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  1. Surely that is down to whether the individual dancers want this on their biographies? One issue coming out of the pandemic is that most of the websites I look at have not been properly updated since before lockdown. Usually there are people who can put on news items but as regards the rest we have just got to wait.
  2. Links - Tuesday 20 October, 2020 Preview Feature - Will Tuckett talks about the creation of Lazuli Sky for Birmingham Royal Ballet: Mark Monahan, Telegraph News - Scottish Ballet to premiere a festive feature film just before Christmas: Brian Ferguson, Scotsman Live Review - Latvian National Ballet, La Bayadère, Riga: Jenifer Sarver, Bachtrack Live Review - Dancers of NYCB, six short works, New York: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Feature - The Bubble Doctor is in: she keeps dance companies moving: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times
  3. I already had an account! I am being understanding, given the current situation, but when I was prompted to check and update my details I just kept getting taken round in circles. I didn't mind doing the donation though.
  4. I tried to book a free ticket and the system just didn't do anything. I used the donate button to make a trivial donation and it worked!
  5. Links - Monday 19 October, 2020 Obituary - David Toole, double amputee dancer: Sky News Live/Streamed Review - Royal Ballet, Back on Stage, London: Sarah Crompton, Observer Streamed Review - Akram Khan Company, The Silent Burn Project: Jann Parry, DanceTabs Streamed Review - Hamburg Ballett, Ghost Light: A Ballet in the Time of Corona: Maggie Foyer, Seeing Dance Preview Feature - Sarasota Ballet dances safely into homes: Susan L Rife, Sarasota Herald Tribune Video Feature - Dancers from New York City Bal
  6. Thanks Tulip. It looks to me as though (through observation) she got a contract when she graduated in Spain and was, several years later offered another contract with SB and then moved on again. We none of us really know why or how particular dancers ended up in particular companies and, on the whole, I think it is pointless to speculate. None of this should detract from the very real concerns parents have about their children embarking on the vocational route.
  7. If I use "And" at the beginning of a sentence it tends to be "And furthermore ...." or "And another thing ...." because I am blummin' annoyed about something!
  8. The Victor Ullate company in Madrid is a well know company is Spain and I would have thought that that would also have counted as a decent contract! If Wikipedia is to be believed she joined that company at 17 and was presumably 22 when she joined SB. From the perspective of a ballet watcher I have seen many dancers over the years and watched them develop as artists; not all dancers come out of school as such complete performers as Alexander Campbell who is now with the Royal Ballet. (He joined BRB from school and was getting leading roles right from his first season.)
  9. I don't understand your comment about Tamara Rojo. She was offered, and accepted, a contract at Scottish Ballet after being seen by then AD Galina Samsova. I remember seeing her dance Juliet there not long after she started. Is Scottish Ballet not a major contract? It is one of our UK national companies. As far as the Bolshoi goes I have read on many occasions that they do typecast dancers but not necessarily on their body types but on what the management perceive as their strengths. I was under the impression that Osipova was slotted into the soubrette category so that it was
  10. Rimrose Valley Country Park is a magnet for groups of lycra clad cyclists who assume they own all the pathways and go at sometimes ludicrous speeds spread across mixed use paths. My favourite walk onto the main body of the park is through quite a narrow path the eventually has a sharp bend and incline. I've lost count of the number of times I have had to leap out of the way of speeding cyclists coming down the incline and around the blind bend. Mind you last weekend took the biscuit when I was nearly mown down by two speeding runners who were part of a group timing the
  11. Links - Sunday 18 October, 2020 Live/Streamed Reviews - Royal Ballet, Back on Stage, London: Faye Arthurs, Fjord Review Helen Hawkins, Sunday Times Joy Sable, Jewish Chronicle Streamed Reviews: Pacific Northwest Ballet, Rep 1 (9 excerpts): Sondra Forsyth, Broadway World Lost Dog/Ben Duke, In a Nutshell: Josephine Leask, DanceTabs New English Ballet Theatre, Remembrance: John O’Dwyer, Seen and Heard International Opinion - I’d much rather watch a ballet than the news: Charlotte Cripps, Independent
  12. In an article in the Stage the onus is being put on theatres to ensure that in higher risk areas people in groups are not from more than one household and that people may have to be moved around if they have already bought tickets: https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/solt-and-uk-theatre-issue-guidance-for-venues-in-tiers-2-and-3-
  13. Yes, I loved the fanning out effect and the prancing. I'm going to watch it again later!
  14. Wow Jeannette - thank you for the recommendation - I absolutely loved it!
  15. Here's the website link (not easy to find on the website - I picked it up from the email): https://www.brb.org.uk/brief-nostalgia?dm_i=60QQ,3HCS,1FEBIG,E00H,1 It's still available on the FB page too.
  16. Birmingham Royal Ballet streamed what I think must have the dress rehearsal of A Brief Nostalgia this evening. I remembered enjoying the performance when I saw it live last year and I enjoyed the streaming. It really is very dark and I had to move my laptop screen around to get the lightest view (if that makes sense) but the darkness and the silhouettes really mix well with the use of shadow play that I thought came over very well on screen. As with the live performances Delia Matthews and Brandon Lawrence (in the final duet) and Max Maslen in a visceral solo were outs
  17. Live performances (unless in pubs that have been forced to close) do not seem to have been banned. The RLPO sent out an email today advertising upcoming performances.
  18. Travel, even in T3 - going either way - is not banned just should be avoided if possible.
  19. The only place I have seen somebody being asked to put a mask on was at the Vet's this morning. I have to say though that the mask-wearing rate has gone up here over the last few weeks.
  20. I've just received an email from Paris Opera Ballet: Message from Alexander Neef to spectators of the Paris Opera On the evening of 14 October, we received notification of the measures decided by the government in the light of the health situation, in particular the introduction of a curfe
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