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Found 8 results

  1. I was just wondering if anyone know when to expect the results from the YBSS scholarship auditions or even when the results of the applications will be sent?
  2. Hi My dd wants to do a summer school this year as she finds it a long time to not dance "properly" as she calls it, over the summer. I have a couple of questions. It is local to us so she would be a day student, as well as she is only 9 years old.....would she miss out on anything in the evening if she didn't board? Finally it's over two weeks but we can only do the second week as the first week is still school term for us. Again will she miss out on anything from the first week? Thanks everyone!!! Edited as I don't know the order of the months of the year!!!!!!!
  3. Thinking of Yorkshire summer school, how hard is it to obtain a place ? My DD has only been dancing for two years she is year 6 , and a RBS ja ( hoping to go to vocational school this time around) she isn't as experienced as most but seems to be showing potential , will this be enough to get a place ?
  4. Hi all - I'm unable to go to the presentation class tomorrow. If anyone is going I have a favour to ask …. please send PM if you might be able to help . TIA
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows the difficulty of the ybss audition and what you do?? Also do any of you know the odds of getting a scholarship?? Thanks in advance
  6. Did anyone watch the demo on Friday. ? What were your opinions ? X
  7. Hello, can any of you lovely people who did this course at the above venue last yr advise how easy it is to get to from the train station? Debating whether to drive or take train, auto route suggests 2 hr 40 min drive verses 1 hrs 15 mins on train, if it is quite straightforward tempted to do train..... thank you
  8. Does anyone know who was on the panel today besides Marguerite Porter. DD didn't catch the lady's name.
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