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  1. I agree it is a bit hit and miss, sometimes I walk straight in, other times I offer my handbag and they are not interested. Its a bit like that at Sadlers Wells too. I guess a random "look" is better than not bothering at all. However, I would not like the airport security style as mentioned above - too much but I understand why some places insist.
  2. Just tried it and it did work So you are at the "Buy tickets for Mixed Programme", At "Promotional Code", insert "BRBCREATIVE15", then press apply, then choose your seat or even best available seat and a list comes up with and you will see the ordinary price, and then £15 offer. Try again, if it does not work send me a pm with your email address and I can send a screenshot - there seem to be lots of tickets left so would be good if more people could attend. Good luck.
  3. Go to Sadlers Wells website, when you book tickets, You will need the discount code: BRBCREATIVE15 To ensure a smooth transaction please apply the code first and then select your seats
  4. https://balletblack.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cfa26023909ba159b823e4220&id=478fec9440&e=6d1c46480c For tonight's 7.30 and tomorrow's performances 2pm and 7.30pm.
  5. Hi , its looking like I won't make it to the performance tonight - it is an e-ticket so easy to send on. Please contact soonest if you are interested. Thanks.
  6. I was there on Friday (managed to get last minute tikt) - yes it was surprising when the stage manager (I guess) announced that there had been an injury and that a replacement was dashing to Sadlers -- he explained that there was a part where 2 men were undressing another man, and that it should have been 3 men , he also said that it was press night and hoped everyone would be OK while there was a short break. The atmosphere was really good and some people took the opportunity to have a quick trip to the bar etc. It was so interesting to see R&J set so differently although
  7. Love to take C 67 on 10th please. Will pm you.
  8. I received an email highlighting the studio rehearsals, and foolishly only booked one which was today with Nunez and Soares (as mentioned above) and I could not have been happier. I was on the balcony, £8 of any one's money (pre-Brexit, post-Brexit I'll turn up!). I would say that some of the acoustics or audio mics needed a little improvement or perhaps I need to see a specialist.
  9. Ticket available for the 7.30pm performance tonight - it's an e-ticket so can email across. Thanks.
  10. Lovely photos. A wonderful evening on 17th - so glad that a little snow did not put off the faithful. The Suit was great - I was hoping the ending would be different but you could see it would be bad! Barbican Theatre is such a lovely venue. Ballet Black on good form, as ever.
  11. hi Sue I might be interested - what time does it end - I have a 2.30pm meeting on that day. Thanks. Kathy
  12. Hello all Still looking for a ticket for this evening's performance - if you have one even at short notice up to about 5pm today -- let me know. Many thanks and fingers crossed. K
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