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  1. Yes her mother (Annarella) has been thanking everyone for helping her daughter on social media.
  2. Not just on the website. Speaking more generally, employees/volunteers need to be 'into' what their organisation is about, have procedures to follow and service standards to uphold.
  3. Nice, but they could have updated the accompanying script. It only takes a moment. What is it with the ROH? Most jobs they do are ‘half done’.
  4. Over the years, firstly with Men in Motion and, more recently, with Against the Stream, Ivan Putrov has sought to break the gala mould with his rather more innovative, thematic programming. Bravo, indeed.
  5. Thank you. I put Packages into the search engine and it came up with historic information.
  6. So is this snippet alongside a seat all the information there is about packages? I can't find anything anywhere else.
  7. I agree about Julia Petanova - simply lovely. She will surely do well with Norwegian Ballet and that company has been a stepping stone into The Royal Ballet in the past - definitely for Elizabeth Harrod but maybe for someone else as well?
  8. At least Kevin O'Hare abandoned his promise/threat of having a season devoted only to work created during his time as Director. Well, he has for the time being ,at least...........
  9. A piece which Valentino choreographed in a few days to fill a gap in the RB's World Ballet Day slot. Amazing. Huge congratulations. Can't quite see where Matthew Ball fits into the equation .........?
  10. You are definitely not alone, Floss 🤭 (Edited to say that the quote which has gone missing was where FLOSS said she remembered more about the designs etc of McGregor’s works than the choreography.)
  11. Not exactly the end of season you would have been hoping for. I haven't been pinged, either. Maybe there are different 'check-ins' for different parts of the house? They surely can't ping the whole audience - or can they?
  12. Good advice. The dancers must have been very exposed in the sun. But did the hats in the audience affect views of the stage?
  13. It's going to be great hearing from those lucky enough to attend. The weather is perfect! [I hope the seats are more raked than they appear to be in the photo.]
  14. Don't forget the lighting by 'whoever does dark'. In 10 years' time, Sir Kevin O'Hare may very feasibly have retired and been replaced by Sir Carlos Acosta. Great topic and a great piece to kick it off!
  15. The nice thing about these events is that dancers have the opportunity to dance roles which they might otherwise not be given.
  16. Surely, all sorts of considerations come into play where fish dives are concerned. It is all too easy for the ballerina to knock her partner off balance and, however strong and secure he might be, her weight is a factor - but one I don’t propose to dissect in detail. The expression “Go big or go home” doesn’t sit easily with me at all, whoever is involved, as it seems to border on the disrespectful. I was one of the lucky people who saw both Nunez/Muntagirov and Naghdi/Bonelli live and felt it a privilege to be able to witness such illustrious dancing from them all.
  17. Fundamentally agree except to say that most seats in the Stalls offer a rotten view, especially if one is unlucky with who is immediately in front.
  18. Margarita thanks her mother Annarella on Instagram today, but that might be a turn of phrase. She will be only 16 when she starts in Munich.
  19. I agree with balletfanp’s first post but I think I will have to stop reading this thread because it’s dampening the rosy glow with which I left the ROH after yesterday’s fine matinee. I suppose that I’m the kind of ballet watcher who, barring obvious technical errors, let’s the movement, the drama and the artistry ‘wash’ over me ‘in the moment’. I wonder whether streaming makes viewers more pernickety?
  20. and she had a justifiably lovely Principal-sized farewell which will be difficult to replicate in other circumstances. Other takes from yesterday afternoon: lovely to see Hannah Park and David Donnelly finally get on stage in Anemoi (how is it that David has not yet moved higher up the ranks?) divertissements highlights from Vadim Muntagirov and Beatriz Stix Brunell a fine Bluebird from Joonyhuk Jun and Isabella Gasparini (although he needs to learn how to use facial expression to add gloss to his fine technique); and a simply beautiful Aurora from Yasmine Naghdi. The Company ended on a high as it deserved to do and the audience cheered at full house volume. Happy and privileged to have been there.
  21. We will never know, but perhaps Antonio and Margharita didn't want to enter a company at the apprentice or artist levels. They certainly travelled to a number of companies recently (see their and their teacher's Instagram pages).
  22. Covent Garden and Leicester Square Stations were closed and my walk to Embankment was through group after group of football fans. Fair enough to be exhuberant but the resulting atmosphere was more threatening than was comfortable.
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