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  1. The rehearsals vary depending on whether it’s term time or holidays - the August one last year (also Swan Lake) was two weeks of rehearsals (all day Mon-Fri) then the first half of the third week off and the second half (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun) dress rehearsal and shows. It did mean we had to do our family holiday in July, but EYB audition so far in advance that it was relatively easy to work around the dates as we knew dd had a place in about March.
  2. Yes, I’d also heard that about Richmond (probably on here). They’ve also added a Norwich date, since I last looked.
  3. I was having a look at the EYB auditions page and saw they’ve got audition dates for Bromley and Southend: http://www.englishyouthballet.co.uk/auditions1.html Nothing near enough for us yet, but they are for performances in April, May and August, so I assume they’re still nailing down the dates / venues for June and July.
  4. You know, I’m ashamed to admit I can’t remember! Dd is asleep, otherwise I could ask her. I know it wasn’t a shiny leotard as she would have complained (she doesn’t like how shiny feels). It’s nice that she’ll have a choice of bright colours.
  5. Lower Junior, I think. And the exact wording would be great. I need time to order online and send it back if it’s the wrong size, or maybe get it altered (she often needs the straps shortening and my sewing is rubbish, so I need time take it to the dry cleaners and get it back again). Thanks! Her last exam was similar but cotton and with a ruche, so I suspect I can’t re-use that one.
  6. The Mabel Ryan award. I’ve had a look at the webpage but am not much wiser. I keep thinking that one day I’ll know what I’m doing with all this ballet stuff...
  7. DD needs a leotard for a Cecchetti competition - I know from another mum that there are strict rules about leotards but last time she was in a group so I just put her in what everyone else was wearing and didn’t have to worry. Is there a list of the rules, or the right type of leotards? From memory it was tank style, quite high necked, with a belt - is that what I need to look for? Do they have rules on colours? I’d be really grateful if anyone can point me to a list of the rules or of the allowed leotards, googling has not been much help.
  8. It is a huge commitment - dd has decided not to audition this year, as (if she had got through, which she didn’t last year) it would have prevented her doing various musical activities that she loves, as well as missing a family holiday. The other thing to take into account is that the touring company has more dates, I think usually at the start of September, so that impinges on the beginning of the school year.
  9. This is a bit off topic, but does anyone know of summer schools that run in early July. I’m thinking for next year, as dd’s new secondary school finishes term very early, and I would like to find her something dancey to do for those weeks. Ideally in London, but residential elsewhere in England might be do-able. Ideally it would be a mixture of styles, not just ballet - she particularly loves contemporary. She’s keen, but not on the vocational track and not on pointe yet (though she may be by then, I don’t know).
  10. Dd uses both the Silky and the Katz ones for exams and shows - she’s never had any complaints, so I assume they’re fine! She’s too small for adult sizes, so she has the kids ones. She does find they aren’t that comfy under normal clothes, which is a bit of a pain in terms of having to change right before class.
  11. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    The three simultaneous rehearsals (might have been four, at the one my dd did) were just split roughly by age group / grade. So an hour of ballet class as a sort of warm up, before then going in to different groups depending on their parts, and rehearsing those dances. Most days dd had one free class which gave her a gap in which to eat lunch (though it wasn’t always at lunch time). Wimbledon was intensive as it was summer holidays two weeks of full days (might have been 10-4, I can’t remember precisely) then a third week with Thursday, Friday and Saturday dress rehearsal and performances. I don’t know how it works in term time - presumably there are after-school and weekend rehearsals. It would be a long day for a 7yo - do-able, but tiring. Dd was just 10, and had done local youth ballet before, but still had no energy at all in the evenings. She loved it, though!
  12. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    Yes, summer 2018 they did Swan Lake in Wimbledon.
  13. Confuddled

    EYB dates

    I’ve been keeping an eye on them, hoping for Wimbledon again, or somewhere nearby (Woking, Guildford), but nothing within commuting distance of South London yet. Dd is very keen to do EYB again, she loved it!
  14. Thanks for all the replies - I showed this to dd and she’s going to do the calf rises and she’s keen to have the PBT DVD as a birthday present.
  15. What height child would the Sansha Gaby Fleece Unitard fit?
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