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  1. Squirrel in Burtness Woods, Buttermere busy collecting and burying nuts yesterday lunchtime - kept me entertained. Yellowhammer on the lower fell side above Crummock Water. Proper snow on Skiddaw earlier in the week - even better with blue sky and sunshine.
  2. Robin on Castle Crag, Borrowdale. If the robin turned round ...
  3. Six roe deer (only the snout of the sixth) on Grange Fell when climbing Ether Knott, high above Watendlath. First time on Ether Knott - well away from the main Grange Fell summits and normally very wet under foot but the Lake District is still incredibly dry so very little risk of wet boots today.
  4. First cuckoos heard yesterday in Nether Wasdale when spending the day rhodo bashing at a friend’s wood. Just checking I see it was the same day as last year although a different location. Saw four red deer on a recent walk high above Thirlmere off the beaten track near Ullscarf. I managed to get a little closer but could only catch the straggler pair bounding away. Always good to see traditional Lake District Herdwick sheep at lambing time. Another fabulous spring. Last year we were very much in lockdown with li
  5. Truly awful news. Sim asks that comments focus on Liam Scarlett’s work and artistic legacy. Opening night of Liam Scarlett’s new production of Swan Lake was unforgettable - rapturous applause and a triumph for all involved. I recall Liam Scarlett acknowledging that ovation for him and his sense of pride and achievement. The various Insights heralding the new Swan Lake production showed a man of great intelligence and perception and his dancing in demonstrating what he was looking for from his dancers was extraordinary - so expressive and crystal clear. My wife and I loved much of Liam Scarlett
  6. A Roe deer on the walk to The Watches and Skiddaw this morning. I’ve seen a couple of pairs much closer to home when setting off early in the car but much better on the fells for taking a photo. Over lockdown the squirrel feeders have vanished from Dodd Wood. I’d invariably see squirrels around the feeders but no sign of new feeders so far. And the Dodd Wood Osprey project isn’t able to function with telescopes/staff at the observation platforms because of COVID. I hear a couple of ospreys arrived at the end of March although it’s not clear if they are a pair.
  7. Many thanks Jan. I think male wheatears have grey uppers and females have brown uppers but I’m very unsure about the bird in my photo: I’ve never knowingly seen a wheatear.
  8. Following the easing of lockdown, I’ve enjoyed visiting familiar places for the first time this year having spent lockdown walking from home. On a walk from Buttermere earlier in the week I saw a couple of squirrels and I think a wheatear. Squirrel in Burtness Wood. Not sure who’s more curious. Is this a wheatear?
  9. I’m reading this as meaning that Tony Pappano will be conducting the whole new Ring cycle which starts in September 2023 and I assume will not be complete for some years. If so that’s very welcome news. And excellent for the LSO too.
  10. Agreed - particularly Laura Morera’s unforgettable Masha.
  11. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s walk and very pleased to see two red squirrels for the first in a new wood. Completely unexpected on a cold, grey morning at 850 feet and just a couple of small woods on the largely open fell side above High Ireby. No need for up and down signs for these two. On recent walks in sunnier weather, I’ve been accompanied by the skylarks singing away pretty much all of the time. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to return to concerts but these impromptu al fresco performances have been a delight.
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