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  1. I think it’s about double that for the boys. Most of them through to upper school. Well done to all of them and hope the others have success elsewhere soon.
  2. Kensington Aldridge Academy might be a possibility? Plus West London School of Dance (YDA part-time sister school) is just down the road for top-up evening classes.
  3. Atacrossroads - I think we should be careful not to identify individual students without their permission, but your information is a few weeks out of date. Five full-time YDA students have been offered places at ENBS (including 3 who have been there since Year 7) and two WLSD students too. Well done to all of them! And the others, vocational and non-vocational, who have gained places at all the leading schools.
  4. Elia - it is a full time vocational school for 11-16 year olds, but the holiday courses take younger students too. It's a non-syllabus school so no need to worry about RAD grades. Although, I think most of the summer schools recommended on this thread are used to taking students from non-syllabus backgrounds (UK & overseas).
  5. Young Dancers Academy are holding a summer school at their lovely studios in West London - non-residential.
  6. Amazing to get to the last 30, but understand how keen the disappointment must feel today.
  7. Finals for the older WL year groups were on Friday 24th Feb, RichieN. It's only the Year 7s this week.
  8. Coaching usually means a one-to-one lesson or rehearsal for a particular role/repertoire.
  9. There's nothing to be lost by putting in applications - or just giving the schools a quick call to see if it's worth a late application. You should try Moorland and YDA too.
  10. Re. Y10 spaces - it depends if any Year 9s are assessed out/decide to leave. The WLers find out their assessment results over the February half term, I think, so there will be a better idea in a few weeks.
  11. I believe EEA students are still eligible for funding here and British students are still eligible for funding at European schools such as Hamburg and Berlin. But if that is assessed on an annual basis then, as Flora points out, some students might find themselves without funding for their final year. However, as it's all a guessing game at the moment, I wouldn't think it would have an effect on applications/acceptances until Article 50 is invoked. And EEA students from wealthier families (i.e. those who have a household income of over £90,000 a year and fall outside DADA eligibility anyway) would be unaffected by the changes.
  12. Not sure that searching for "British names" is the most scientific method for measuring this...
  13. Tony was referring to the RBS director, the late Gailene Stock, not Monica Mason, who was director of the company.
  14. YDA have a course 4-8 April - they are in West London.
  15. Because a Mum/Cathy said that 'shite' isn't always considered swearing as such and mentioned that it was used frequently (and without causing great offence?) when she trained in Liverpool. Is it like 'feck' perhaps? Which sounds terribly rude in England but is considered mild in Ireland.
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