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  1. Well done to your daughter, Ballet2008, it's a fantastic scheme, my daughter is so happy there.
  2. My daughter is also a CAT, and is very happy at Northern. I think they had the younger ones final audition at the weekend just gone, but for the others they join in a class with the existing CATs, so some joined in last week in my daughters class and she said they were told there were some more scheduled. I agree, the best thing for your daughter would be to try and relax and enjoy it and look like she's having fun, they love to see them looking happy. Best of luck to her and fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks everyone,think I'll get the just ballet one, she'll like the picture of the dancer in the middle!
  4. My soon to be 10 year old dd would really like a turn board for her birthday but her teacher isn't keen on the idea for her just yet and has suggested a wobble board instead. Has anyone got any suggestions on what would be a good one for dancers? Thanks.
  5. Wouldn't have thought the strong contender for mids would go on every letter, but I think it might be new this year because as far as I know it wasn't on any of the children from my dd's JA class last year. My dd didn't get a mids place but she was put on swl so I assume she must have been considered for one.
  6. Glad she's feeling better, hopefully it'll all be upwards from here. Well done on Elmhurst junior summer school, my dd just received a yes for that today, she's excited but also apprehensive as she doesn't know anyone else going.
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