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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all. Thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread for those of us with DCs starting at Hammond in September to share advice etc. could we please have no discussion of finance as requested by the school. We don’t want locked again 😃
  2. Hello Does anyone’s child do Hammond Associates or know any information about it? Thank you in advance 🙂
  3. My 18 year old daughter is starting in September on dance/musical theatre diploma. We have looked and thinking of booking the Trinity Halls for accommodation, it seems nice but I’m conscious that she may be only pupil there from the Hammond. Is anyone else staying there?
  4. My daughter is hoping to go to The Hammond for dance diploma starting in Sept 21. Looking for information on suitable accommodation. Really not happy about using university halls for someone so young.
  5. Hi everyone thought I would start a thread as I don't think we have one for Hammond this year...just wondered if anyone has heard from Hammond recently about the finals? They said to keep an eye out for emails. I don't want to book a hotel until I know the date they have given me is definitely correct? I lost money booking a hotel for preliminaries just before they cancelled them so don't want to make the same mistake x
  6. I've enjoyed reading topics on this forum for a few years and I've become intrigued about something and that's what the schools look for because it seems to me it's not easy to work out! 🤣 So for getting an offer for finals, for examplea child can get a yes for Hammond but a no for Tring, does it happen the other way around? Or a no for Tring but yes for Elmhurst? or visa versa. Would one yes mean more yesses. So is a no from a school a good yard stick for the other schools? but not all? I'm really unexperienced in this 🤣 Or do all 4 schools look for something different and you just can't second guess, or work out what they may do? I've also read on here that RBS is the one where no one seems to be able to second guess! Sorry for the ignorance!! Just interested and what no's form one dance school for DC might mean for the other schools applied for. I love this forum because there is so much experience and expertise on it 😁 I find it all really interesting.
  7. Hi everyone, just wondering if some of the post 16 musical theatre schools/colleges are known for having a more ballet-focused training that may suit an all-rounder student with an overall preference for ballet ......I know that all college courses provide ballet training - but wondered if some offered more than others or put a higher emphasis on it - just curious ? many thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm just trying to do some financial calculations and would appreciate any information on accommodation costs regarding upper schools. I'm interested in general costs of accommodation in Chester with regard to attending The Hammond and also Manchester with regard to attending the Northern Ballet School. I'm looking at all options ranging from student halls of residence to flat shares and bed sits. Any information from students/parents/guardians with knowledge of these schools would be fantastic.
  9. I have overbooked two tickets for the Hammond end of year dance show - so they are up for grabs! They are for Friday 12th July at 7.30pm - pretty good seats in the centre. £15 each. They are e-tickets so I can forward them on.
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