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    Squadron Associations connected with my years as a RAF Navigator; choral singing; and ballet and dance after meeting the lady, now my wife, who had been a dancer with the Royal Ballet's Touring Company, and who still teaches and examines in the discipline. (Edited to say that in mid-2014 she resigned from examining after some 40+ years.)

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  1. Links, Sunday 20 June Live Reviews: English National Ballet, Solstice – Mixed Bill, London: Jenny Gilbert, Arts Desk Lynette Halewood, DanceTabs Rachel Elderkin, The Stage Northern Ballet, Swan Lake (Nixon), Leeds: Rich Jevons, Reviews Hub Birmingham Royal Ballet, Cinderella (Bintley), Birmingham: David Mead, SeeingDance BRB, Curated by Carlos Mixed Bill; Northern Ballet, Dangerous Liaisons & Contemporary Cuts: David Jays, Sunday Times Rebound Dance Company, The Case of …, Christchurch: Dr Ian Lochhead, Theatreview Live Preview - Sadler's Wells Breakin' Convention 2021: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Stream Reviews – Scottish Dance Theatre, Life and Times: Lorna Irvine, Fjord Review Charlotte Kasner, SeeingDance Feature - Dipping into Wearable Robotics and Performance with New Movement Collective’s Project XO Remote: Josephine Leask, DanceTabs News - New Adventures dancer breaking down racial barriers in dance: Nigel Barlow, About Manchester
  2. Links, Saturday 19 June Live Reviews: Royal Ballet, Apollo, Tchaikovsky PDD, Dance at a Gathering, London: G J Dowler, Classical Source Northern Ballet, Contemporary Cuts 2021 Mixed Bill, London: Bruce Marriott, DanceTabs English National Ballet, Solstice – Mixed Bill, London: Rosemary Waugh, The i Vera Liber, BTG Charlotte Kasner, SeeingDance Bangarra Dance Theatre, SandSong, Sydney: Deborah Jones, FollowSpot Geraldine Higginson, Dance Australia Pacific Dance Festival 2021, Hypa-Mass, Auckland: Mark James Hamilton, Theatreview Live Previews: Royal Ballet, Beauty Mixed Programme: Graham Spicer, Gramilano Dance Against Cancer, Outside, Live and Streaming, New York: Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance 1961 Archive - Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev asks for asylum: Richard Nelsson, Guardian Features: Ballet’s brave new world in virtual reality: Genevieve Curtis, Financial Times Project Animo dance collective for retired dancers: Nick Miller, The Age Rehashed News - The Ballet Star and the Russian Magnate: A Feud Roils the Dance World: Javier C. Hernandez, NY Times Looking for a dance class? The best dance classes London has to offer: Annabel Arkwright, Culture Whisper
  3. The article predates last night's announcements - and UCL isn't the government, useful as their study may be.
  4. Now on the Company site: https://www.opernhaus.ch/en/about-us/cathy-marston/
  5. Well, I am naturally delighted to hear this! Her years as Director in Bern, not always easy by any means, will provide a sound foundation - and to be able to stay on in Switzerland will be a considerable domestic bonus, I'm sure.
  6. Links, Sunday 13 June Obituary – Mikiko Matsuyama, Dancer: Staff, Asahi Shimbun Live Reviews: British Ballet Charity Gala, 8 participating companies, London: Jenny Gilbert, Arts Desk Royal Ballet, Apollo, Tchaikovsky PDD, Dances at a Gathering: David Jays, Sunday Times Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard Rambert, Draw from Within, London: David Jays, Sunday Times Bangarra Dance Theatre, SandSong: Stories from the Great Sandy Desert, Sydney: Jannson J. Antmann, Limelight Features: The Jabbawockeez reign in Las Vegas: Margaret Fuhrer, NY Times Remember When ... A New York ballet company received mixed reviews: Staff, Glasgow Herald Stream Reviews - Pacific Northwest Ballet, 6th Digital Program: Brian Seibert, NY Times News: Ballet Festival Korea aims to showcase much more than dance: Yim Seung-Hye, Korea JoonAng Daily Ballet Arkansas reveals 2021-22 season: Eric E. Harrison, Democrat-Gazette Drug and harassment allegations plunge Bejart Ballet into turmoil: Staff, France 24
  7. "The company's provincial tours have been the most successful on record. They have revealed the essentially conservative nature of provincial audiences, who have preferred to play safe with the classics rather than risk a triple bill of novelties, and the repertory has been modified in consequence. This seems a pity, but the problem of presenting novelties does not belong to ballet alone, and is only too familiar to concert promoters." From the Royal Opera House Annual Report, 1959-60. The provincial tours mentioned would have been undertaken by the Touring Company, the lineal predecessor of BRB. Compare and contrast with 2021 and later .......
  8. Links, Saturday 12 June Obituary – Carla Fracci, Dancer: Staff, The Times Live Reviews: Birmingham Royal Ballet, Curated by Carlos – Triple Bill, Birmingham: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Rupert Christiansen, Telegraph Donald Hutera, The Times David Mead, SeeingDance Northern Ballet, Dangerous Liaisons, London: Graham Watts, Bachtrack Vera Liber, BTG Queensland Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, Brisbane: Deborah Jones, FollowSpot Trisha Brown Dance Company, In Plain Site – Mixed Bill, Wave Hill: Siobhan Burke, NY TImes News - Park Sae Eun becomes Paris Opera Ballet's 1st Asian principal dancer: Park Ji-won, Korea Times Stream Reviews: Pacific Northwest Ballet, 6th Digital program: Rachel Howard, Fjord Review Dutch National Ballet, Prometheus, Grosse Fuge: Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack Washington Ballet, Orpheus, Werner Sonata: Randy Shulman, Metro Weekly Teatro Real de Madrid/Antonio Gades & Carlos Saura, Carmen: Robert Tanitch, BTG Ballez/Katy Pyle, Giselle of Loneliness: Gia Kourlas, NY Times BIDF/Karen Christopher & Tara Fatehi Irani, Always Already: Andrew Edwards, Exeunt
  9. Can we just hold it there, everyone? It is not unusual for a departure to be announced before a new incumbent is appointed. Northern Ballet recently announced David Nixon's departure and, with that, the Board's intention to start on a replacement process - and in a similar fashion, I see that the CSB announcement starts by saying that they are seeking to appoint a new AD. Enough of the 'conspiracy' stuff then - or we may have to close the thread.
