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  1. I came out of DAAG thinking it was a bit of a DRAG....i enjoyed the look but I thought it about 15-20 minutes too long too
  2. The ushers don’t see it as they head for the doors as soon as the curtain comes down (although standing right next to them in the stalls circle they don’t say anything)...and as for the bag ‘scanners’ I’m not sure what they are looking for but it’s not cameras as some people walk in with them round their necks
  3. Insight has started.....for some reason chat is disabled for this one
  4. They’ve just updated the website, I really hoped they’d say ‘Bolle replacing Clarke replacing Muntagirov’ but they don’t mention Clarke at all
  5. The dvd has been, I’m not sure when exactly the blu ray was released as it was delayed
  6. Yay! The Medusa blu ray is now in the ROH shop....cancelled my Amazon order on the spot ‘Arriving 19 Feb’ indeed!! 🙄
  7. Do you mean Ray Of Light wasn’t about an iPhone’s focus assist lamp!? 📱 😮
  8. I daren't say what I call him....it's certainly not Mr!
  9. Looks like the website design website has taken its money back😀
  10. No, I've never accessed a page prior to 9am that has told me I'm in a queue and over the last year or more I've tried being on every page connected to the booking of a ticket and none of auto refreshed to indicate booking status has changed, even several minutes after 9. I've always had to refresh it myself....this morning I very quickly got to book though
  11. What page do you have to be on to be considered ‘in the queue’? I’ve been on the site an hour before opening in the past and not felt like I gained anything in terms of queue position
  12. I’ll have to rely on you for some decent pics 😀
  13. I’ve noticed a label on the door saying words to the effect ‘not all disabilities are obvious’ recently
  14. Alex Beard has talked about this subject before following the popularity of various operas. They are aware of it, maybe cancelling tickets is easier said than done given the infrequent zapping of ticket barcodes at the entrance to the auditorium.
  15. Isn’t Shen Yun an American company? And having seen the Woking ticket prices I’d call them extortionists as well as contortionists 😮
  16. I’m pretty sure it was 1982 and the chaps were called Del and Rodney 🤔🙂
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