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  1. I rather thought BBB was quoting what the bird said about the two twitchers but had misheard ‘lovely’.
  2. I rather thought treecreepers could only creep upwards and once they get to the top of the tree they fly down to the bottom of the next tree to begin another ascent. Makes life slightly easier to follow a treecreeper once spied. Woodpeckers too move up the tree using their tail for support. However, nuthatches can go up and down a tree. In the last couple of days I’ve had a pair of bullfinches and a yellowhammer in the garden.
  3. JohnS

    8pm applause

    Small hamlet of Sandale in North Cumbria certainly showed its appreciation. We’d set up a pilot meeting for Parish Councillors on Zoom and agreed on applause at 8:00 but not quite so easy to pass messages to the Chairman as when sitting alongside. Holding a full Parish Council ‘virtual’ meeting early next month and will be interested to see how many parishioners join.
  4. Fabulous - not so much a laugh but certainly joyful with a little help from the choir: https://slippedisc.com/2020/03/believe-it-orchestra-plays-beethoven-9th-from-their-homes/
  5. Very pleased to read Joan Hopton’s letter in Radio Times, Letter of the Week indeed!
  6. I still can’t get over how good those opening Swan Lakes were and these were at the same time as Dances/Cellist, a double bill that certainly captivated me, and straight after a compelling run of Onegins. The start of 2020 really has been fabulous with the Royal Ballet surely in a golden age. I’ll be having to self isolate for 12 weeks from the weekend, diabetes not age I should add, and I’m sure memories of those performances earlier this year will be sustaining. I’m very much hoping I might miss the next ‘curtain up’ as unless things change I won’t be able to see another live performance until mid June (last Triple Bill or Royal Ballet School Annual Performance would just about fit). But I’d take great pleasure in reading posts of performances in May/June so will look forward, albeit perhaps optimistically, to news of performances resuming.
  7. The Cojocaru/Kobborg Cinderella I think has only ever had one broadcast, many Christmases ago, and I’d love to see that again.
  8. I may be clutching at straws but one of today’s links suggest that BBC’s Dance Season starts in May with some programmes later in the year, nothing about the season starting with tonight’s Mayerling (which I should make clear I’m delighted is being broadcast). So I think I’ll still hope to see further recorded performances from the Royal Ballet as part of the Dance Season.
  9. I saw this from the Berlin Philharmonic earlier but I’m not sure how to copy the link: “The Philharmonie Berlin will be closed until 19 April – as a measure to counteract the spread of the Corona virus. However, the Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle have decided to give their planned concert with Berio’s Sinfonia and Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra anyway: without an audience, exclusively in the Digital Concert Hall. A first broadcast on 12 March will be followed by repeats on 13 and 14 March. Access is free.” A number of other recorded concerts are also available for free whilst the hall is closed.
  10. I do hope you’re wrong on this - there’s no linkage to the BBC Dance Season in the Radio Times Mayerling billing etc and as you say Mayerling doesn’t feature in the BBC Dance Season publicity which seems odd as it would surely be the first programme?
  11. Would be really good to know what the filmed performances will be but I don’t see any detail. Rather hoping for Dances at a Gathering/The Cellist, particularly given the BBC’s reporting of the latter.
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