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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Has anyone heard about what is happening regarding Elmhurst Associates/Young dancers for September? DD is an RBS SA going into SA2 but In London. If she were to be offered a place on the Elmhurst scheme she may try to swap her SA2 To Birmingham to do both classes. but with this Coronavirus situation will they even be able to hold auditions for Elmhurst associates or will it be by application or video? ahy ideas folks? stay well šŸŒˆ
  2. Any idea of the times of the SA classes in Covent Garden on a Saturday please? Also what is the uniform? We will be supplied with all the info we need in due course but Iā€™m just trying to plan ideas for travel to London....... thanks in advance
  3. I've just had an email to say DD hasn't got a place for SA's - I know the chances of gaining a place are minimal but I just don't know how to tell her! She's at dance at the moment and I know she is going to be devastated. She auditioned for JAs and has done so every year, without success. She is such a lovely dancer and has achieved so much, but her confidence is gradually disappearing. Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear x
  4. I have a question for people who have been through the audition process for Upper School. How important is having the right body in the assessment for US and how much is it about technical standard/musicality/artistry or is it too subjective to say? If you don't have beautiful banana feet and a long line but have nice artistry, are you ruled out for one of the more competitive schools? My impression at LS level is that the body is everything and that quite a weak and unattractive dancer to the lay person - perhaps rather gangly and uncoordinated and not much sense of musicality- could still be snapped up by a top school. Thanks
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