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  1. Hi, my ds is 11 and boarding and would enjoy getting in touch. Feel free to message me privately and I can give you his details.
  2. Students have to take a lateral flow test the day before and bring proof of result. xx
  3. Hi, there was an email on the 23rd of July from Summer School.
  4. I paid for the PCR (way too much) as I was also worried about the time frame (initially they needed to be done no less than 72 hours prior to arrival and it was Easter weekend, then they changed to 5 days). The only way to get an NHS PCR test was to say the child has symptoms. They might just go with lateral flow tests this time for Students based in the UK. We might know more next week?
  5. A PCR test before attending and they then they did one lateral flow on arrival whilst waiting in the car and then one midweek.
  6. Just the receipt from parents pay. xx
  7. For my ds, we received the email on Thursday and we have one week to confirm by playing the deposit. Maybe you could email next week if you have not heard yet. I heard of a few people who can non longer attend as well..
  8. Are the boys and girls in the same group? Thanks
  9. Hi, is anyone else going to Elmhurst Summer School this August? DS is very excited about it.
  10. Below are the cancellation policies: Days before the date of event (Summer Intensive start date 19th July) that notice of cancellation is received 60 days or more (10th May - May 20th) - 90% refund of the fees. A 10% handling fee will be retained by the School 59-30 days (May 21st - June 19th) - 50% refund of fees 29-21 days (June 20th – June 28th) - 30% refund of fees 20 days or less (after June 29th) - We regret that no refund can be made
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