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  1. Sorry if this is somewhere else but with elite sport/football training now being allowed for English teams, with no physical distancing restrictions during training, does that mean that dancers may soon be able to train/rehearse together?
  2. I’ve been very impressed with how the Box Office dealt with my refund/donation. All booking orders were processed in one go, including one I’d missed. It took a few days to see the credits on my credit card and they all appeared at the same time. I hadn’t appreciated that the Box Office would have to deal with every ticket purchase, albeit my donation covered the first x tickets. It would have been slightly more convenient to me if there’d simply been one credit for the net refund. But the credits came to the expected total once I’d added up the price I’d paid for all my tickets. And as I’d missed one booking order which the Box Office kindly credited, I’ve been able to make an extra donation. I’d like to think the Box Office will soon be getting back to selling tickets rather than processing refunds.
  3. Another fabulous day on the fells. Many more cuckoos than open car parks in Buttermere this morning - just the National Park main car park in the village and the parking area at Lanthwaite Green, with all the National Trust car parks closed. I found myself above a double rainbow on Hobcarton End and then I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of ring ouzles near the top of Grisedale Pike. I’d been disappointed not to see any red squirrels yesterday or at Buttermere in the morning but I saw one in Hobcarton Woods just before getting back to the car. The squirrel’s strategy seemed to be to keep very still so I did manage to get a good look whilst maintaining physical distancing. There are some special cairns and view points I try to visit in mid May and the easing of lockdown restrictions has come at just the right time for me, giving me two memorable days back on such familiar ground.
  4. First walk back on the fells since lockdown on a fabulous Spring day. Cuckoos in the woods, skylarks above, and stonechats on the fells.
  5. JohnS

    Room 101

    Not wishing to intrude but is Dave’s advice to be directed towards the neighbour or husband?
  6. Excellent - dare we hope that Dances at a Gathering might follow in the next month or so? And perhaps the start of some cinema relays which have not yet made it to DVD?
  7. The blackbird started the dawn chorus at 4:15 this morning, I assume from his favourite perch on the Gable end above the bedroom window where he tends to have a final sing at dusk, well after 9:30pm. The flower full moon was still shining brightly, complementing an irresistible dawn chorus. Good to take some flowers and blossom from the garden to the churchyard for Lynn, three years on but seems like yesterday. Coronavirus has meant the Church is locked; it is usually open 24 hours a day. But the churchyard is always open and idyllic, this morning celebrated by a distant call of a cuckoo.
  8. The Radio Times says the semi finals will be held back to the Autumn when they hope to be able to stage the final. It’s good that the whole category finals performances are available on iPlayer, shortly after the BBC4 highlights are broadcast.
  9. I think they’re hoping to hold the final in the Autumn - the semi finals were recorded in March, I assume pre lockdown.
  10. Perhaps the ROH’s marketing was spot on? They knew you’d book again for those operas you’d previously attended without any special prompting but if they could interest you in just one or two different ones, that’s a result.
  11. I hadn’t got round to doing anything with my tickets, in part because I was waiting to see what was going to happen to June/July performances and also I’d been rather put off doing anything because of the difficulties reported earlier. But today I went on line, simply included all my booking references, often for multiple tickets and when only some of which were cancelled, wasn’t asked to specify the dates/ticket numbers, and found I’d submitted my donation/refund request in a few minutes. I have to say it’s incredibly generous that someone is matching the donation. With gift aid as well as the matching donation, hopefully the ROH will find its ticket income holding up.
  12. Surprised to answer my own question but I heard a cuckoo at sunset today, just a few minutes from home at Headend Quarry, North Cumbria. There were several calls so no mistake. Astonished to hear a cuckoo on 24 April, at least a week before I might expect to hear one.
  13. St George’s Day was always the day we heard the cuckoo in Kent and we very occasionally saw the cuckoo sitting on the telegraph wires. It’s tending to be early May in Cumbria before hearing the cuckoo. But is there any cuckoo news from Forum members this year?
  14. A good crop of damsons the last few years but it took 10 years before we had our first damson.
  15. I’d seen signs of damson blossom the last couple of days and this morning one tree is pretty much in full bloom. It’s normally early May so a couple of weeks earlier than previous years. Fortunately there are no frosts in the forecast. The blackthorn blossom during the last two weeks has been quite the best I’ve seen, perhaps because I’ve been doing very much the same walk most days and we have fabulous mixed hawthorn/blackthorn hedgerows on the local lanes.
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