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  1. Very sad news indeed. London City Ballet were one of the first companies I saw - doing a rather fabulous production of La Sylphide in Preston. I have many happy memories of seeing LCB and for that I thank Harold King. May he rest in peace.
  2. Welcome to the Forum Librarianne! Some years ago I saw a rather weird bits and bobs programme at The Lowry that consisted of various duets by members of RB & BRB (it was to do with the proposed Royal Opera House North). The one duet that sticks in my mind was the final duet from Onegin as danced by Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli. Even taken out of context it was incredibly powerful and emotional and I really would have loved to see this partnership performing. However the casting does not include this pairing, in fact does not include Laura Morera at all. I would still go for Bonelli though.
  3. Well I'm super excited (no surprise there then!) for Northern Ballet's Geisha. I'm also looking forward to seeing Phoenix at The Lowry in June performing Sharon Watson's new work Black Waters. I'm looking forward to seeing Carlos Acosta finally taking up the reins at BRB and seeing what they make of his Don Q. I really like his production at ROH but he will obviously have to make changes as the set will not fit on the Hippodrome stage and BRB has fewer dancers than RB.
  4. And the press release received from the Royal Ballet: January 2020 News Announcement Casting update from The Royal Ballet The Royal Ballet announces cast changes and confirmations for forthcoming productions. It has been necessary to make Principal cast changes to Onegin, Reece Clarke replaces Vadim Muntagirov as Onegin on Saturday 18 January, Friday 7 February and Wednesday 12 February. Additionally, Itziar Mendizabal replaces Lauren Cuthbertson as Tatiana on Saturday 18 January (matinee), Saturday 22 February and Saturday 29 February. On Tuesday 21st January, Saturday 8th February and Thursday 27th February Reece Clarke is replaced by Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød as Prince Gremin. The rest of the cast remains unchanged. Casting for Dances at a Gathering by Jerome Robbins is also confirmed. On Monday 17 February, Tuesday 18 February, Tuesday 25 February and Wednesday 4 March, the cast comprises Marianela Nuñez Francesca Hayward, Yasmine Naghdi,Fumi Kaneko, Laura Morera, Alexander Campbell, William Bracewell, Federico Bonelli, Valentino Zucchetti and Luca Acri. On Friday 28 February and Wednesday 4 March, the cast comprises Sarah Lamb, Mayara Magri, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Tierney Heap, Marcelino Sambé, Nicol Edmonds, Reece Clarke, Benjamin Ella and James Hay. In other news, Director of The Royal Ballet Kevin O’Hare announces that Reece Clarke has been promoted to First Soloist. Born in Scotland, Reece trained at The Royal Ballet School and graduated into the Company during the 2013/14 Season and was promoted to First Artist in 2016 and Soloist in 2017. Clarke grew up in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. He trained at the Janis Ridley School of Dance in Scotland before joining The Royal Ballet School. Awards while at the School included the Young British Dancer of the Year in 2012, the Lynn Seymour Award in 2013 and an award from the Ballet Association. Awards since joining the Company have included the Emerging Artist Award at the 2016 Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards. His roles with the Company include Prince Florimund (The Sleeping Beauty), Prince (The Nutcracker), Aminta (Sylvia), Polixenes (The Winter’s Tale), Espada (Don Quixote) Des Grieux (Manon) as well as Principal roles in Concerto, After the Rain and Symphonic Variations.
  5. Lauren Cuthbertson was replaced by Laura Morera in the NB gala last Saturday.
  6. I've not had a problem today Fonty but over the last week I have had intermittent problems on my laptop trying to move between pages and getting error messages indicating the site was down. On checking the site on my phone it has still been OK! It looks as though there are a couple of intermittent issues affecting intermittent people... Could everyone please let us know if they are finding any of these issues, even if it only happens once, so that we can see if there is some sort of a pattern. Thanks.
