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  1. What a lovely review by Sarah Crompton in the Observer in today’s Links - and such a contrast to the recent Sleeping Beauty: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2019/dec/08/coppelia-royal-ballet-review-francesca-hayward-ninette-de-valois-delibes I’d been getting round to posting on Wednesday’s performance and would very much endorse what Sarah Crompton has to say - I do hope she’ll be writing regularly fur the Observer. I’d just add that Francesca Hayward’s entry in Act 1 will live long in the memory. From those very first moments she completely owns the stage, living Swanilda with every breath and step - a truly fabulous performance. She inspires such confidence that you know you’re in for a treat. I think someone earlier commented on her anticipating the beat and that means that she seems to have so much time for every step, never looking rushed. She could almost be conducting the orchestra, although there must be some limits to her multi talented, multi tasking. Great performances from Alex Campbell and Gary Avis which made for a hugely enjoyable evening. First time I’d seen Coppelia in the theatre and looking forward to later casts although I have to say I wish this cast were in the cinema relay.
  2. I was wondering what to post after yesterday’s debut and was delighted to see this Instagram post. I think the photo really captures Anna-Rose’s joy in celebration of such a special occasion - simply a privilege to be in the audience and many thanks to Susan for her post.
  3. And when we do see the whole film, we won’t know if it was ‘take 1’ or ‘take 10’.
  4. I’d never really thought much about Instagram but I now can’t help noticing so many product endorsements - Christmas jumpers and haircuts this weekend from one Royal Ballet Principal. I guess this is the way of the world and good luck to those who benefit. But I’ll try to adopt the attitude I take to junk mail and the seemingly ever increasing numbers of advertisement included in Radio Times etc which go straight for recycling. The only ones read are those infuriating ones stapled not in the middle (easy to tear out) but perhaps in the quarter/three quarter point which take a while to remove and where I might make a mental note never to purchase the advertised product - not a great hardship as I have no wish for a stairlift or walk in bath (at present).
  5. Very good to hear Clive James on today’s A Point of View ‘Clams are Happy’ from 2007: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000cqf3
  6. Very good to read Sarah Crompton’s interview with Francesca Hayward in today's Links - much more than Romeo &Juliet but I thought it worth highlighting here.
  7. Many thanks to all for your posts, including Rob’s running commentary on audience problems and fabulous photos - very much looking forward to 4 December to see this cast.
  8. I hope he didn’t snore and it was less disturbing than the chocolates. Enjoy Act 3.
  9. Thank you Ian for sharing this and for your heartfelt words.
  10. I think it’s in the 5th episode ‘Settling Scores’ when Nicholas Payne, Director of Opera, really let’s rip at having to meet benefactors. Certainly caused a stir at the time and you could feel the tension when he had to announce cast changes fairly soon after the broadcast.
  11. Thank you Lizbie and bridiem for highlighting this. One of the joys of an occasional visit to the Royal Ballet School (particularly when combined with Sleeping Beauty visits) is seeing Nicola Tranah encouraging her students to make the most of such deep bends and really using their backs. No doubt there’s an element of exaggeration when Nicola Tranah demonstrates what she means but it really is lovely to see and I’d certainly welcome more in performance. I’d be very interested to know if she were particular known for her use of her back when dancing - I’ve searched for video clips but no success.
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