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  1. This is a bit off topic, but does anyone know of summer schools that run in early July. I’m thinking for next year, as dd’s new secondary school finishes term very early, and I would like to find her something dancey to do for those weeks. Ideally in London, but residential elsewhere in England might be do-able. Ideally it would be a mixture of styles, not just ballet - she particularly loves contemporary. She’s keen, but not on the vocational track and not on pointe yet (though she may be by then, I don’t know).
  2. Dd uses both the Silky and the Katz ones for exams and shows - she’s never had any complaints, so I assume they’re fine! She’s too small for adult sizes, so she has the kids ones. She does find they aren’t that comfy under normal clothes, which is a bit of a pain in terms of having to change right before class.
  3. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    The three simultaneous rehearsals (might have been four, at the one my dd did) were just split roughly by age group / grade. So an hour of ballet class as a sort of warm up, before then going in to different groups depending on their parts, and rehearsing those dances. Most days dd had one free class which gave her a gap in which to eat lunch (though it wasn’t always at lunch time). Wimbledon was intensive as it was summer holidays two weeks of full days (might have been 10-4, I can’t remember precisely) then a third week with Thursday, Friday and Saturday dress rehearsal and performances. I don’t know how it works in term time - presumably there are after-school and weekend rehearsals. It would be a long day for a 7yo - do-able, but tiring. Dd was just 10, and had done local youth ballet before, but still had no energy at all in the evenings. She loved it, though!
  4. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    Yes, summer 2018 they did Swan Lake in Wimbledon.
  5. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    I’ve been keeping an eye on them, hoping for Wimbledon again, or somewhere nearby (Woking, Guildford), but nothing within commuting distance of South London yet. Dd is very keen to do EYB again, she loved it!
  6. Thanks for all the replies - I showed this to dd and she’s going to do the calf rises and she’s keen to have the PBT DVD as a birthday present.
  7. What height child would the Sansha Gaby Fleece Unitard fit?
  8. Thanks! What does PBT stand for? I will have a google. I have no idea what dd does in her strength and flexibility classes, so if there’s something I can show her about PBT and perfect pointe on the web, I can ask her whether it fits with the sort of thing she’s been doing. She’s 10, does about (counts on fingers...)3.5 hours of ballet a week, an hour of strength / flexibility / conditioning and an hour of contemporary. Plus 3.5 hours of Associates (which is mostly ballet, but is also sometimes conditioning, contemporary, jazz etc). Would most of these things be aimed at older students doing many more hours a week? I don’t want to point her at anything inappropriate.
  9. My dd is keen to work on her strength and flexibility outside class - she’s got an blue stretchy band that I had left over from physio on my shoulder, which she uses in her conditioning class, but is there anything else that would be good? I got her a wobble board, as I saw one very cheap in Tiger a few weeks ago and I thought it looked like fun. She’s mentioned rollers, and I know that anything that’s designed to strengthen feet in preparation for pointe work would be good (she’s really keen to go on pointe, so she’ll do anything that she thinks will help her with being ready). I’m happy to get her things that will help her be stronger and less likely to get injured, but we don’t have much storage space, so smaller is better!
  10. Thanks for the link - I just watched it, very interesting. I think dd will enjoy it, too.
  11. I think phoning Mary Goodhew would work - her ballet school site gives her contact details: http://www.dancegems.co.uk/?&p=contact Alternatively, I’m sure Ibstock Place School would be able to point you in the right direction, as the office there does some of the MDP admin: https://www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk/senior-school/contact-us/
  12. Hope it’s not too late, but the Master Dance Programme at Ibstock Place School sounds like it might be just right. It’s Saturday afternoons, in Roehampton. Run by Mary Goodhew, who is amazing, and takes children from 7 right up to older teenagers (they split into Juniors, Mids and Seniors).
  13. It’s what I did - just chose the closest ballet school because it was easy to walk to. I think most mums wouldn’t even consider that any harm could come from an unqualified ballet teacher at such a young age. A few years ago, I would just have assumed it was music, movement and a lot of herding cats.
  14. If you carry a baby or toddler in a sling (the fabric sort that holds them close to your body, not the backpacksort) you can often tell when they’ve fallen asleep (even if they’re on your back) as they feel heavier. And babies before they can walk definitely feel heavier than the same child a few months older (and bigger) once they’ve learned to walk - they hold themselves very differently. I think it must be all about the muscle tone.
  15. DD thought it would be a no, and it was. Oh well, maybe next year (though maybe not if it clashes with SYB performances again). Congratulations to those who got a yes!
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