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  1. To be fair my heart stops when this group comes to life!! 不 let alone emails! Xx
  2. I've not had an email from Hammond lol... (we submitted before Christmas via we transfer and it was downloaded) that must have been a heart stopper for you guys! Did it give any idea about results?
  3. Wonder what they will do this time? Send them out after all videos in or send them out after closing dates.. ours was the 4th Jan but I've read of later submission dates too, will it be email or letter lol....oh the questions! 不不不
  4. Oh gosh and me! Nearly had heart failure when that email came in! Especially as it had DCs name on it and delighted they've applied for Hammond 2021 etc etc... I thought it was the results... 不 Glad you manged to clarify, always good to hear it from the source, that way you know its right. Good luck to your DS Xx
  5. I got it... I didn't read it that way they thanked for the submissions already and talked about not extending the closing date and that it can be filmed anywhere, for us not to worry as the panel will see what the need to see. That's how I read it...but I could be wrong 不不 haven't got a clue what I'm doing lol. They put about what was needed im guessing for those who haven't applied. They would contact the ones directly who have already submitted if they were missing bits.. wouldn't they? Xx
  6. Haha yep 不 and yes have definitely learnt a lot that's for sure xx
  7. Haha I feel the same! I thought I had Elmhurst views then couldn't be sure if it was them or a member of the family/teacher having another look! 不不不不
  8. Ahh that's good... I'm not sure even with the YouTube links I sent for other applications because I sent the links to family teacher etc that even though I can see through analytics when it's viewed but not sure by who, so it's still a mystery 不不
  9. I don't think you can... I sent RBS that way but Elmhurst YouTube and I prefer the not knowing to me constantly hecking for views 不 x
  10. I would have thought they would like to do in person funding finals? Physio etc and to see the children in person maybe? Such a difficult time for the schools to plan anything I guess. The amount of work going in this year from parents (videos) and the schools must be huge x
  11. I'm thinking maybe batches... looking at last years thread results came out after each audition date, so maybe? x
  12. Its how I read it but then I could be completely wrong... I'm a bit lost with all of this haha 云 xx
  13. 1st of March, that seems so far away lol, do you think they are doing it in batches? They are still hoping for in person fundiing finals i believe xx
  14. From my understanding.... which is limited as I'm new to all this haha. There's the preliminary round then from there, funding finals but I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be able to correct me if I'm wrong xx
  15. When I applied... it was a while ago, September, I sent the application in. Shortly after received an email inviting to audition. I think I paid the fee then. This was when in person auditions were still going ahead. I'm sure you will hear very soon..Maybe follow up with an email on Monday. We were sent an email after auditions were cancelled with a link and password to upload the video to their one drive. Good luck xx
  16. Ignore my other reply to you. Just realised you put assessments.... got the word auditions on the brain! 不不云 x
  17. On the application form there was a choice for w/l or m/a or both. The video is for both... white lodge preliminary and MA. X
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