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  1. It’s RAD headquarters - I’ve never been there so I’ve no idea of the size of the studio. I assume they have quite a few studios to choose from? Anyway, I’m happy to go with whatever her teacher thinks is best.
  2. Good point. It opens up a whole can of worms about expectations of girls versus boys, gender stereotyping and societal pressure. I wish we held boys and girls to the same standards (in life, not just in ballet), but in practice society just doesn’t, and if it might help dd in the exam to wear make up, then that’s what she’ll do.
  3. Ooh, that’s a good point - I hadn’t realised the mascara should be waterproof. This exam has been delayed for so long, it’s going to be really good to have done it finally.
  4. She’s doing it with one other girl - I’ll check with her mum, that’s a good idea. I think the suggestions of some blusher, mascara and tinted lip gloss would work well. DD’s skin is lovely, and I suspect anything I buy would make it look worse rather than better! Thank you to everyone who has replied.
  5. Dd is about to do her IF exam, and her teacher has advised that she should wear make up. I’m happy to let her, but wanted to check with some of the knowledgeable people here what sort / how much? Her teacher is lovely but super busy, and it seems a minor thing that I should be able to sort out without asking her. I don’t wear make up myself, and nor does dd, so we’ve just got some left over from shows before covid. DD is a young-looking 12, if that makes a difference. Mods - I’ve had a search but not found anything relevant, if I’ve missed it please do just link!
  6. She’s read that, and all the other Noel Streatfeilds as well. That’s useful to know, thanks! What else would you recommend? And how come it’s controversial?
  7. What’s in Misty Copeland’s autobiography that might not be suitable? I had a look at some reviews and didn’t spot anything, so I had planned to get it. Peril en Pointe does sound fun - I think she’ll complain its too young for her, then secretly read it and love it 🙂
  8. Ooh, thank you! She doens’t need Young Reader per se (she’s happily reading things like Jane Eyre) but I would prefer to avoid anything with really upsetting / mature content which apparently the first few chapters of Hope in a Ballet Shoe do contain (based on the reviews I’ve read).
  9. Can anyone recommend some books about ballet? Dd has the ballet encyclopaedia, but she’s looking for some more - particularly anything about famous current or recent dancers. Could anyone recommend some? She’s reading at an adult level, but she’s 12, autobiographies that are too graphic wouldn’t be suitable.
  10. Is there any way to do a quick survey of parents of littlies and the older dancers themselves? Because what would work for some of dd’s friends who go home first and are driven to dance, would not work for dd (she has to travel by public transport straight from school to ballet, she uses the toilet at ballet to change and do her hair). In principle, I see no problem with no uniform for the older ones who know what you need to be able to see. But the younger ones may appear in school uniform PE kit (ours was tracksuit bottoms like clown trousers and a baggy t-shirt), which would obviously be a problem. Maybe you could specify the type of leggings or shorts you mean, so they can see you want eg cycling shorts not football shorts.
  11. Thanks - lots of helpful information and it’s really good to get specific recommendations as the various brands don’t have anything in their FAQs about using them for dance / gymnastics (though I’d have thought it’s a fairly common issue).
  12. I’ve had a search but can’t find any recent threads, and I know there are lots of new brands and products. Can anyone recommend period pants that are high legged enough to go under a leotard and come in a colour that won’t show under a leotard? Size 8 would be too big, I think, but better than nothing if nowhere does a size 6. Thanks!
  13. Yes, dd is sure everyone else has much bigger houses, proper ballet flooring, their own barres etc from looking at them in zoom lessons. It may well be true, but there’s a terrace-sized limit to what we can manage in our house.
  14. Ooh, that gadget sounds interesting. Would you recommend that particular one? It’s hard to tell which might be best specifically for dance from the Amazon reviews.
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