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  1. Links - Wednesday 01 January, 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS! Review - Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, Aureole, Troilus and Cressida (reduced), Last Look, Beloved Renegade, New York: Leigh Witchel, Dancelog.nyc News Feature - David Bintley awarded Knighthood in New Year’s Honours: Rebecca Sayce, Express and Star Review - Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Coppél-I.A., Monaco: Ora Brafman, Jerusaalem Post Review - English National Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Vera Liber, British Theatre Guide Reviews of 2019: Dance in North Texas 2019: Part 1: Cheryl Callon, Theater Jones Part 2: Emily Sese, Theater Jones Two highlights from Australia: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Feature - Marquee TV leaps into the void and dance coming up in Portland: Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon Arts Watch Feature - Krista Baker, Nevada Ballet Theatre: Heidi Kyser, KNPR
  2. They look too good to me to have been taken surreptitiously by a member of the audience. I would guess they are from a rehearsal or from the wings.
  3. Hello Olivia, I've moved your request for information over to Doing Dance where it is more likely to be seen by users of "notapushymum".
  4. At Birmingham Royal Ballet bouquets are presented on stage for major debuts and retirements. At Northern Ballet bouquets are presented for major retirements. Which does not mean to say that dancers don't receive bouquets just that they are not presented on stage.
  5. Links - Tuesday 31 December, 2019 Lists: Best of dance 2019 in the UK: Sarah Crompton, Observer Memorable performances of 2019 in London: Lynette Halewood, DanceTabs Review - Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Vikki Jane Vile, Broadway World Review - London: Joy Sable, Jewish Chronicle English National Ballet, The Nutcracker Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker Documentary Reviews - Cunningham: Thomas Floyd, Washington Post David Lamble, Bay Area Reporter Review - Avant Chamber Ballet, The Nutcracker, Dallas: Cheryl Callon, Theater Jones Review - Collin County Ballet Theatre, The Nutcracker, Richardson: Cheryl Callon, Theater Jones News Feature - Ashley Wheater, AD Joffrey Ballet, receives MBE in NY Honours List: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal
  6. oh no, so sorry to hear this Jane.
  7. Sorry but I don't understand your comment. What is not honest about saying truthfully that the information you provided did not interest me?
  8. Hopefully BRB will continue to revive it.
  9. You asked me if I found the information you provided useful. I answered truthfully that I didn’t.
  10. Highlights for me were: A wonderful trip to Hong Kong in 2011 to see Birmingham Royal Ballet performing Hobson's Choice. The opening night in 2011 of Northern Ballet's Cleopatra in Leeds ... such a special night. The best performance I have ever seen of The Dream (Chi Cao and Nao Sakuma) in April 2012 in Munich. A Saturday night in Norwich in 2012 when Northern Ballet's lovely dancers set my friend and I up during the encore of I Got Rhythm and most of them came down from the stage to hug us (and everyone else they could reach). David Nixon told us later that they had asked permission to set us up. The experience of Northern Ballet's "Sponsor A Dancer" scheme and the superb events we were invited to as sponsors. Seeing a performance of Northern Ballet's Madame Butterfly in Blackpool when I celebrated a significant birthday and so many of my friends came to celebrate with me ... and then the company being in Liverpool the same week ... bliss. The first preview night of Akram Khan's Giselle in Manchester - Tamara Rojo and James Streeter - absolutely unforgettable. (As has been all the other performances I have seen since.) Celine Gittens and Brandon Lawrence in Giselle in Birmingham Autumn 2019. All the friends I have made over the past 8 years through the BalletCo Forum. Lowlights: The fact that Friends and regular supporters of companies no longer seem valued unless they are rich. The apparent demise of Birmingham Royal Ballet's midscale tours (I live in hopes that they will be revived in the future).
  11. You beat me to it Alison! And, of course, Sarah Crompton is not the only critic who described the Palladium venture as turkey of the year (first post in this thread refers). Sorry, no I didn't.
  12. Of the traditional Swan Lakes I have seen this production, by SPW, is my favourite.
  13. Sarah Crompton is a respected dance critic who is entitled to her opinion just as much as the rest of us.
  14. Oh well, as quite a few people are throwing in more than one performance I think I'll mention a couple of others! Birmingham Royal Ballet's performances of SDB's Hobson's Choice in Birmingham - both casts were exceptional and danced their hearts out for retiring director SDB. Northern Ballet's Cinderella - the performance on the Saturday afternoon in Norwich by Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor was truly outstanding. Northern Ballet's Great Gatsby at The Lowry with 3 glorious casts to enjoy. Francesca Hayward/Alex Campbell/Cesar Corrales/Mayara Magri in Manon
  15. I don't think any theatres allow it but if someone is in the middle of a row in the middle of an auditorium it could be even more disruptive for staff to try and get to them.
  16. I'm afraid I agree with NinaNina re RB Nutcracker (and I'd also retire ENB's while I was at it!).
  17. My tears started when he was ejected from the gypsy encampment and he realised the foolishness of what he had done and what he had lost...
  18. Hello Dora and welcome to the Forum! I liked Medusa (apart from the men's costumes) and would not consider it a turkey. Although I don't have the range of dance performances to attend that I would living in the London area I can't think of anything that I have seen that I would describe as a turkey in 2019 (compared to some years when I have been spoilt for choice!).
  19. Quite! As I quite often shorthand Sir Peter Wright to SPW (and I remember Jeremy Isaacs coming on stage at the end of a Nutcracker matinee in Birmingham to announce that Peter Wright had become SPW) I shall now shorthand Sir David Bintley to SDB!
  20. Links - Monday 30 December, 2019 Review - Protein Dance, The Little Prince, London: Graham Watts, DanceTabs List - Best (dance) of the decade: Sarah Crompton, Times (scroll way down) List - Imprinted memories of 2019 (USA): Wendy Perron, Blog Diary - UK this week: Debra Craine, Times Review - Atlanta Ballet, The Nutcracker, Atlanta: Angela Choksi, Emory Wheel Feature - Can a Blind-date dance lead to love? (Flirty Dancing): Siobhan Burke, NY Times
  21. Mine is also a Birmingham Royal Ballet performance of Giselle - Thursday afternoon in Birmingham and the debuts of Celine Gittens and Brandon Lawrence ... possibly my performance of the decade, let alone the year. I felt so very privileged to be in the audience at that performance.
  22. Many theatres no longer have cloakroom facilities. I usually try to use the cloakroom facilities at ROH unless I know I am going to have to dash at the end. I've not waited more than five minutes since open-up.
  23. If they've been tagged by the person taking the photograph or video then they will be able to repost them. You see quite a lot of this on the Instagram stories.
  24. I agree about having an usher close by to help with queries and relieve pressure on the security man.
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