  10. Links, Friday 11 June Obituary – Violetta Elvin, Dancer: Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times Live Reviews: Northern Ballet, Dangerous Liaisons, London: Charlotte Kasner, SeeingDance Rambert, Draw from Within, London: Siobhan Murphy, DanceTabs National Ballet of Japan, Raymonda, Tokyo: Naomi Mori, Bachtrack La Scala Theatre Ballet, Four Choreographers, Milan: Graham Spicer, Gramilano News: Royal Winnipeg Ballet plans for in-person performances starting in October: Staff, CBC Pacific Northwest Ballet says goodbye to 7 dancers in its upcoming Season Encore: Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times Alberta Ballet bounds back on stage this fall: Staff, Calgary Herald Video Preview – Birmingham Royal Ballet, City of a Thousand Trades: BBC News Streamed Reviews: Pacific Northwest Ballet, 6th Digital Programme: Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times CAMP, Wanted: Tessa Perkins Deneault, Dance Current
  11. Links, Thursday 10 June Live Reviews: Northern Ballet, Dangerous Liaisons, London: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Bruce Marriott, DanceTabs Debra Craine, The Times Marianka Swain, Telegraph Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Joy Sable, Jewish Chronicle British Ballet Charity Gala, 8 Companies participating, London: Royal Ballet, Apollo, Tchaikovsky PDD, Dances at a Gathering, London: Louise Levene, Spectator Lost Dog/Ben Duke, Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me): Maggie Foyer, SeeingDance News - Carlos Acosta calls for more ballets that reflect ‘world today’: Giverny Masso, The Stage Profile – Daniel Riley, next AD at Australian Dance Theatre: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Fashion Feature - Fashion Shoot & Video with American Ballet Theatre dancers: Staff, InStyle Online Reviews: Birmingham International Dance Festival, Various Companies: David Mead, SeeingDance Kyle Marshall Choreography, Stellar: Tom Phillips, Danceviewtimes Antonio Gades, Blood Wedding: Robert Tanitch, BTG And: Camilla ‘completely hooked’ on ballet classes! Laura Elston, Evening Standard (and elsewhere!)
  12. Slight diversion - anyone know a version of Apollo as a duet? A report from an event with NYCB and ABT dancers in today's Links mentions what appears to be just that.
  13. Links, Wednesday 9 June Obituaries: Carla Fracci: Jane Pritchard, Guardian Lucette Aldous: Lee Christofis, Limelight Live Reviews: Royal Ballet, Apollo, Tchaikovsky PDD, Dances at a Gathering, London: Jann Parry, DanceTabs Jenny Gilbert, Arts Desk Lyon Dance Biennale: Transverse Orientation, Vocabulary of Need & Others: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times Dancers from NYCB and ABT, Ballet Under the Stars, Charleston, SC: Emily Johnson, Charleston City Paper Live Preview – Bangarra Dance Theatre, SandSong, Sydney/Touring: Steve Dow, Guardian Interview – Robert Battle, AD at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Lou Fancher, SF Classical Voice News: Dormeshia Wins Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award: Peter Libbey, NY Times Live, in-person dance is back with Seattle International Dance Festival: Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times No Rising: Dancenorth returns home: Karen Van Ulzen, Dance Australia
  14. Links, Tuesday 8 June Obituary - Lucette Aldous, Dancer: Karen Van Ulzen, Dance Australia Feature - Down the Rabbit Hole in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Ellie Hunt, Varsity Live Reviews: Queensland Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, Brisbane: Denise Richardson, Dance Australia Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Overflow; Wim Vandekeybus, Draw from Within, London: Louise Levene, Financial Times Ephrat Asherie Dance, UnderScored, New York: Susanna Sloat, DanceTabs Streaming Preview - Ballet Hispánico to present a virtual showing of Instituto Coreografico: Stephi Wild, BWW Dance News - Daniel Riley to be next AD at Australian Dance Theatre: Karen Van Ulzen, Dance Australia Report – Manchester Collective, Dark Days, Luminous Nights, Salford: Robert Beale, Arts Desk
  15. Links, Monday 7 June Obituaries: Lucette Aldous, Dancer: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing (Scroll past review) Violetta Elvin, Dancer: Judith Cruickshank, Guardian Staff, Telegraph Live Reviews: Royal Ballet, Apollo, Tchaikovsky Pdd, Dances at a Gathering, London: Debra Craine, The Times Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Queensland Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, Brisbane: Olivia Stewart, Limelight Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Levantes Dance Theatre, The Band, Milton Keynes: David Mead, SeeingDance Lost Dog/Ben Duke, Paradise Lost (lies unopened before me), London: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Streaming Review - Rhiannon Faith Company, Drowntown: Sarah Crompton, The Observer Feature - Link between quantum mechanics and ballet: Léa Casse, Times of Malta Book Preview – Swan Dive by Georgina Pazcoguin: Mark Chandler, The Bookseller Gallery – Rachel Armstrong at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy: Guardian Video news - Inside a Muslim ballet school for girls: Shabnam Mahmood, BBC News
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