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  1. My DD, age 15, needs an audition leotard for this coming year (general dance diploma, not classical ballet). She struggles with fit as she's long-bodied. Her usual dance uniform is the Roche Valley Ava size 3 which is pretty good on her, but she'd ideally like something a bit more special (but still black). Her associate scheme Freed RAD leo is too short and rides up over her bum and she recently bought a Capezio for a show in size L even though she's only an adult size 8. I usually have to shorten the straps whatever she gets. All brands seem to have equivalent girth sizes, so looking at size guides is no help. Any help appreciated thank you!
  2. A query for those of you who are avid adult ballet dancers and/or lovers of dancewear! I'm sure this has been asked many times but I did a quick search and couldn't find the answer... My adult ballet class only ever seem to be able to get black dancewear and the class looks like a funeral gathering! They're all sick of it and would love to be able to get leotards and skirts that fit the average womanly figure (size 12/ 14/ 16/ 18) with bust support or that can be worn with a bra. I'd also be interested in a long-ish wrap skirt that actually wraps around my post-lockdown tummy! All the 'one size' skirts are designed for size 12 or smaller except a black one I found on Amazon which actually comes in XL. Any ideas?! Thanks
  3. hi just looking for recommendations and advice on good ballet leotards for summer intensive (RBS White Lodge) and also upper school auditions which aren’t far now.
  4. Can anyone recommend leotard brands which are flattering for a developing dancer, who is feeling self conscious about her bottom half, for those moments when she can’t wear a skirt. She’s slim but has more hip than the traditional ballet shape, so something that minimises that. I’m looking for brands with more coverage on the bottom, but not so low on the leg as to be really unflattering. Can anyone recommend either styles or brands? Nothing super expensive as she’s still growing, and probably in a small (dress size 8).
  5. Size 12A blue Degas 9502 Leotard for sale. Bought second hand and not worn - £30 plus postage Size 10 Lilac Repetto DE780 excellent condition £12 plus postage Size 10 Blue Repetto DE780 excellent condition £12 plus postage
  6. Hello everyone, I’m just wondering what everyone would recommend wearing to adult beginners ballet class? I’ve only started ballet in September and have been going in my gym kit thus far (black leggings, sports bra and sleeveless tank top). This is what everyone at my local class here is Essex is wearing, but I joined an online beginners class at Pineapple and noticed some people are wearing proper ballet clothes. Going forward I don’t want to turn up looking like I’m not taking it seriously enough to kit myself out properly, but at the same time don’t want to be ‘all the gear and no idea’ 😂 Is there a reason why ballet clothes (tights, skirt and leotard) are better than just gym clothes? Is it easier for the teacher to see what we are doing in proper ballet clothes? Or am I good just to stay in my gym kit? Also where is everyone getting their dancewear from? And do ladies wear a bra under the leotards? (tbh I’ve not got much there in chest dept anyway 😭) sorry for so many questions, but if anyone could give me a heads up on all this I’d be extremely grateful 😊
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for some general advice on Claudia Dean & Bullet Pointe leotards. I see compared to Bloch, Ballet Rosa, Mirella & Capezio they seem to be fairly pricy. Family members want to buy my DD a special leotard for Christmas but I'm really not sure if they're worth the extra cost. After checking on website I see CD designs have beautiful fabric but I'm not sure if they're a little cutsey for 16 year olds. Does anyone have any experience? BP looks like a very New York chic. My boring mum thoughts include are they washable, by which I mean machine wash durable without shrinking? Are they actually really that extra fit flattering? Thanks for any comments. sillysally
  8. Just wondering why these leotards are so sought after and why they hold their value so well? My DD had one but I didn't think it looked half as good as her grishko or wear moi ones
  9. Hi, I have quite a lot of wear moi leotards (in excellent condition) which I have outgrown for sale. Prices are listed below but I am open to offers! Photos also available on request. 1. Beautiful pink skirted leotard (age 10-12) Nicea design, as shown here: https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/wear-moi-nicea-skirted-leotard £20 2. Turquoise/light blue gorgeous camisole leotard with strap detail (age 10-12) I have not seen this leotard elsewhere, but it is most similar to the Mauve design, except with three small gems decorating the crossing straps at the back: https://wearmoi.com/en/leotards-girl/830-94440-mauve.html#/24-size-age_8_10/130-color-sky £15 3. I have 5 different ‘Abbie’ camisole leotards, each with beautiful high legs and ruching to enhance every body type! https://wearmoi.com/en/leotards-woman/1537-132121-abbie.html#/27-size-s/114-color-lilac 2x Burgundy, one in age 12-14 the other in size XS 1x Black in age 12-14 1x Pacific in age 10-12 1x in Red in size XS £8 each I am offering a buy 2, get 1 free on all of these leotards
  10. I have the following for sale: Mirella deep pink strappy leotard age 12 £10 Capezio light blue pinch front detail leotard child large £5 Move Dance burgundy leotard with black lace and cutouts size XS £5 Arabesque Carla pale blue leotard size 2 £5 Mirella Cap sleeve leotard pale blue velvet sweetheart neckline age 12 £10 Bloch yellow floral ballet skirt age 6-8 £5 Postage £3 per parcel Please DM for photos 😀
  11. Hello Ballet Dancers, Do you have any issues with your leotards? If you have a spare moment of 7-minutes, please partake in my survey about ballet leotards and dancers preference. I am an adult dancer and also a student taking a Technical Apparel Design program. This survey is for my school project. The requirements is for ballet dancers 18+ age (due to school requirements). I would appreciate the help so much! https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/jlgazelle
  12. I'm very sad that the day has come where I have grown out of some of my favourite leotards, but hoping they will find a happy new home. All are in very good condition and have a high cut leg line. Photographs available on request. Degas 9501 leotard in the colour Eglantine Size 12a £25 9502 leotard in the colour Lilac Size 12a £20 Collections by Claudia Tropical collection (2018) 'Coconut' (white) leotard in Aurora style Size Child XL £25 Bloch Black camisole leotard with lovely back design (sort of open diamond shapes separated by twists) Size Child's 12 £15
  13. Hello everyone, For my uni dissertation, I am trying to create a leotard that has support for dancers with larger bust, and to try and enable them to be fully supported without having to wear anything else underneath. I would be really greatful if anyone could fill out my short questionaire, it should take less than 5 minutes. It would be great to get the opinions of those dancer with bigger busts, but even if you don't, it would still be great to get your opinions. I really appreciate any help. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdxwnKu6ysjuH6PT9cr0cbZU1KMqWpoypLn0wbJ6oLFGRkqGw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  14. *Grishko 1001 in Coffee xs/36 *Mirella red tank size P, + detailed back *Capezio lilac size S + matching wrap skirt set * Lulli burgundy boat neck size S All £10 each inc postage Please let me know if you'd like photos and I'll email xx
  15. My DD is starting to develop and the leotards she has are fairly unforgiving. Can anyone please recommend leotards that are sufficiently lined in the chest area to prevent embarrassment?
