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Found 11 results

  1. I do like the score very much, but I wouldn't personally rate it as the best ever ballet score, or indeed the best non-PT one. For example, how about the Minkus scores for Don Q and La Bayadere , Massenet's for Manon, Herold/Lanchbery's for La Fille, or Adam's for Giselle?
  2. Hello, My dance teacher has given me have a new jazz solo and has let me choose the song. I have spent lots of time on Spotify looking at jazz solo songs, but still uncertain on what song to choose. I am 15 years old so I want a ‘mature’ song but I’m open to suggestions. Im wondering what make a song good to dance to? I personally think having highs and low parts in the music is important, but anything else? If you could give song suggestions that would be greatly appreciated:) Thankyou xx
  3. Hi everybody, I just want to let you know that I have CDs with classical piano music designed for ballet classes for sale. I've been playing for dance for years and the music is adapted for classical ballet classes. It's here https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/piano-music-for-ballet-class-inspirations-i/1303644998 and more here https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JarredDrozd thanks
  4. Hi, DS has decided he will audition for vocational school after all even though he knows his chances are very slim. One thing that is flummoxing us though is a one minute solo! One, music is really difficult to source. DS would like something slow but funky. Then two, choreography. Now in my time I’ve danced a fair bit but not sure what they are looking for in this part. Obviously you’d want to show off your best moves, but what if he goes blank mid way through?? My house is tiny, may have to choreograph in the garden! Any words of wisdom?? The thingy reasoning test looks like a Mensa IQ test too! 🙈🙈 Lol!! long road ahead, me thinks!! 🤞🤞🤞 xx
  5. I'm worried about the music we've chosen for E's first competition. I just read the rules for an upcoming festival. There, it states: "Music must be a legitimate copy – if you copy music from YouTube or illegally download it will not work on theatre system due to copyright software." We have three numbers. Two of the songs are from cd's/downloads I've purchased. The third is a YouTube download because it's an old song and not available on download (that I can find). All three songs have been cut by a sound engineer friend to make them the right length. I'm very concerned about this copyright software. I've written to both the organisers of the festival, and also to my sound engineer friend, but haven't heard back yet. I'm stressing out that the songs will be considered illegal and I don't want any drama for my daughter's first competition. Would the sound engineers' files be considered legal downloads? (i.e., are they considered a "new work" or can the software tell that changes have been made?) Am panicking now. Can anyone advise me? Thank you *I posted part of this in another question but really need some advice and didn't think anyone saw it
  6. A large and ever growing collection of Ballet Solos, PDDs and Dance music that have been cut and changed to performance speeds. If you would like anything editing or adding to the library please email me at the address on the site. Coda Music Library
  7. I found this hauntingly beautiful music (please focus on the music!) on YouTube yesterday, and nobody in my fairly musical family knows what it is! Cousy anybody shed any light on this? I'm doing a dance of the Little Matchgirl for a school dance competition, and this music is perfect! Many thanks
  8. Intermediate Foundation Music. There are some songs at the end of the CD after the Reverence. Jigs, Hornpipe, Galop/Coda, etc; Are there any instructors out there who know what these are for? They are not listed in the syllabus at all or on the DVD.
  9. My apologies to the regular Mods, but I couldn't find a suitable thread to put this in, so if you know of a better one please move it. This has arrived in my inbox from Dance Books, and I thought it might be of interest here: "Following the success of Andrey Klemm's ballet class DVDs, we're happy to announce that he has now produced 2 CDs of ballet class music. You'll find full details, plus ordering facilities, at: www.dancebooks.co.uk"
  10. Can anyone recommend any good CD's or music on iTunes/YouTube for my dd to practice at home to please?? She currently just searches on YouTube but mainly only comes up with the big famous tracks and as much as she enjoys them she would like some songs that are more like what is played in class, thanks ????
  11. Mine is this one from Germany of a dancer on a roof . I found that the song and the clip are really cool and I love the voice of this singer!
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