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  1. Here's a youtube playlist with some of the music
  2. The Ballet Retreat's corps de ballet day is all booked up which is a shame.
  3. How quickly do you usually get a reply from the Ballet Retreat? I filled in their online form and haven't heard anything since.
  4. Thanks for compiling this list Sophie. The Ballet Retreat does sound rather appealing. I'm always happy to hear of places outside London that cater to adult dancers. Ballet For You in at WAC Arts in London have a couple of intensives - http://www.balletforyou.co.uk/holidayintensives (I went 2016) WEEK 1: Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August 2019WEEK 2: Monday 5th - 9th August 2019 Dar Danse (a little bit further away in Morocco) has a couple of ballet retreats later in the year - https://www.bubbleonthebeach.com/ballet-retreats (I went 2018) Beginners/Improvers: Sunday 22nd -Saturday 28th September Intermediate (3+ years of regular ballet classes): Sunday 6th - Saturday 12th October
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. I went back to the dance shop (fortunately it's only round the corner) and saw their senior fitter. She's made me go down a width and shoved some lambs wool under the other toes which was a bit more comfortable. But then I tried the European Balance down a width and with the lambs wool and that was a major improvement I returned the Stretch and have gone with the Balance instead. She also said that with large big toes, narrow heels and different size feet I'm always going to struggle to find a shoe that's pain-free and suited to my foot shape. She also thought I wasn't 100% over the box in the Stretch so my weight was going through my toe at an angle and that could have been causing me pain. I've definitely got to work more on my strength and technique but when I'm in a painful shoe I don't want to practise so fingers crossed lambs wool's going to help.
  6. I've got toe pads and yes my big toe is way bigger than my other toes. I was worried I was slipping down. It doesn't feel like my foot's slipping but that's the problem I had in my old shoes (European Balance).
  7. I've bought some new pointe shoes (Bloch Eurostretch). On flat, they feel like slippers and they look lovely en pointe. However, I have the wimpiest feet in the universe and the slight discomfort in my big toe I felt during the fitting has turned into actual pain when I've tried them on again at home. So my question is - how can I tell if the pain is due to the shoes being hard due to not being broken in yet or if they're the wrong shoe & I'm putting too much weight on my toe? I don't want to start squashing the box if it turns out I'm going to need to return them.
  8. I did my intermediate foundation with a girl who did the male syllabus (and she got a good merit). She wanted to do the male variation so the RAD made her do the entire male syllabus - she had to do the male allegros rather than the girls pointe work. She still wore pink tights and soft blocks and just wore a different colour leotard to distinguish her from the other girls. She took her grade 4 in the same exam session and did the female syllabus for that. The examiner was definitely confused as though she'd never seen it happen before. When enquiring my teacher was told that girls can enter as boys (or rather can enter to do the male syllabus) and vice versa. This tends to happen in the higher vocational grades when their pointework isn't up to scratch (i.e. when you have to get 4/10 in each section). I have considered this option on days I want to chuck my pointe shoes out the window. I intend to do the male grade 8 examination while wearing my rep skirt - the boy's waltz is so much more me than the female one but I also love my floaty skirt.
  9. I've worn the Bloch Adagio leotard for an exam before - it's a tank leotard with gathered front but sits high enough I can wear a sports bra underneath. (I wear a Large due to my height rather than weight - and black runs smaller than the other colours). Does it have to be a specific colour? Does your school need you to wear a leotard with an RAD logo on it? (RAD exam rules don't require it) I've never found any of the official Freed leotards to be cut right for my body shape.
  10. Postage is £3, second class. Can offer discounts if you buy more than one leotard. I'm having a good old clear-out. If you would like pictures, let me know. Cotton leotards Bloch plain tank leotard ("Ballerina") - size L - navy - £12 Bloch plain tank leotard ("Ballerina") - size L - purple - £12 Bloch rouched front tank leotard ("Adagio") - size XL (fits like an L in other colours) - black - £12 Bloch rouched front tank leotard ("Adagio") - size L - burgundy - £12 Bloch rouched front tank leotard ("Adagio") - size L - royal blue - £10 (rouching has come unstitched) Bloch cap sleeve leotard ("Cavalier") - size L - burgundy - £12 Katz cap sleeve leotard - size 5 - black - £8 Nylon leotards Bloch cap sleeve leotard ("Betri") - size L - forest green - £12 Mirella camisole stripe lace bust leotard - size L - blue - £12 Mirella camisole lace side panel leotard - size L - blue - £12 Shoes Freed Canvas Split Sole Ballet shoes - size 4 1/2 C - £10 (never worn) Grishko Nova Pointe Shoes - size 5 XXXX M - £10 (worn once, ribbons removed, some scuffing on satin) Black leather Split Sole Ballet shoes 4 1/2 - £3 Other Gaynor Miden sweater tights (worn once) - £9 Grishko Silcone mini toe caps - £2 Bright pink leg warmers - free with anything else I also have a lot of handmade chiffon shirts I've sewn myself but not sure if here's the right place to offer them for sale. They're wrap skirts and made to fit up to a 28" waist.
  11. Thank you everyone - I was warned by my teacher they mark more harshly so wasn't expecting to do as well though I do think I danced better and with more confidence than in my grade 6. Marks wise - I got 8's for music and performance, 7s for barre, free enchainment and dance performance and 6's for everything else, even pointe! I'm especially happy with my pointe mark because I know how much effort I put in to get it. There was even talk between me and my teacher about entering for the male syllabus in future exams due to a dreadful lesson where my feet were so painful I couldn't even releve 5th. I was determined I wasn't going to make a fool out of myself in front of the examiner so made sure I worked really hard to make my pointe acceptable. It's still my weakness but I am seeing my strength and confidence slowly improve.
  12. My intermediate foundation results are in - I got a Merit (67). So pleased with myself - exactly the same mark I got for Grade 6 last spring. I haven't had my marks breakdown yet so it'll be interesting to see where I got my marks. I felt like I performed my arse off and think pointe was probably my weakest section (though it went better in the exam than it ever had done in class).
  13. Starlight Dance in Kettering is a good dance school for boys. Though they do loads of different styles of dancing and the focus is on commercial dance/show teams, the principal is male and runs a weekly ballet class for boys and a yearly ballet productions where all the boys get at least a feature role. The female RAD teacher loves boys dances and everyone in the classes learn both the boys and girls syllabus. There are several boys in the pointe class and last month I did my Intermediate Foundation exam with a girl who chose to do the male syllabus as she wanted to do the boys variation (she also wanted to do pointe rather than the boy's allegro but the RAD couldn't wrap their head around that one).
  14. Completely agree - I have the narrowest feet in existence and I swear all the dance shops within a 50 mile radius of my house only stock Bloch ones (and still have to special order in the narrower sizes). I ended up with Freed 0X with extra elastic to keep them on my heels and they still gape and make me look like I'm not pointing my feet.
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