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  1. Over 36 years (including 2020 and years such as 2019 when no Nutcracker) that averages at just under 14 performances a year so more than likely. Actually seems like a relatively low count - other than 2019, when else has Nutcracker not been performed at Christmas?
  2. This was before the performance started and during act 1!
  3. Graham Watts may well have the right idea. Theatres are only as safe as their patrons make it. Last night in stalls circle, there was a man who effectively refused to cover nose and mouth, preferring to wear his mask on his chin. He was told a number of times by the usher to mask up but still thought he was being clever by whipppng it down to his chin again once the lights went down. Still probably safer than crowded shopping streets but very frustrating.
  4. Last night was a wonderful cast. My husband’s first ever ballet so thrilled that everyone was on top form, especially the assured Sugar Plum/Prince which was just perfection. Kaneko delighted as the Rose fairy, Hinkis is always a graceful but free in her dancing, the super springy Zuchetti was a cracking nutcracker and the whole cast were giving it their all. Glad to see Avis- my favourite Drosslmeyer because of his incredible acting ability- also armed with extra glitter! This is not my favourite ballet and yet I do find myself welling up at the end when Hans-Peter returns to Drosslm
  5. Devastated for the dancers but very grateful to have booked tickets for tomorrow night. I'd originally planned for 16th but was finding it harder to find the seats I wanted.
  6. Starting to wonder how they can possibly allow the Christmas grace period - it's only going to make matters worse than they are now. Agree that to some extent theatres should be given some grace. Can't speak for the Coliseum, but generally feel very safe at the ROH with the majority of people complying properly i.e. mask over mouth AND nose - uncomfortable for all of us especially glasses wearers, but for the greater good. On that note, felt compelled to report a local shop today for complete disregard of mask wearing rules.
  7. Lots of dates available all of a sudden for full price performances if you are looking for a 1 or 2
  8. I have a friend who is in the country for 48 hours with no need to quarantine and therefore will not be around for the proper run of Nutcracker... Unfortunately I am using my Friends tickets to take my daughter tomorrow night (husband next week!) and the ticket limit has not increased, despite availability What a shame these seats won't be taken! Any members who are not planning to go who are able to book/sell on their allocation? Balcony or Stalls Circle tickets preferred, non box.
  9. So very pleased with cast for the tickets I have bought (Morera/Bonneli/Avis/O'Sullivan/Hay) but now desperate to know who will be dancing at the rehearsal! Hoping we get a different cast- is there any rhyme or reason as to how they decide this?
  10. If it’s a voluntary redundancy I would assume that a consultation process has been ongoing and the company has been advised it’s on the cards. Hate to think of who this could affect, voluntary or otherwise.
  11. Not sure if any more news to follow, however, sad to hear on Instagram that Elizabeth Harrod has decided to leave the Royal Ballet and more so that it’s with a voluntary redundancy. Sad times.
  12. My love of ballet was formed while growing up in Manchester. Hadn’t stepped foot in a football stadium til I did a tour of my husband’s team’s stadium (Spurs-quite something but seems to lack the sports science facilities of the ROH) a few weeks ago. Meanwhile he still has never been to a ballet. Obviously he should move up North and I should stay here in London. What will Berry come out with next? The North has no electricity or indoor toilets?
  13. Was glad to receive this earlier although I don't think I will be able to watch it live. Nice to see they are finding ways to add value for Friends.
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