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  1. Will ‘reputation’ be returning?
  2. Yes I have and no, no problem…they are also loose bar stool type eats so you can angle them or move them slightly to suit. You may have had a problem seeing Leto doing her stuff at the top of the steps in Apollo but nothing on the stage itself
  3. C27 is only described as obstructed view for height due to the low ceiling
  4. I let it go after my above post, read your post and see it’s still there C27 for 8/7 is still available
  5. i assume they were returned seats…but it was the same seats, SC C27 and C30 for 8,9 and 11/7 Looking right now C27 for 8/7 is still available
  6. I see one Aurora/Florimund pair has yet to be named….28/6 and 2/7 not yet confirmed while the other pairs have two dates each
  7. I’ve got a vision of Victoria Wood’s Trolley sketch, Osipova/Magri/Kaneko miming ‘is it on the trolley, can you point at it?’
  8. Well what a stroke of luck that is, about 20 minutes ago I was browsing the seats on offer and had the choice of 9th and 11th July Stalls Circle single seats and was wondering which if any may have Beatriz in them…went for the 11th and have just seen that will be her last performance
  9. Which seats are we talking about, the Stalls Circle C12-16 and C97-101 area?
  10. C’mon Dawnstar…consider the feelings of people with considerably greater disposable income than you before you start spouting this kind of thing!! 😉
  11. Great to see Kaneko and Magri getting Juliet debuts but no new Giselles!?😮
  12. Kevin O’Hare appeared from behind the curtain to announce Osipova is injured
  13. Anna Rose O’Sullivan seems to have a bigger one 😆
  14. We've been coming to terms with the news for a week now
  15. I regret not making the most of my Explorer days
  16. You've got to question the point of a system that is giving someone that's been here over 9 years and 700+ posts a 'newbie' badge.😆 Presumably you'll be given a tour of how the forum works and where everything is as well?
  17. I’m sure there is room for a ballet company that doesn’t do the classics but will they be able to fill the Hippodrome?
  18. Rather spookily I've just been followed by 'Icecream at the Interval' on Instagram...and they don't do sorbets either, just models of theatres!!
  19. The window differs depending on the seating area, you can see this info on a booking page....for the amphitheatre it's 30 to 5 mins, for the Stalls and SC it's 15-5 minutes, for the Grand Tier it's 40-25 mins!!! there are no more balcony seats available so can't see what that would be. There are prices for the water and ice creams on the counter of the cloakroom but don't know where you buy them during the interval as I've always sat in my seat through an interval
  20. Yes....from what I've heard I think the foyer opens 45 mins (?) before curtain up, on each of the three occasions this season I turned up in the foyer 25 mins before with a ticket that 'stated 5-15 mins'
  21. I guess it could depend where you sit....as far as I'm concerned the 5-15 mins before show start refers to going in to the auditorium, not when you enter the foyer. A bottle of water costs £2....I take a small botte of water with me in my man-bag but rarely need it but then it's not normally 27 degrees when I go
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