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  1. I I've seen that written down somewhere Lizbie. The nearest I can come to what I have read is in this government page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-levels-what-you-need-to-know
  2. Louise Verrill becomes Chair of Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance Rambert School is delighted to announce that Louise Verrill has been appointed as Chair of its Board of Governors. Louise succeeds Richard Cooper, who was Chair for 9 years and stood down at the end of his last term this summer. With a legal career spanning 30 years, Louise is recognised as a leading expert in her field of corporate restructuring and has been awarded accolades around the world. Her lifelong passion for the arts and particularly dance sees her hold positions
  3. This "pre-performance" talk has popped up on one of my google alerts:
  4. I'm so glad for you Glowlight. When I went to Aston Hall in Birmingham on 20th September it did me the world of good. I discovered a new place and saw a fabulous exhibition of costumes and felt normal! I'm glad I've got a dog to make sure I keep walking (but I'm not looking forward to it today as it is currently lashing down!).
  5. English National Ballet receives generous grant from Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund English National Ballet is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £3 million through the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund, announced today. Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director of English National Ballet said: “I am thrilled and so grateful that English National Ballet has been granted support through the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund, and we offer our sincere thanks to HM Treasury, the Culture Secretary, DCMS, and Arts Council England. This
  6. Links - Saturday 24 October, 2020 Obituary - Marge Champion, dancer, actor & choreographer: Michael Ordoña, LA Times Live Review - Birmingham Royal Ballet, Lazuli Sky, Our Waltzes, Liebestod, Birmingham: David Mead, Seeing Dance Gallery - Behind the scenes at Northern Ballet: Danny Lawson, Guardian Live Review - Northern Ballet, Iconic Classics, Leeds: Mike Dixon, Dance Europe News - New York City Ballet won’t return to the stage until September 2021: Peter Libbey, NY Times Streamed Reviews:
  7. I've just picked this up via Facebook if anyone is within easy reach of Darlington: https://www.darlingtonhippodrome.co.uk/whats-on/details?id=123002AQSPPPRQMVSGCGMSKNQMGSMSSPH&fbclid=IwAR0ITLy40JCLGBO0n76th3udHGDRuajGeJWeVUWf94P3dO6NXvFiJFVmAEM
  8. Oh I shall enjoy watching that later. Not only an interesting topic but Kenneth Tharp whom I used to love as a dancer.
  9. Unless things have changed accounts for FY ending 31 March 2020 don't have to be filed with the charity commission until the end of January 2021. I don't know about Companies House).
  10. I've watched the trailer - it looks as though it will be well worth watching.
  11. Links - Friday 23 October, 2020 Obituaries - Marge Champion, dancer, actor & choreographer: Emily Langer, Washington Post Ronald Bergen, Guardian Feature - Could dance be a weapon all over again?: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Feature - Carlos Acosta, AD BRB: Refashioning ballet with socially distanced tutus: Anna Bailey, BBC News Live Preview - Birmingham Royal Ballet, Lazuli Sky, Birmingham: James Rodger, Birmingham Mail News Item - Northern Ballet returns to Leeds show for live performance: Staff, BBC
  12. Can you watch the IPlayer? I thought it was geo-blocked. It's good if you can.
  13. Northern Ballet have recently advertised that it was still available via the iPlayer on their social media channels and that it is being re-shown on BBC4 (it was shown earlier in the year). I've realised that some items on the iPlayer are available for a lot longer than others but is it worth the effort to search them out?
  14. Links - Thursday 22 October, 2020 Obituary - Marge Champion, dancer, actor & choreographer: Robert D McFadden, NY Times Streamed Review - New York City Ballet, Digital Fall Season Programme 5: David Mead, Seeing Dance Feature - Calvin Royale lll, principal American Ballet Theatre: Zita Allen, Amsterdam News Preview - Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker (2020), London: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Streaming Preview - San Francisco Dance Film Festival (online): Janice Berman, SF Classical Voice News - Ro
  15. I'm set up on the test and trace app although so far I have only been to one place where I have had to check in. When I went there on Wednesday at about 2pm and checked in the app told me that I would be logged in there either till midnight or till I checked in elsewhere (whichever was sooner). Would I still be contacted if someone checked in at 6pm when I had left over 3 hours earlier? I don't have to check in when I go to the supermarket or the corner shop (just about the only other places I am going to).
  16. Links - Wednesday 21 October, 2020 Live Review - Dancers of NYCB, six short works, New York: Marina Harss, DanceTabs News - New York City Ballet digital season to present a programme of new works: News Desk, Broadway World Live Preview - Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Streaming Preview - Scottish Ballet, The Secret Theatre: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper News - Houston Ballet dances into a drive-in film festival: Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle Streamed R
  17. Apparently some sort of announcement about this year's Nutcracker is due on Thursday. There's a bit of "teasing" going on on Thursday and apparently Carlos Acosta was on R4 this morning.
  18. Surely that is down to whether the individual dancers want this on their biographies? One issue coming out of the pandemic is that most of the websites I look at have not been properly updated since before lockdown. Usually there are people who can put on news items but as regards the rest we have just got to wait.
  19. Links - Tuesday 20 October, 2020 Preview Feature - Will Tuckett talks about the creation of Lazuli Sky for Birmingham Royal Ballet: Mark Monahan, Telegraph News - Scottish Ballet to premiere a festive feature film just before Christmas: Brian Ferguson, Scotsman Live Review - Latvian National Ballet, La Bayadère, Riga: Jenifer Sarver, Bachtrack Live Review - Dancers of NYCB, six short works, New York: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Feature - The Bubble Doctor is in: she keeps dance companies moving: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times
  20. I already had an account! I am being understanding, given the current situation, but when I was prompted to check and update my details I just kept getting taken round in circles. I didn't mind doing the donation though.
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