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  1. My love of ballet was formed while growing up in Manchester. Hadn’t stepped foot in a football stadium til I did a tour of my husband’s team’s stadium (Spurs-quite something but seems to lack the sports science facilities of the ROH) a few weeks ago. Meanwhile he still has never been to a ballet. Obviously he should move up North and I should stay here in London. What will Berry come out with next? The North has no electricity or indoor toilets?
  2. Was glad to receive this earlier although I don't think I will be able to watch it live. Nice to see they are finding ways to add value for Friends.
  3. Second Morera in Elite. It's not the same without her in that role! Also feel the same about Hamilton. Still walking on air from last night. Ready to lock down now!
  4. It is really hard to know where to start, this was such a wonderful and special evening. Despite obviously wearing a mask, the first thing I noticed after making it through the efficient bag/temp/ticket was just how good it felt to be back in the building. Heading up the stairs, the Paul Hamlyn Hall and Crush Room were of course empty, and sadly so. The tell tale sign of the times were the one way stickers on the stairs etc. I took my daughter with me tonight as my usual companion firstly wouldn’t have been allowed under current regulations, aside from which she has now emigrated.
  5. Definitely echo that. Magri/Ball were both incredible. Obviously very much suited Ball, Found Magri to be absolute perfection and wowed by the seemingly endless but perfect fouettés. The atmosphere was wonderful- such love from the audience even before KOH stepped on stage and was a very special evening. More to follow when someone sets up a performance thread. Delighted there will be another live stream. Would love to see some of the other cast members who didn’t appear tonight (O’Sullivan/Sambe Tchaikovsky PLEASE!).
  6. don't wait - I had emailed the box office due to an issue with a confirmation email and they shared the link which is in the top nav - same one as last time round
  7. also up in the balcony for tonight - well done for getting tickets!
  8. Just to say, refunds (or gift certificate) for performances after today have come through very quickly. I requested yesterday and have already had voucher code back. Hoping I will be able to use it this side of Christmas!
  9. Still wouldn't print for me- copy and paste job into a blank powerpoint for most concise output!
  10. The casting, which I assume is for Elite Syncopations, also seems to have changed. Wonder when this will be communicated to ticket holders and when we will know more about who is performing.
  11. I have just had to rebook car parking as couldn't edit my last one - but so worth it!
  12. So pleased I thought ahead to buy tickets for Weds night and not Thursday when it started looking like a lockdown would happen. Assumed would be a Friday night lockdown so very thankful I managed to get seats for Weds.
  13. Wish I had seen this beforehand! Very much enjoyed last night. Despite the mask, felt like I could breathe again.
  14. Thanks for writing a review. I am booked to go in December if it is still open then... Hoping I will still get to see it.
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