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  1. We have a presentation for white lodge applicants on the 28th next week.
  2. It seems like the yeses on the forum are mostly boys?
  3. The course will be fully residential this Spring so that children will be kept in a sort of bubble during the course.
  4. It is so very stressful, I feel all the pressure is on me...I have thought about just giving up and not apply. Finding it hard to keep ds focused too.
  5. They mentioned they are only giving residential offers so this might limit the numbers of places available as many Londoners would have commuted perhaps.
  6. A yes for DS. Hope it happens as last year cancellations for both Spring and Summer were sort of heartbreaking (they were the events he had most looked forward to).
  7. We are videoing from home as well. As the deadline has changed, I might procrastinate a little longer.
  8. I think shoe rules are also becoming more relaxed as now you have the option to choose shoes to match your skin tone. The most important thing is that DC feel comfortable and happy in them.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing @TwirlyWhirly. I was actually fearing this and was considering going for the second international video deadline so as to have more time. Must be a relief to be done with the video though.
  10. Hi, my DS is Year 6 in London in an all boys class (so might be different for girls). He wears white split soles and canvas either the SD16 from So Danca or the Hanami from Capezio. Luckily, it has never been mentioned as an issue as he is very particular about his shoes and does not like drawstrings. Before the pandemic they used to take shoes off anyway for some of the foot exercises in class I think. Do you know who your daughter's teacher will be?
  11. Hi everyone, I emailed the school about the photo requirements for boys: Morning Lara Thank you for your interest in Elmhurst Ballet School. I can confirm that for Year 7 entry, only the 3 male photos are required. It is personal preference, as to bare chest or not. I hope this helps
  12. I was also wondering the same thing especially as the photos required for boys seem very basic for year 7. Was also wondering about the call back? Is that just a physio assessment?
  13. Thanks, definitely confusing as it says practise clothes unless otherwise indicated (so I thought the photos indicate bare chest 🤦‍♀️). We will probably go for white leotard as well and short shorts. Did you do the plié photo as well (as it says ‘All’ at the bottom or just the foot in the tendu in addition to the 3 just standing photos? Thanks again.
  14. I am confused about the photos needed for boys seeking Year 7 entry and do they actually need to be bare chested?
  15. Do you think having turned down the place the previous year could affect future chances? My DS had provisionally accepted YD for year 5 and had started going to the introductory sessions in June of year 4 but then got offered JAs in London (much closer to us) and so we had to turn it down. I had sent a very apologetic email but they never responded. Hopefully, this wont affect future chances as DS truly loved it there.
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