  7. Dance Europe has put a post of some of the individual curtain calls from the Gala on Instagram:
  8. Donald Hutera of the Times enjoyed the Gala: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/northern-ballet-50th-anniversary-gala-review-what-a-swell-party-this-is-zjw8dtn9l?shareToken=e67096046ff540dd390706f8f2053357
  9. Well a friend and I finally caught up with Cats this afternoon and we both really enjoyed the film. I thought the CGI was fine, rather liked the sometimes skewed perspectives and I particularly liked the way the cats' ears and tails twitched. I enjoyed the performances - particularly Ian McKellen, Francesca Hayward, Robbie Fairchild and Steven McRae. My friend and I both agreed that a lot of the critics had been unnecessarily vicious and couldn't understand why. Richard LH has articulated my thoughts with much more eloquence so I will finish there.
  10. WHAT A NIGHT!!! Fans of Northern Ballet were jam-packed into the Grand Theatre in Leeds last night for a celebratory trip down memory lane and it was just wonderful! The evening opened with the Charleston scene from Gatsby. This scene always makes me want to be at that party and last night was no exception - the dancers looked as though they were having a ball and it was a great way to start the celebration. The first half of the evening, as well as the danced excerpts had some filmed speeches from Robert de Warren, Ursula Hageli, Michael Pink and Carole Gable as well as a couple of filmed excerpts. The filmed speeches and David Nixon's compering of the evening gave us a real flavour of the history of the company. It was also lovely that Christopher Hampson gave a speech about his (very) early association with Northern Ballet and explaining the joint beginnings of Scottish Ballet and Northern Ballet within the environs of Western Ballet Theatre. A fabulous surprise was Jayne Regan being present to take a bow and her being carried off by David Nixon! Apart from the opening Gatsby Charleston and the love duet from Madame Butterfly the danced excerpts were all from the pre-Nixon period. In a way it's a bit hard to think logically about these works as they all hold memories and were all wonderfully performed. Act 2 covered the Nixon era ... quite rightly as he is the longest serving Artistic Director of the company by a long way. Throughout the evening we could hear people whispering "oh we need to see that again" (and we were just as guilty!). As gala presentations go I thought it was a great idea to have the guests dancing items from the company's back catalogue ... it made it a very personal evening for both the company and the assembled fans. The guests did the rep proud! As ChrisG has put the programme in his first post I won't bother going through everything. Inevitably, and probably unfairly given the quality of performances throughout, I had some personal highlights: Abigail Prudames and Federico Bonnelli (Royal Ballet) in the balcony duet from the Gable/Moricone Romeo and Juliet. Antoinette Brooks-Daw and Jonathan Hanks in the Young Scrooge duet from A Christmas Carol Momoko Hirata and Cesar Morales of BRB closing act 1 with an utterly sublime performance of the love duet from Madame Butterfly The masques ball from Casanova (thank you for the ear worms!) with Steven Wheeler (ex NB stalwart) just perfect as Bragadin Laura Morera and Ryo Hirano so powerful in the forest duet from 1984. Ex-dancers Dreda Blow and Giuliano Contadini as Bellino and Casanove Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor as Cleopatra and Mark Antony Of course my main highlight was Martha Leebolt and Toby Batley as Cathy and Heathcliff. It was sheer magic to see them on the stage at Leeds again. The evening ended with the jive section from the end of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was danced with gusto and huge fun by company members and Keiko Amemori, Hiro Takahashi, Pippa Moore, Kenny Tindall and Vicky Sibson. At the end when, in performance, Puck speaks his final speech (If we shadows have offended...) Puck's cane was handed to David Nixon who made that final speech most beautifully as all the dancers came on stage and held hands. A most wonderful end to a most wonderful evening. Dance Europe captured the final moments and posted on Instagram:
  11. Best wishes to Thiago Soares for the future. I didn't see him dance often but booked to see him in Mayerling after reading comments here ... his brilliant performance is seared into my memory banks.
