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  1. There was a group with older boys, not sure if they mixed with older girls or not. My ds was extremely tired, a combination of the dancing and maybe lack of sleep, and excitement of it all, lol. Not a hint of homesickness though,
  2. Yes, he loved it.. Thank-you. So in their age bracket, there were more girls, i.e more than one group but only one boys group as far as I know.
  3. My ds thinks that there were 6 different colour groups and 5 bubbles. One of the groups with some year 6 girls did not mix with boys while ds's bubble was a mix of boys and girls. Most boys were year 6, a couple were year 5 and and 2-3 were year 7.
  4. I was just thinking maybe it would be a good idea to have a check-up before starting, I get a bit anxious about health stuff that is why I wanted to know more about the physio checks too. I was surprised by the details of the questionnaires and was wondering whether it would affect an offer if any problems were found. Alo, my dc haven't see a doctor in ages. RBS has not asked for anything else so far.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering about the medical form for Year 7 entry, is that something a regular NHS GP would do, or is a private GP needed? Has anyone booked this already? It just seems quite detailed questionnaire requiring urine samples as well.? Thanks xx
  6. Hi Everyone, I wish they had told us sooner about the 120 hours allowance for the PCR test. It would have given me more options. Also, I never got the email about the t-shirt order (until today), when was that sent?
  7. Congratulations to everyone! We are so so lucky to have a yes for ds! xx
  8. I think my ds and your ds were in the audition together? Feel free to message me ( my ds is currently year 6) will be in the blue group and Jebsen).
  9. Congratulations Everyone! It took me most of the afternoon to process and letting it sink in. My DS has been offered a year 7 place. I am also very pleased about the new programme structure. I have been posting very publicly on here, lol, please let me know if anyone would like to start a whatsapp group for year 7 entry? Congratulations to everyone again for enduring this rollercoaster ride...though I know it is only the beginning..
  10. Yes, my ds is unable to continue unfortunately.
  11. Is 5:30pm when we can stop checking for the evening? Have a great one everyone! Xx
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