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  1. The ROH currently is the only theatrical haven where you can be certain you won’t be drenched by a fellow audience member’s glass of wine. I certainly hope they won’t change their policy.
  2. Something about general line and head placement too... Not enough technical expertise to really unpick what my issue is. I also wonder if perhaps a bit more space is needed on stage (the village set appears to encroach quite a bit).
  3. Loved Coppelia, has been on my wishlist for the ROH for a number of years and so pleased that there was an alternative to Nutcracker this year as I only really enjoy it for the grand pas. Beautiful performances from Hayward/Campbell - their personalities really shone through. Lovely to see Hayward shine equally in a classical role as much as the MacMillan choreography I so love her for and Campbell deliverrs on both the choreography and is perfection with his mime. Nunez/Muntagirov particularly loved for Marianela's super speedy footwork, amazed by her elevation. I am not a die hard Muntagirov fan, but along with Winter Dreams, this has to be one of my favourite roles for him, likely, because his 'Russian-ness' (or Ukrainian?) gives the character dancing elements of the role such flair. Which brings me onto what I feel is the elephant in the room, at least for me. I have been waiting for someone else to comment on the character dancing to no avail. I really feel that stylistically something was missing in tboth the Mazurka and Czardas from the corps de ballet, there was no sharpness in the footwork, epaulement, head lines. The way they travelled the stage looked messy and cluttered and it came across more like Morris dancing than Polish folk dancing. Thank goodness for Mayara Magri and soloist peasants who gave the dances the oomph they needed. These dances are one of my favourite parts of the ballet and so disappointed. Looking forward to the big screen with my daughters on Tuesday night - hoping my mind might be changed on the folk dance front with close ups of the action.
  4. Saw Hayward last time as Morera was injured. Definitely recommend seeing her. I have chosen to see Morera this time as she is a wonderful actress and plays young and gritty Macmillan roles so well. Can’t go wrong with either choice to be honest but very tough to make the choice.
  5. Another lovely interview, this time video from Dance Europe. https://vimeo.com/352217310?ref=em-share
  6. I have just seen BRB advertising for a programme they call LEAP on Instagram and you are within the age range and working in marketing you prob have lots to offer them. It calls itself a year long residency but aside from homework is probably actually just the 30 days they need from you. Find out more here:- https://www.brb.org.uk/get-involved/ambassadors Of the 30 days, only 12 are weekdays so completely manageable while working if you are able to take holiday when you want.
  7. So sorry to hear the news and condolences to his family. I haven’t been using the forum for so long but he helped me out once or twice in that time, always with kindness!
  8. Bonelli as Spartacus is exactly what I said to my friend on Tuesday night! Personally not a huge fan of this ballet or the choreography though.
  9. If anyone follows Shale on Instagram he has posted a link to an article in Russian from Beatrice magazine. Negotiating with google Chrome’s translation tool, despite the terrible translation, it does seem to suggest his performance at the Mariinsky is not a one off. ”This dancer was ‘acquired’ by the Mariinsky, not as a one off but for many seasons.” www.beatrice.com/shalewagman - visit in chrome and should give the option to translate.
  10. Royal Ballet rehearsals are a great way for me to take a friend who hasn’t necessarily tried ballet or the opera house before and is less willing to part with serious cash for doing so- it’s a bit of evangelising on my part. ENB rehearsals are fascinating because although you can’t hear the corrections from below, they are still happening and sometimes you get to see eg the grand pdd done by a couple of different dancers which is nice to compare. Also was fascinated by Manon out of costume - was even more drawn in. Studio rehearsals and watching corrections being taken on board so quickly is really interesting to watch and I love the focus of a very specific section, and getting the chance to understand things like character motivation etc.
  11. Loved Naghdi’s firebird tonight. This production really emanates the golden age of Russian ballet- the music, the style, the wonderful wedding scene at the end which is so powerful and of course the beautiful backcloth in the finale. Month in the Country was wonderful to see again, got so much more from the story with Cuthbertson as Petrovna. Realised that she only wanted the attention of Belaiev and not Ratikin and her emotions were very clear. David Yudes was the star of the show though as Koloa. Anna Rose Sullivan was a lovely Vera, role really suited her. Love the sets and the music, the wonderful Ashton port de bras, the oh so obvious ‘Fred step’ (minus the pas de chat?) and the wonderful Ashton comedy. Still trying to work out why I don’t get Vadim and I wish I did. I don’t think this was really his role and much preferred Ball’s interpretation who came across as a complete womaniser! Symphony in C was star studded again- a real celebration of RB talent. A delight to see Gasparini as always and some of the other more junior dancers taking the soloist roles. Fumi Kaneko was outstanding- would love to see her promoted at the end of this season. Great partnership with Matthew Ball. Someone seems to have replaced Meaghan Grace Hinkis tonight but I didn’t see any cast changed. Can anyone shed any light?
  12. Yasmine Naghdi was a simply beautiful Juliet tonight at the cinema screening and there is so much chemistry between her and Matthew Ball. Joy of cinema was all of the wonderful close ups which gave away so much more than live in theatre. Thrilled to see Avis again as Tybalt- love his dramatic attack - and also Zuchetti’s ‘Jack-the-lad’ Mercutio, again enhanced by the close up camera work. Pleased for Padjak too but also Isabella Gasparini who is identified as soon as you can see her stunning smile. A fabulous cast overall.
  13. It was busy the night of the Matthew Ball Insight during opera intervals. Quite honestly was enjoying the peace and quiet till people streamed outside! Lots of people seemed to just order a coffee or soft drink and they were playing a selection of ballet music which was lovely to enjoy. I actually thought it was a lovely use of the space.
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