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  1. The Sarasota streaming has a good selection of excerpts from Ashton's work. But in addition the (longer) 'extra' package includes a rehearsal of Monotones (despite the disappointment that we couldn't hear Maggie Barbieri's comments, although we could see some of her gestures); and the contributions by Anthony Dowell, both in rehearsing Meditation and his responses to the dancers' questions at the end, are fascinating. Well worth watching.
  2. Joseph Sissons has, from today, an instagram series of messages about Black History month., on the ROH instagram channel. He's as inspirational and sincere a thinker as he is dancer. There are contributions from other dancers, including Joseph Aumeer, Beatrix and Will Bracewell.
  3. Several years ago I visited the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam. There was an exhibition devoted to Sonia Gaskell which featured photos and information on Audrey Hepburn, who trained with her from 1945, before some years later training with Marie Rambert. The photos suggested she was a highly promising dancer, hence her continued love for ballet.
  4. I'm confused ( a frequent state!). The streaming is advertised as available for 7 days. But when I bought my ticket I got a message that it would be available for 3 days after my first viewing. Has any one else had a similar message?
  5. I was slightly disappointed by the programme, given the company is one of my favourites. I enjoyed the Jewels excerpts, although I was surprised that the Diamonds pas de deux, which Sarah Lamb danced so well in the Royal's streaming, wasn't included. But I was very impressed by Lucien Postlethwaite in the opening solo of Dances at a Gathering. He performed it so much better than in the recent Royal performances, much like Johan used to. It's very unusual for an opening section of a ballet, seemingly tentative at first and very atmospheric, it must take a lot of confidence to pull it off.
  6. The Guardian article said there would be some Balanchine but none is mentioned in Capybara's detection work. I was hoping that one of the great black and white duets would be included, although Apollo may be more likely... if there's any Balanchine at all.
  7. LinMM, the BRB autumn show will be filmed. Caroline Miller states they want "to test 'ticketed' online performances so that our fans who can't go back to the theatre yet can still see a full BRB performance this autumn."
  8. I have today received an impressive magazine from BRB, 'Back to the Future'. It's very positive and contains an optimistic, albeit cautious, article by Carlos Acosta, and briefer pieces from a range of staff across the company. It lists performances of Cinderella in February in March (Southampton, Salford, Plymouth, Sunderland, Bristol) and a season at the Hippodrome, 31 March to 10 April. Elsewhere there is a reference to the season at the Birmingham Rep in May. There's an article on the new brand and its vision, not that it's particularly clear what the brand is! It seems to be t
  9. I got an email thanking me for the donation- I preferred to give a financial donation so that it could be Gift aided. ENB also sent me an email. But BRB rang me and Vail Dance not only emailed me but sent me a letter. So ROH doesn't compare well.
  10. Slipped Disk today claims that 3 of the ballet coaches at the Mariinsky are seriously ill in hospital. No details were given.
  11. The Public Campaign for the Arts also has a petition, to support the arts in general, and starting a map locating arts organisations near your postcode.
  12. I found that I couldn't get the official link to Cinderella to work at all well. As it's Facebook I went on YouTube and found the same performance was there (slightly augmented by interesting videos of David Bintley talking about his ballet and in discussion with some of the dancers), it must be from the BBC programme shown years ago. So presumably you can get the YouTube version in the US, Japan and elsewhere. It's worth catching, there's some nice choreography and Elisha Willis (never one of my favourite dancers) is very good in the role. And the cast includes Alex Campbell, Joe
  13. It may be that I should have started a new topic for this but there's an article in today's Observer (page 41) that concerns me: 'A Tory donor in charge of the Royal Opera House?' (David Ross's appointment as Chair- apparently over George Osborne, another contender). Some Forum members may feel it's overly political but the content of the article raises some important issues, not least the implications for the perception of ROH as elitist (apparently David Ross has a gold Land Rover! and fixed Boris Johnson's Caribbean hideaway at the new year), contrasting his perspective with Tony Pappano's
  14. My immediate reaction was of regret that none of the programmed ballets was from the vast rep that the company holds, which might be a worrying sign for the future; the programming somewhat resembles that of Acosta Danza! On reflection, though, I'm wondering if Acosta is planning to use the Rep theatre the way Rojo uses Sadler's Wells, to show more diverse, contemporary work while programming classical and heritage ballets in the Hippodrome (assuming it reopens!)
  15. I've had 3 emails from ATG stating that all performances in their theatres are cancelled up to 18 October. So the ENB performances at Manchester (15-17 Oct) are now officially cancelled.
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