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  1. Is there any way to do a quick survey of parents of littlies and the older dancers themselves? Because what would work for some of dd’s friends who go home first and are driven to dance, would not work for dd (she has to travel by public transport straight from school to ballet, she uses the toilet at ballet to change and do her hair). In principle, I see no problem with no uniform for the older ones who know what you need to be able to see. But the younger ones may appear in school uniform PE kit (ours was tracksuit bottoms like clown trousers and a baggy t-shirt), which would ob
  2. Thanks - lots of helpful information and it’s really good to get specific recommendations as the various brands don’t have anything in their FAQs about using them for dance / gymnastics (though I’d have thought it’s a fairly common issue).
  3. I’ve had a search but can’t find any recent threads, and I know there are lots of new brands and products. Can anyone recommend period pants that are high legged enough to go under a leotard and come in a colour that won’t show under a leotard? Size 8 would be too big, I think, but better than nothing if nowhere does a size 6. Thanks!
  4. Yes, dd is sure everyone else has much bigger houses, proper ballet flooring, their own barres etc from looking at them in zoom lessons. It may well be true, but there’s a terrace-sized limit to what we can manage in our house.
  5. Ooh, that gadget sounds interesting. Would you recommend that particular one? It’s hard to tell which might be best specifically for dance from the Amazon reviews.
  6. We’ve been doing something similar - phone is propped up on a stool with a mini beanbag (which is usually a microwave hot pack) so we can get the angle right.
  7. I’ve spent a lot of time this week fiddling around trying to get a phone or laptop in the right position for all of dd to show up in the picture for online zoom lessons. The issue seems to be that we don’t have a big enough house to get the phone far enough away... Has as anyone found a way to get a more wide angle view from a phone, maybe by blue tooth connection to a webcam with a wider lens? Or is there some other solution that gets the whole of a dancer’s body on-screen even if they move a step or two from their initial position?
  8. Dd has tried quite a few and is now just doing the regular 12.00 class by Ballet Skirts by Lucinda on Instagram- apparently it’s just right.
  9. Thanks for the advice - I’m torn between letting dd do some of the classes like EYB and NYB where it’s aimed at young people and I know and trust the brand, and saying to just wait for her dance school. I don’t mind about her losing fitness etc as that’s all regainable, but a good class does make her so much happier, and that’s really important at the moment when she’s cut off from so many of the things that make her happy.
  10. Ive heard that the Easter Course run by Mary Goodhew at Ibstock Place School (SW London) is excellent - dd certainly enjoyed the summer one.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about NYB this year? I’ve had a look at their website and it still doesn’t have anything up about the timing of auditions or even what it will be this year (apart from not residential) but I thought someone here might have some insider knowledge!
  12. Thanks! I’ve got an ipad but not a computer, has anyone found a way to burn CDs from an ipad? I can see the audacity app would allow me to make edit the tracks, it’s the physical getting them on to a CD I’m stuck on now.
  13. What sources do people use for music? Dd tends to find things on YouTube, but that’s often poor quality and I’m not sure of the legalities and practicalities of getting it off YouTube and on to a CD. Is there a better source for music that you want to use for competitions?
  14. DD loved it (did Swan Lake in Wimbledon summer 2018) and is very disappointed they’re not anywhere near us this year. I’d highly recommend it both in terms of the teaching and in terms of getting performance experience. I particularly liked how everyone got time on stage in both acts, and the way it was very well organised (which made it much less stressful for parents than it might have been).
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