, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and national. She really struggles to find supportive Dancewear and cannot wear a bra that can be seen. Her teachers also prefer high leg leotards. She could wear a S or Xs leotard but her chest does not fit in I am having to buy an M and gave it taken in and even that does not support her bust . Can anyone suggest a leotard that isn’t low leg that would support her? She can wear black for some lessons but is required to wear pink/raspberry / fuschia for vocational work
  3. sarahw

    Dance belts

    Does anyone know if older boy gymnasts wear these? Thanks
  4. I'v had a look at old threads on what girls can wear under leotards, and found the Intermezzo Loverfor highly recommended. Does anyone have one, and know how the sizing comes up? Dd is mostly wearing a 1b leotard at the moment (her 2 is a bit big but wearable), but the Intermezzo is sized in ages so I'm not sure what to go for. Or does anyone have any other recommendations for something that can be worn for modesty under a costume (quick change in the wings needed) and which is comfy? Ideally she'd like one with thick tank-style straps, she doesn't like spaghetti style.
  5. Loopy


    Hi, DD's teacher has just announced a new uniform for older girls. Frustratingly it has been designed as a fait accompli... And is low back and high leg! Not so good for a fully mature young woman (E cup). She has been wearing crop tops and sports bras, but has been told off as these are not considered subtle enough. Before I go out a spend yet more money on what may or may not be suitable support, does anyone here have recommendations on subtle, nude (?) support undergarment/bra. Goodness knows what will happen when exam time comes. :-( heeeelp!!!
  6. DD (19) is struggling with audition wear which she can wear a bra under. She is 2nd year and college say no visible bras - but it can be street wear she just needs to be able to dance in it She loves this https://www.prettylittlething.com/carlita-green-lace-choker-plunge-thong-bodysuit.html but it has a low back Any recommendations?
  7. I've been searching for high leg, plain pants that my 7 year old daughter can wear under her leotard. I didn't find any on the high street, but I've found some on Amazon. Obviously it's hard to tell online, has anyone's daughter tried the Katz Dancewear nude high leg briefs? Or is there another brand you would recommend? She's small for her age, so even the tiniest adult sizes aren't an option. And she's going to be at a summer school that appears to be pretty strict about uniform and appearance, so I figure her usual look of spotty / stripy / multi-coloured pants peeking out from the bottom of her leotard won't be acceptable.
  8. My friend came across this https://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo/nude-dance-apparel-ftw?bffbmain&utm_term=.gcrE4QQArk#.end4PaaMBl which is nude dancewear for black & mixed race dancers I think it's great and some thing that is needed. I have whinged about it on here a few times,nude is rarely skin coloured
  9. Hiya, some of you might remember I posted a survey about Capezio as a brand, in particular the undergarment range. I've now finished the project and come up with new concepts and have created this follow up survey to see what the target audience think of them. So I would be very grateful if you could all fill this out please!! (You don't have to have done the previous survey) thank you!! please comment below if you have any further questions :') https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6GSR6XL
  10. Hiya, if you've ever purchased anything from Capezio, can you please fill out this survey for my fashion research? It is anonymous and should only take about 5 minutes, thank you! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/3bpffTlm
  11. My beautiful red headed ballerina is developing a chest. To me it is proportional, not very big, and she looks stunning, but she is convinced it will ruin her chance of becoming a classical ballerina. She won't take off her crossover in class because she is embarassed. She has apparently thought this since her Royal Ballet Y8 audition in January when she compared herself to all the other 12 year olds and says no one else had "them". Oh dear. I had no idea she had kept this to herself all these months. She is very slim and very fit but does have a chest growing, but I am afraid she might make this an unhealthy obsession. How do I convince her that this won't ruin her life. She has many years ahead of her and who knows how she will develop! And not every classical ballerina is completely flat chested right? Ah, the start of puberty...I think I need a glass of wine!
  12. I'm looking for seamless underwear for my 12 daughter to wear under her leotard. Any recommendations for the best place that I might find it?
  13. [quote name="Pas de Quatre" post="91696" timestamp="1399742899 However I am pleased to see that nearly all Vocational schools now have cap sleeve or vest top leotards available as part of the uniform, which allows a bra to be worn. However, bras are not allowed to be worn - something that I keep having discussions with my DD about as I think all the girls should be wearing sports bras in their day to day classes. Even if relatively small up top, it can still stretch the ligaments and may cause issues in later years. She is adamant that they are not allowed to wear bras of any description and some of the girls are quite well developed!
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