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  1. True but it’s not a school matineeeee!!! 🎉👏🎉👏
  2. From the email we all got a day or two before the performance Our staff members will continue to wear face masks when welcoming our audiences and members of the public. We encourage audience members to join us in doing the same when moving around the building and when seated in the auditorium. There were signs saying to wear a mask in the corridor between foyer and auditorium but no announcements. In my area of the auditorium (Stalls aisle seat) only the two people behind me decided to go with that encouragement
  3. I’m sat in the Theatre Royal, Bath watching The Dresser. Every single person sat round me was mask free during the first half, then virtually all of them put on a mask to go and get an ice cream in the foyer. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Looks like the plans for a vaccine passport have been scrapped in England
  5. Although I can't see a similar clause on the ROH website the Albert Hall has this on their's The Royal Albert Hall may introduce additional safety measures for customers and staff attending performances in accordance with Government guidelines and/or our own risk assessment of the events. If measures are introduced, you will be informed by email as soon as possible. All attendees will be required to comply with these measures. That would seem to suggest that if you bought tickets when vaccine passports were not required it doesn't mean you can show up without one if a requirement is brought in next week, for example.
  6. Maybe they could sell ROH/RB branded versions in the ROH shop 💡
  7. They make announcements prior to the performance, an usher may pop round and ask a group of people to put masks on but don’t do anything about people who pretend not to hear them…or take them off as soon as the lights go down
  8. Another chance to see The Metamorphosis, featuring Edward Watson, Sky Arts Mon 6th Sep 0600-0735
  9. If it’s not a Saturday performance I’d take the tube, I’ve never really found it THAT busy and I get off at Paddington too
  10. Can you take a folded carrier bag and put your coat in the bag and have it between your feet? That's what I do.
  11. It is still showing this as the policy: If you cannot come to the theatre due to Covid-19, you can exchange your ticket or tickets for a gift certificate up to 24 hours before a performance.
  12. Hopefully the returns policy is the same as it was for the last performances and you’ll instantly get a credit note
  13. I know what you mean, I had written a ridiculously optimistic list of possible dates to look for last night knowing that if I couldn't get SCS then I'd only get an O'Sullivan R&J and make do with the six places from my package wallet buster of last week. I ended up getting 19 places including Ed Watson's farewell.
  14. Good grief, that went waaaaaaaaaaay too well!! What's going on!!??? 🤔🧐
  15. Maybe it’s to do with the amount (£243) or maybe because I’d had the second transaction ten minutes after the first one (which didn’t need a code but was for about £100 after all the credit notes taken off)…maybe I have some setting on my bank account that I can adjust the figure that sets it off. To be on the safe side I’ll dig out my PayPal details for Tuesday as I know myself that messages sent by robots can sometimes go awol
  16. Are you a Lloyds customer? I had the same verification thing and although the notification of the message didn't appear on my phone when I went to my messages I saw there was one from the bank
  17. I think they should offer a ‘design your own booking experience’ package where you get a discount based on how much booking trauma you want to tolerate; modest discounts if you settle for being 852nd in the queue even though you joined it an hour in advance, choose a dancer you don’t want to see or a date you can’t go to for a 5% discount, press the website crash button after you’ve booked all your seats and get 10% off whatever you can get second time round….people with a strong heart or lots of hair they are willing to lose may be interested in the Total Fiasco package at a 18% discount
  18. I thought Rapinoe's (woman with purple hair) two fantastic goals in their 4-3 win for bronze were a great indicator that she didn't play terribly
  19. I noticed last night that the ROH website has stated which Nutcracker performances will be for schools/children only since I last looked...Sat 4th Dec will be the Paul Hamlyn performance (Cuthbertson as SPF) and the Tuesday 7th Dec matinee will be for schools (so the general public miss Tierny Heap as SPF ☹️ )
  20. Nice to have a five day advantage over general release....although the idea that I'd have to see the Dante Project as many times as R&J/Giselle is a touch depressing!! I think I'll give up the 8% additional discount and just 'design my own'
  21. And the ability to design your own Stalls.....I'm just off to get some fabric samples, paint swatches and a higher seat 🙂
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