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    Squadron Associations connected with my years as a RAF Navigator; choral singing; and ballet and dance after meeting the lady, now my wife, who had been a dancer with the Royal Ballet's Touring Company, and who still teaches and examines in the discipline. (Edited to say that in mid-2014 she resigned from examining after some 40+ years.)

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  1. Saturday 11 July, 2020 Feature - Getting back into the Pineapple studio & Pineapple Live: David Mead, SeeingDance News – 10 UK Ballet Schools Unite In Auditions For September 2021 Entry: Staff, BWW UK News - New Adventures announces emerging dance artists for 2020 development scheme: Georgia Snow, The Stage Streaming Reviews: Royal Ballet, The Dream, Symphonic Variations, Marguerite and Armand: Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard English National Ballet, Cinderella (In the Round, 2019): Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard (+ a mention of dance at Grange Park) Barbican/Rhiannon Faith, Drowntown Lockdown: Dominic Corr, Reviews Hub Streaming News - Dazzling lockdown dance: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian
  2. A little more here: Ten UK Ballet Schools Unite In Auditions For September 2021 Entry https://www.broadwayworld.com/uk-regional/article/Ten-UK-Ballet-Schools-Unite-In-Auditions-For-September-2021-Entry-20200710
  3. Friday 10 July, 2020 Feature – The Dance on Camera Festival, When Dance Is Only on Camera: Brian Seibert, NY Times Associated Interview – Liz Wolff: Ivan Talijancic, BR 3/3 Feature - Looking ahead to a return to dance classes: David Mead, SeeingDance News – Further lockdown easing for theatres and dance venues: BBC News - Updated Government Guidance for Performing Arts: Here Streaming Reviews: Mariinsky Ballet, Giselle (Vishneva, 2016): Oksana Khadarina, Fjord Review World Ballet School Day & A Screen Apart: Vera Liber, BTG Streaming News - 11 Biographical Dance Documentaries: Staff, Playbill Interview - Dancing for change: Trans ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca: Luiz DeBarros, Mamba Online Brooklyn Rail for July and August: Can we create lasting mutual aid structures? Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, BR 1/3 Review - The Bon Iver Race Dance: Adlan Jackson, BR 2/3
  4. Thursday 9 July, 2020 Feature - 'The thirst and drive is there': a leap forward for British dance schools: Lydsey Winship, Guardian Streaming Review – Dutch National Ballet, 8 New Works: Graham Watts, DanceTabs Streaming News: World-class ballet dancers perform Swan Lake in their bathtubs: |Zoe Paskett, Evening Standard (and elsewhere) Take online ballet classes with the Australian Ballet: Nicola Dowse, TimeOut Melbourne
  5. See also the Lockdown thread in News .... and tomorrow's Links. And hasn't this been around for some weeks already? I'm sure I've been aware of the title for some time but it appears to have gained some media traction in the past 24 hours.
  6. Wednesday 8 July, 2020 Streaming Reviews – Royal Ballet, Woolf Works (2017): Deborah Weiss, DanceTabs Dancing at Dusk/Pina Bausch & Africa Dancers, Rite of Spring: Mark Monahan, Telegraph Théâtre du Châtelet, Après, Demain: Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian Manch UK/South Asian Dance, 34 Performances: Seeing Dance Streaming News – School of American Ballet’s Gutsy Kids: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Shobana Jeyasingh Dance, More SJD Shorts: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Meanwhile elsewhere: Gallery - Lagos Leap: inside a ballet school in Nigeria's suburbs: AFP, via The Guardian Aerial ballet: How airplanes fill up with fuel mid-air: Howard Slutsken, CNN
  7. Tuesday 7 July, 2020 News – Comment on the UK “Arts bailout”: Richard Morrison, The Times Ivan Hewett, Telegraph Editorial, Guardian Brian Ferguson, Scotsman on the Scottish angle Feature – Hope Boykin teaches Alvin Ailey’s Revelations: Janice Berman, SF Classical Voice News - West Australian Ballet’s first steps back to the stage: Valerie Lawson, Dancelines Streaming Review – Anna Sokolow & Dancers, Rooftop Rooms: Deborah Jowitt, Arts Journal/DanceBeat Interview – Sander Blommaert & his Instagram Classes: Vikki Jane Vile, BWW UK
  8. Monday 6 July, 2020 News – UK Government pledges £1.57 Bn for Arts & Heritage: David Sanderson, The Times Mark Brown, Guardian George Parker & Others, Financial Times Will Gompertz, BBC News (and elsewhere) News - Pointe at the kitchen counter and more: How ballet dancers are adapting: Sarah Ewall-Wice, CBS News
  9. Sunday 5 July, 2020 Obituary – Nikolai Fadeyechev, Bolshoi Dancer: Anna Kisselgoff, NY TImes Streaming Reviews: English National Ballet, Manon (2018): Jann Parry, DanceTabs Dancing at Dusk: Pina Bausch/African Dancers, Rite of Spring: Jenny Gilbert, Arts Desk Stuttgart Ballet, Taiyō to Tsuki: David Mead, SeeingDance Seven dances, one Anthem, Performances set on Leonard Cohen’s Anthem: Globe and Mail
  10. From the New York Times and tomorrow's Links: Nikolai Fadeyechev, Elegant Bolshoi Dancer, Is Dead at 87 - The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/04/arts/dance/nikolai-fadeyechev-dead.html
  11. The Teatro Real in Madrid has started live performances of La Traviata. Interesting photo of the stage and pit arrangements: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b1c94984-bc9f-11ea-84a6-a03a9956ea0a?shareToken=dd9637b7a4dfa0a732c1215522dfe8bf Edited to add: Further to Bruce's quotations from The Stage, I see that it is in trouble itself: https://twitter.com/TheStage/status/1278977276646916096?s=20
  12. Saturday 27 June, 2020 Streaming Reviews: - Aterballeto, 1 Meter Closer, The Other Side: Penelope Ford, Fjord Review - Australian Dance Theatre, HELD: Michelle Potter, .... on dancing Streaming News: - Shobana Jeyasingh Dance, SJD Shorts: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper - Smuin Ballet, Carmina Burana: Staff, BWW San Francisco
  13. Friday 26 June, 2020 Feature – Why 2020 was supposed to be a celebratory year for Northern Ballet: Nick Ahad, Yorkshire Post News – UK Culture Secretary unveils roadmap to reopening theatres: Zoe Paskett, Evening Standard (and elsewhere) Streaming Reviews: - English National Ballet, Song of the Earth: Jann Parry, DanceTabs - Stuttgart Ballet, Lady of the Camellias: Robert Tanitch, BTG Streaming News: - English National Ballet, La Syphide, Cinderella: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper - Sadler’s Wells, Dance Film Season: Lorna Irvine, Fjord Review - Royal Ballet, Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words: Roisin O’Brien, Fjord Review - Ballet Central, Centrally Connected Performs: Staff, BWW Dance
  14. Thursday 25 June, 2020 News – Tamara Rojo: “No Christmas shows without State help”: Reuters via Yahoo News Streaming Reviews: - Live from Covent Garden/2: David Nice, Arts Desk - Live from Covent Garden (1 & 2)/Danceworks: Sara Veale, Spectator - Phoenix Dance Theatre, Windrush: Movement of the People: David Cunningham, BTG - Sydney Dance Company, Cuatro: Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald Streaming News: - Documentary – A Hymn for Alvin Ailey: Dan Meyer, Playbill
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