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  1. Saturday evening’s performance was one of those fabulous performances where the principals were all so strong and complementary. All the relationships were so well expressed but I thought Tatiana and Olga made for the most believable of sisters. I’m so pleased I have a ticket for one of this cast’s other performances.
  2. A great start to the Onegin run even if opening night is tonight. Fabulous performances from Thiago Soares and Itziar Mendizabal and is there a more moving expression of love in marriage than the Tatiana/Gremin PDD in Act 3? I enjoyed Tomas Mock’s Gremin and David Donnelly’s Lensky. Onegin’s pistol worked in the dual (it hadn’t at the General Rehearsal). Meaghan Grace Hinkis was well received although I think we’ll be really spoiled with the Olgas to come. A lovely gesture at curtain call with Itziar taking her leave of Thiago for the audience to show their appreciation for the many years he’s given the Royal Ballet. I feel as if I’ve already gone through the wringer several tines over the last 30 hours (including the ENB Gala) but am very much looking forward to opening night.
  3. This was on Facebook but I’m not sure the link has copied: 😍 The Royal Ballet's Fumi Kaneko was absolutely stunning as Princess Aurora in our Sleeping Beauty cinema relay! If you missed this wonderful performance, you can now watch Encore screenings all weekend 🙌 Find your nearest cinema: www.ro.house/BeautyCinemas It’s not good that the website doesn’t support encore screenings direct.
  4. A fabulous evening indeed. What I thought astonishing was how on earth can you cap the finale from Etudes yet Tamara Royo’s presentation did just that. Huge congratulations to all.
  5. I’ve always found this scene very disturbing. Capulet is in effect saying to Paris ‘make Juliet your wife by whatever means you see fit’. Seems pretty brutal to me and so I find it hard to see Paris as ‘likeable and sympathetic’.
  6. But there’s no getting away from Paris’s attempt to take Juliet by force, encouraged by her father and where her mother’s passive acceptance is chilling. The scene is truly shocking even if a fair depiction of historical marriage arrangements. So I find it very hard to see Paris as ‘likeable’ and think it works effectively that Paris is dispatched so swiftly by Romeo. I’m pleased Kenneth MacMillan does not depict Paris’s dying wish to be laid near Juliet nor Romeo’s agreement.
  7. I managed to get round to watching this having been very interested in all the posts on the thread and have to say I found Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words wonderful. Different from being in the theatre but to me it complemented last year’s performances. Loved all the dancers and what luxury casting - not only the main cast but Laura Morera as lead harlot (the Royal Opera House performance database shows Laura dancing a Harlot 48 times from 2001 to 2011 and it may be that there are other performances not on the database). I enjoyed the camera work and thought the ending incredibly moving - Juliet’s one hand as she tries to reach Romeo, lifeless her second hand falls, then her hair. I’d certainly buy a DVD if one’s released and many congratulations to all involved.
  8. Many thanks Alison - a fabulous concert, with the Intermezzo interludes and some favourite Strauss lieder and what a tremendous Brahms 4. A great series of repeats this week in the evening concert slot. I’m rather pleased that Kirill Petrenko conducting Berg’s Lulu Suite and Beethoven 9 in his inaugural performance with the Berlin Philharmonic was on Monday. I’d seen some clips at the time but hadn’t caught the entire concert. And I have to say how good it is that it will still be on BBC sounds on 31 January: rather more fitting than Big Ben at 11:00 pm if I’m allowed to say so.
  9. I may well have missed the point on all this but if you go into ‘What’s on/Tickets and events’ you can still use ‘filter’ and select the season that’s of interest.
  10. Very much looking forward to The Cellist, Dante Project and Creature - I have high hopes for all of these new ballets.
  11. I received the notification but have any reasons been given - I know casting is always subject to change but sometimes there’s an explanation?
  12. Many thanks Richard - I’ve never seen Cats and doubt very much if I’ve ever heard the full ‘Memories’ song but you’ve tempted me with your review so I’ll give it a go. I also have a free ticket for one film at the local cinema as part of my annual membership and I see there are a few Cats screenings next week.
  13. Thanks Richard. I should have been a bit clearer. When clicking on December, the website prompted me to select what I was looking for, including ‘casting information’. I thought that was good and hopefully there will be many similar responses. If I look at my ‘event history’ I still get casting details so I don’t see why such information can’t be available via calendar. I guess a solution would be to get a ticket for every performance! I do like much of the design work but I guess I’m pretty conservative when it comes to diaries/calendars - I like to see weeks (even though having retired in many respects everyday’s a Saturday) and always list my events starting with first appointments and later ones below.
  14. Many thanks all for drawing attention to the calendar. It’s good to have a working calendar and I guess I’ll simply have to get used to the 4 day horizontal display rather than the familiar weekly display. When trying to look back at December I was rather pleased to be able to give the feedback that I was looking for casting information - perhaps that might come as the site develops? I don’t wish to sound churlish but how long was the site without a functioning diary (and I’d argue that the new calendar doesn’t yet have the functionality of the old one).
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