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  1. Last day tomorrow (Friday) for Dances at a Gathering - it’s been fabulous having it available over the last few weeks and I’m sure I’ll see it one last time before getting the DVD.
  2. JohnS

    Room 101

    I’ve grown to like the occasional use of ‘And’ or ‘But’ at the start of a sentence as they can provide emphasis. The problem for me is where it becomes excessive and I’m afraid one or two journalist seem to start at least every other sentence with a conjunction, Laura Kuenssberg being a particularly enthusiastic user.
  3. I keep making the point to the ROH and others that a number of people are not able to attend in person because of health risks and that streaming is undoubtedly the next best thing. I thought I’d read that the one of each of the two November performances would be streamed and I do hope the Nutcracker will be steamed. There’s a real magic in seeing live performances - even if we find later the actual relay is delayed.
  4. Many thanks taxi4ballet. Not as intimidating when seen in profile (and on one leg) - at least to me if not for the song birds. Caught a fascinating description on Radio 4 of a kingfisher successfully evading a sparrowhawk.
  5. Sparrowhawk - yesterday’s visitor. Seemed content to sit on the fence for some time. Needless to say the smaller birds disappeared.
  6. That explains comments about audience members finding themselves caught up in the 10:00 exit from pubs and packed tube trains on their way home when I’d assumed the performance ended at 10:30.
  7. I know you said not to ask but I’m intrigued. Does the curtain fall with Aurora still asleep? No happy ending? Or does the Prince find someone else? Very pleased to hear how well the remote orchestra worked.
  8. I quite agree Jan. It’s great that screening allows us to delight in performance and feel a part of an extended audience. I know screening is not the same as attending but it certainly feels like the next best thing. Many would be audience members are wary of the risks of travel, overnight stays, and attending the theatre, given Covid and perhaps underlying health conditions. So I’m certainly looking forward to further screenings. And wasn’t it just fabulous to see live ballet, that edge of seat excitement/trepidation, with an audience in the theatre, and performances to match the occ
  9. Fabulous bouquets - do hope it’s ok to post this:
  10. It’s always good to see the squirrels at the feeders but there’s something very special when seeing a red in the wild. I was very fortunate this afternoon in Jonny Wood, Borrowdale:
  11. Always a pleasure Fiz. I spent 15 minutes watching the one red. Must have been preening for 10 minutes and then decided it was time for a snack. Probably thought I could have done with a wash and brush up.
  12. As it’s red squirrel awareness week ending today, I thought I should share a couple of photos from this afternoon:
  13. Still struggling sometimes with photo size so here’s the stag with five deer. And a more familiar local on the fells. But very sad to hear of the fall in numbers of herdwick sheep, proper Lake District sheep. Fleeces are sometimes used for footpath repairs work in wet areas as a foundation although I doubt it provides much cash.
  14. Rather taken with this stag on Sunday’s walk: I’d seen a stag in the morning high above Thirlmere but then managed this photo in the afternoon just below Low Saddle (rather apt), on the way from Ullscarf to Dock Tarn. I then saw he was minding at least five deer. A first for me seeing red deer in this part of the Lake District.
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