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  1. Many thanks Peanut68. I was intrigued by your post and found Bernard’s story very touching. It’s some 29 minutes into the programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007qd7
  2. Many thanks Bluebird. If I follow one of your links, I can then search the old website which is good, although I find some pages identified from the search are not then accessible - ‘page not found’. It all seems poor to me that the new website still only provides a fraction of the functionality of the old website, albeit I quite like the new design. If you take out all the old links which are not offered on the new website and are available only because of previous bookmarking which posters have kindly shared, I’d have thought the new website gives less than 5% of what used to be available. The new website was set up months ago but I don’t get any sense that much has happened to sort problems.
  3. I keep hoping the old calendar is made available on the new website as it really is so helpful - if I’m planning a trip I want to see what's on around the time of a trip (and ideally who’s scheduled to perform) so I know what I can fit in and whether to stay one or two nights. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Without the old calendar it takes ages moving between webpages. Has anyone found a way of accessing the treasure trove of past news articles - all seemingly lost since the new ‘News’ design?
  4. JohnS

    Proms 2019

    Thanks Tony - I too had heard that this may well be Bernard Haitink’s last concert in the UK and the ‘sabbatical’ was something of a fiction. I will listen to the broadcast, disappointed that it’s not televised (either live or recorded), and recall so many wonderful evenings at the Royal Opera House as well as some memorable concert performances. And of course he did so much to ensure the continuation of the Royal Opera House Orchestra and Chorus during the closure and redevelopment of the House, addressing the Proms audience after the 2002 Ring and urging people to write to the Department of Culture (or whatever it was called then).
  5. The ‘no apparent effort’ is key - just thinking of so many times last year when Vadim Muntagirov delivered technical challenges way beyond those of others, exquisitely, musically and in character.
  6. Condolences to John’s family and friends. I didn’t know John but very much appreciated his impeccable judgement as a moderator on Ballet Forum. Uplifting to read the many tributes paid - I wish I had known him.
  7. I’d just add that I doubt if Francesca Hayward had any input to the lines being taken by Vogue or its guest editor and has responded with tact and diplomacy to questions asked which may not have been of her choosing. No doubt she will have further opportunities to show her admirable ability to deal effectively with media interest in the build up to Cats. But I absolutely agree with capybara and am looking forward immensely to Francesca’s Royal Ballet performances.
  8. You need to book a full package and put it in your basket before moving on to a second package if you’re wanting more than one package. I ‘lost’ my first package this Autumn when trying packages fur the first time but fortunately was able to rebook pretty much the same seats when I realised what I’d done. There’s a great deal of flexibility about packages - seats don’t need to be in the same price category for each performance in the package (although they’ll need to be in either stalls/stalls circle or amphitheatre).
  9. I agree that rehearsals can make the most of a visit to London at little extra cost. There’s also the ‘surprise’ factor for ballet rehearsals as it’s not at all clear who might be dancing. You can probably rule out the opening night’s cast if the rehearsal is on the same day but having spent time choosing which casts to see for advertised performances, it can be very satisfying seeing a cast who I might not have chosen and coming away even more impressed by the strength of the Royal Ballet. I’ve been less taken with some Opera rehearsals, in part because singers are much more likely to mark their parts, but I’d still chose to go to an Opera rehearsal if it fits conveniently as part of a London visit.
  10. Congratulations Francesca Hayward - and very good of you to give Judi Dench and Ian McKellen such a boost to their careers.
  11. We really are spoiled - I’ve gone for Hayward, Morera, Osipova and Takada (alphabetical order). If I had to choose just one I think it would have to be Morera but only because there may not be many more opportunities to see her (although I very much hope there’ll be several more years, including another Anastasia run).
  12. A late congratulations to all - came home last night to no phone line/broadband, no internet on the train to London, and only just catching up on messages now I’m in my hotel room. Excellent news and looking forward to many debuts this Autumn.
  13. I think the annoyance about the lack of information is shared by Box Office staff - they must find it extremely dispiriting not to have information to hand so that they can answer questions from audience members.
  14. Agreed - it was also the case that the Autumn magazine didn’t include Winter performances so it looked as if the ROH was not performing between 23 to 28 December when there are a couple of Traviatas. The heading is quite clear - Autumn (or Winter) performances in a date range but it’s useful to know what is going on when planning trips without having to go to the website or another magazine.
  15. Extraordinary - and another needless hit to Box Office revenue. One of the risks of having a dynamic pricing policy, with different prices for each production rather than a reasonably standard grid, is the greater chance of cock ups.
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