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  1. What wonderful photos, Rob! It made me very emotional to see them and my husband too. Through Instagram I know just how hard the road back to the ROH stage has been.
  2. I’m actually nervous for him. I really hope it is a brilliant success.
  3. Eep! Sorry. Of course I meant to say @balletbean
  4. @glowlightCongratulations to your dd! May she be both very happy and very successful.
  5. Fiz

    BBC Strictly 2021

    My dd pointed out how little actual dancing Judy was doing but said she was selling it well. Never mind the quality, feel the width?
  6. @DawnstarWe all sobbed. Poor innocent Justine!
  7. Fiz

    BBC Strictly 2021

    I thought it was fairly close but one thing that was ridiculously over marked was Tilly’s Charleston.
  8. I wouldn’t put Mayerling where it is, either. It’s truly shocking.
  9. That was awe inspiring! Congratulations to Emma.
  10. Fiz

    BBC Strictly 2021

    How painful for them all. I have tears in my eyes just reading his words.
  11. @BillyelliottMy goodness, it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was thinking about auditioning for vocational school! Many congratulations to him.
  12. Sheila is moving from Wisbech to Lincolnshire very soon so it would be worth checking when you book.
  13. @balletbeanHappy Birthday! I hope it all goes well for your dd!
  14. It also showed up on Buzzfeed but someone shot it down in flames.
  15. @balletbean, I totally understand your anger. I watched the France-Hungary game with disbelief. All those people were bunched together with not a mask in sight. I am beginning to wonder what is the point of all the individual efforts at disease control when so many others flout them with no consideration for others at all. It isn't fair that they can do that yet the responsible efforts of those young dancers is disregarded. I am so sorry.
  16. I’m a grandmaster now - that was quick!
  17. I have been on this forum and the original Ballet Co since 1999. To say that I was a newbie was rather surprising.
  18. Fiz

    Room 101

    Yes, we used Firefox for a while but it went rogue for us too.
  19. I’m sad too. She inhabited her roles and there was a glow whenever she was onstage. I will miss her. She’s unique. I am sure she will do well at Stanford as she is very intelligent as well as emotionally intelligent.
  20. I remember Andy Murray being grilled by Sue Barker at Wimbledon the year he lost and it was absolutely obvious that he was devastated. He said if she kept on he was going to cry. My heart went out to him. We get sweat and probably blood from tennis players. We should not demand their tears as well.
  21. Lovely news! Thank you for sharing it, Capybara.
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