  12. Links - Sunday 05 January, 2020 Review - Scottish Ballet, The Snow Queen, Edinburgh: Natalie O’Donoghue, Broadway World Picture Feature - Ballet in Russian Paintings: Alexandra Guzeva, Russia Beyond Diary - Dance picks in the UK this week: David Dougill, Times
  13. Hello Nightingale and welcome to the Forum! We've got quite a few adult members on the Forum. If you click on the "Adult Ballet" tag it will bring up lots of previous conversations that may be useful to you. Here's an earlier thread about adult ballet classes in London: Good luck!
  14. Links - Saturday 04 January, 2020 Looking ahead: Dance in the UK in 2020: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian (scroll down) Marianka Swain & David Nice, The I Debra Craine, Times (scroll down) Review - Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, The Red Shoes, London: Christopher Walker, London News Online Diaries - Three of the best dance shows in the UK this week: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian (scroll down) Dance picks in the UK this week: Debra Craine, Times Dance in SoCal this week: Matt Cooper, LA Times News - San Francisco Ballet to premiere new Cathy Marston work in March 2020: Newsdesk, Broadway World Feature - Pete Harvey, composer of Scottish Ballet’s The Snow Queen: Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland
  15. Links - Friday 03 January, 2020 Review - Ballet Nacional de España, Electra, Madrid: Cristina de Lucas, Bachtrack Review - Yoann Bourgeois, Celui qui tombe, Paris: Laura Cappelle, FT Documentary Review - Cunningham: Janice Berman, San Francisco Classical Voice Diary - Six dance performances to see in NYC this weekend: Brian Schaefer, NY Times Review - Melissa Toogood & Jodie Toogood, solos from Loose Time, Antic Meet & Rainforest, Passengen, Set A/Part, Newtown (Australia): Kim Vaitiekus, Broadway World Preview Feature - Kiss & Cry Collective, Cold Blood, London: David Jays, Guardian Preview Feature - Ishida Dance, Austin: Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle
  16. I've always thought the very end of MacMillan's R&J somewhat silly. Why would Juliet climb back on her tomb rather than embrace her love on the floor. I found the ending of the film where you just see her hands reaching out to but not quite touching his particularly poignant.
  17. Links - Thursday 02 January, 2020 Reviews - Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Deborah Weiss, DanceTabs Neil Norman, Stage Rachel Nouchi, British Theatre Guide Tanya Kovatchka, KCW Today Review - Boston Ballet, The Nutcracker, Boston: Joy C Ashford, Harvard Crimson Exhibition Review - Couturiers de la Danse, Moulins: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times
  18. I thoroughly enjoyed this, apart from the bush in the middle of the screen during the balcony scene. I quite liked looking through the curtains at the bedroom scene. The performances of Francesca Hayward and William Bracewell were utterly sublime and I loved Matthew Ball's menacing and vicious Tybalt.
  19. Links - Wednesday 01 January, 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS! Review - Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, Aureole, Troilus and Cressida (reduced), Last Look, Beloved Renegade, New York: Leigh Witchel, Dancelog.nyc News Feature - David Bintley awarded Knighthood in New Year’s Honours: Rebecca Sayce, Express and Star Review - Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Coppél-I.A., Monaco: Ora Brafman, Jerusaalem Post Review - English National Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Vera Liber, British Theatre Guide Reviews of 2019: Dance in North Texas 2019: Part 1: Cheryl Callon, Theater Jones Part 2: Emily Sese, Theater Jones Two highlights from Australia: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Feature - Marquee TV leaps into the void and dance coming up in Portland: Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon Arts Watch Feature - Krista Baker, Nevada Ballet Theatre: Heidi Kyser, KNPR
  20. They look too good to me to have been taken surreptitiously by a member of the audience. I would guess they are from a rehearsal or from the wings.
  21. Hello Olivia, I've moved your request for information over to Doing Dance where it is more likely to be seen by users of "notapushymum".
  22. At Birmingham Royal Ballet bouquets are presented on stage for major debuts and retirements. At Northern Ballet bouquets are presented for major retirements. Which does not mean to say that dancers don't receive bouquets just that they are not presented on stage.
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