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  1. I just emailed them regarding the date/accommodation confusion and got an automated reply saying that Upper School Summer Intensive Results will be issued on Thursday 16 January
  2. @coniger Many congratulations and thanks you both so much !@PutYourBooteesOn
  3. Thank you Coniger, but did you speak to them? Was your application also for the intensive at White Lodge (i.e. for under 16 years old)? I called but they said to call back in the morning. Just wanted to be sure before I tell him, lol. thanks again and congratulations to you too.
  4. Hi All, just received the email but it does not mention whether we have accommodation and the dates seem to be wrong 13th of July until 8th of August? My ds will be 10 so applied for intensives at White Lodge )lower School). I am worried it is a mistake as the offer for Spring intensive was worded differently and specified White Lodge Richmond and also stated that a residential place was offered.
  5. Thanks so much @Chellen ! I hope so.
  6. Hi everyone, My DS will due the residential course. I am confused about the dates. DOothey arrive on the 4th of April or do classes start on the 4th? He has JA on the 4th too. thank you
  7. @Ballerina'sMom, hi we had to pay the full amount by the 30th of December 2019!
  8. Sorry to hear. Did you apply for summer as well?
  9. We did the application for both in one go, so we used the same photos. Has anyone gotten a yes and a no with the same set of photos?
  10. Sorry not from Leeds or York but I was also wondering about question 2 and gifting generally.
  11. Good morning everyone, I was wondering if anyone received an email about spring and summer intensives. I saw the applications are open now but we have not received the email (thought JA’s would). My DS will turn 10 the week before Spring intensives but I think that should be old enough to apply. Many thanks in advance and happy week!
  12. It is lovely to have a forum to discuss things with other parents. I was wondering if there are any whatsapp groups for the parents of children in the same class, etc (i.e. my DS is in JA4)., Looking forward to next Saturday.
  13. Thank you so much. That makes me feel a bit better that he is not the only one not doing it. Yes, paradoxically it will also take time away from ballet but would have loved being able to do it.
  14. My ds had a great time. The London boys had an email to audition for the sleeping beauty earlier this week. Unfortunately, due to the time commitment and days off school my ds won’t be able to audition for it , so feeling a bit deflated. Anyone else in the same position?
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