  16. I have two leotards for sale: Black Capezio leotard size Child Medium. Style CC101 https://www.capezioeurope.com/princess-camisole-leotard Pale pink Mirella leotard size 8-10 years. Style M652C https://uk.blochworld.com/products/girls-mirella-lace-waist-tank-pink Both in good used condition and ideal for spring/summer school. £5 for both or £3 each plus postage.
  17. DD needs a leotard for a Cecchetti competition - I know from another mum that there are strict rules about leotards but last time she was in a group so I just put her in what everyone else was wearing and didn’t have to worry. Is there a list of the rules, or the right type of leotards? From memory it was tank style, quite high necked, with a belt - is that what I need to look for? Do they have rules on colours? I’d be really grateful if anyone can point me to a list of the rules or of the allowed leotards, googling has not been much help.
  18. Bloch limited edition black cap-sleeved skirted leotard (It has a starry pattern on the front ruching) Age 9-10 £5 Brand new Dansez navy tank leotard (style 1403) (high cut leg and front gather, it is also the Moorland Associate leotard) Age 9-10 £8 Brand new Mirella sky blue camisole leotard with side pleats (style M242C) Age 14 £8 Tappers & Pointers black jazz crop top and leggings set size 2 £5 Bloch 'zenith' flat ballet shoes (worn for one class only) Pink, width C, size 3 £5 Brand new Bloch 'pump' flat ballet shoes Pink, width B, size 3.5 £7 Brand new Paperchase 'ballet dancer' double pocket pencil case £2 Pictures are available on request x
  19. Central School of Ballet first and second year leotards for sale in good condition. Please message me for further details! 😊
  20. Has anybody of you experience in how So Danca leotards run in comparison to the brands Ballet Rosa, Wearmoi, Repetto, Capezio or Grishko? According to the size charts, I´d need size 2A for children in width, but size PA in length. However, that is not always true, in Ballet Rosa, for example, size 12 years fits perfect although it should be too short as well...
  21. Hello, i wonder if anyone has any recommendations for leotards more flattering for larger dancers? I’m an overweight student with an exam soon. I’m just looking for something to cover me up a bit more than the RAD Faith leotard that is the standard for my school - it just sits too low for my personal preference. Thank you xx
  22. My 16 years old daughter is tiny.. she’s a size 4 but has an F cup bust. She does vocational ballet, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and national. She really struggles to find supportive Dancewear and cannot wear a bra that can be seen. Her teachers also prefer high leg leotards. She could wear a S or Xs leotard but her chest does not fit in I am having to buy an M and gave it taken in and even that does not support her bust . Can anyone suggest a leotard that isn’t low leg that would support her? She can wear black for some lessons but is required to wear pink/raspberry / fuschia for vocational work
  23. Hi, looking for some advice. My dd is a JA with RBS she has an audition with elmhurst coming up for full time training. Just wondering what she should wear should she wear her JA uniform or not? Thanks 😄
  24. I have 2 brand new (one with tags) capezio leotards size M for sale as I don’t wear them and have no need for them! £15 each or £25 if you want both it wont let me upload the photos so if you private message me I’ll attempt to send them that way! One is dark red camisole with Criss cross back the other is long sleeve black mesh with floral pattern
  25. Would any of you lovely people be able to recommend leotard brands and sizes for me? I’m expecting this to be a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but ideally i’d like to buy online rather than traipsing into the city to try loads on. My daughter is 8 (almost 9) but small for her age (usually age below in clothes). She’s petite but leotards are often too short in the body so we either end up with a baggy bum and straps, or looking lovely in the body but constantly going up her bum! 😬 She’s starting an associates class in September (there’s no fixed uniform) and i’d like her to have a second leotard as her RAD one is pale blue and prone to grubbiness! The one she’s got now is second hand and without a label so i’m at a loss which brand it is. Thanks in advance! Xxx
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