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Found 15 results

  1. I thought to set up this topic for reviews of The Dante Project, as this week finally sees the commencement of this new full length ballet choreographed by Wayne McGregor for the RB, long delayed due to Covid. The opening night is on Thursday 14th, with 9 more performances up to the end of October. The last performance on 30th October is also the last here for the brilliant Edward Watson and is sure to be a memorable event. Streaming online from 29 October (recorded 26 October). Looking forward to all the BcF feedback! (Unless I have missed something there has been no advertised General Rehearsal available for Friends to attend....but perhaps this is normally the case for new RB ballets)?
  2. Selling 1 x Amphitheatre ticket & programme voucher for The Dante Project on Saturday 30th October at 11.30am (Watson, Lamb) Seat H-58 £39.00.
  3. The ROH has announced a new Wayne McGregor work, to be premiered by the NBC in November 2020 and then be performed by the RB in 2022: 'In this major new international collaboration between The Royal Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada, Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor brings Margaret Atwood’s post-apocalyptic vision to the stage in a three–act ballet, MADDADDAM based on the writer’s acclaimed trilogy of novels: Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam. Themes of extinction and invention, hubris and humanity are spliced together with aspects of Atwood’s non-fiction writings and political voice. Featuring a specially commissioned score from Max Richter, lighting by Lucy Carter, design by We Not I, film by Ravi Deepres, and dramaturgy by Uzma Hameed, this world premiere reunites the creative collaborators from McGregor’s Olivier Award-winning ballet Woolf Works. Kevin O’Hare, Director of The Royal Ballet comments ’Wayne’s genius in bringing together some of the most exciting creative forces in art today reveals itself again with this latest venture. Collaborating with Margaret Atwood, author of some of the most haunting and potent writing in contemporary literature, is a wonderful prospect for our next co-production with The National Ballet of Canada. It’s a dazzling opportunity for dancers from both of our companies to relish.’ Karen Kain, Artistic Director for The National Ballet of Canada adds ‘I am thrilled The National Ballet of Canada will premiere Wayne McGregor’s exciting new work, MADDADDAM, our third co-production with The Royal Ballet, in November 2020. I have long admired Wayne for his intelligent, visually stunning and highly physical work that continually pushes the boundaries of creativity. He has a perfect collaborator in Margaret Atwood. Together they are creating a work firmly rooted in the Canadian landscape exploring themes of extinction and invention, hubris and humanity and activism.’'
  4. Edward Watson is appearing in a triple bill at the Coliseum on 7th and 8th December 2019. He is dancing in a world premiere by Wayne McGregor with Olga Smirnova: https://www.broadwayworld.com/westend/article/A-Thrilling-Triple-Bill-Comes-To-The-London-Coliseum-20191108 The programme also includes Radio and Juliet and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's Faun.
  5. Genuine question. If Wayne Macgregor is RB’s resident choreographer, why his his new work using RB dancers, being premiered in LA?
  6. At the back of this summer's Bolshoi brochure is an advert telling us that Zakharova will return to London between 3-8 December 2019 in this role which was created especially for her, together with a brand new Wayne McGregor piece. 'Booking opens soon.'
  7. The Unknown Soldier Infra Symphony in C Opening Night tomorrow Tues 20th November Dress Rehearsal today - this lunchtime's stellar cast and performance were as per attached sheet, and presumably will be deployed again tomorrow night.
  8. Tonight was the first night of the Royal Ballet's last triple bill of the season. I'm afraid I didn't make it through to the end, but would be glad to hear from those who did!
  9. Not sure if a report on Wayne Macgregor when he's wearing his modern dance hat is allowed, but the moderators will delete this if it's not suitable, so here goes. WM's latest (well, latest for Oz anyway) offering is Tree of Codes with dancers from his own company plus two from POB. No cast list so I can't give any names. Technically amazing ... 75 minutes of frenetic action, and professionally impressive -it was 43 degrees outside. Of course, we were in a deliciously air-conditioned building, but still ... . Music -James xx - who I gather is very much the thing - but a bit too monotonous for me. Staging (lighting doesn't cover it) initially arresting. The dancers are backed by a huge mirror so single dancers are doubled, two become four and so on. Later a second mirror is added, so that dancers in front of the first mirror continue to be doubled, but those between the first and second mirrors appear to dance at the head of an infinite line of dancers stretching into the distance. Arresting at first. My personal favourite came right at the beginning with the stage in darkness. The dancers have lights attached to their costumes, so it looks like clouds of cogniscent fireflies coming together and breaking apart. One critic wrote that, technically stunning as the work was, it lacked heart, and I went along fully expecting to disagree. But it does. Finally I could not see what McGregor was trying to say. Maybe it was about the now. Each movement totally complete in itself, before being swept away by the next. If so, it was not enough. .
  10. Great evening - great reception for Wayne after new work and at the end when KOH thanked him for his contribution over last 10 years. Quick thoughts: Chroma - fresher, newer and weightier thanks to amazing addition of Alvin Ailey dancers. Liked it more than before - and in the context of a "trumped up world" a wonderful example of a magic mix of people. Multiverse - it'll split the critics I think. I liked it - the dancing terrific - total commitment to the work. There were so many moments of quiet brilliance amongst the more angst driven stretches of choreography. The set incredible - the music wonderful but demanding at times. The mix of emotion and knife-edge dancing can be head-slamming - I'd have loved to see it again to get a better idea. Carbon Life- liked it far more than last time round - ode to Michael Clark but very enjoyable. Anyway, money well spent!
  11. Well, today's matinee certainly worked for me. This is the second time I've seen it and I found a lot more to enjoy and think it is a fantastic piece. However, the third act could do with some fine tuning - it lacks any dramatic narrative or cohesion which means the ballet ends on a downer rather than the reflective mood which I think they are aiming at. Act 1 belonged to Matthew Ball. I was blown away by the expressive warmth of his movements, as were my neighbours. I am not so sure about Hirano in this piece but perhaps it was just that Ball was so drop-dead fantastic. Naghdi also absolutely in a class of her own. This was evident even though I didn't realise it was her at first. This is a difficulty with Woolf Works - it really is hard to sort out who is dancing. Act 2 was Campbell's moment and indeed all the cast were fabulous. However, I couldn't help remembering Osipova and Macrae in this piece who again were at another level. All in all a fabulous afternoon with the exception of the ROH cloakroom arrangements which are now beyond parody.
  12. Well, it's already been talked about a lot, particularly here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/12514-obsidian-tear-new-mcgregor/ but tonight is the premiere of the new McGregor work, Obsidian Tear, along with a long-overdue revival of MacMillan's The Invitation, plus what should be a welcome re-viewing of Wheeldon's Within the Golden Hour. Thoughts here, please.
  13. Loved Rhapsody. Thought McRae was awesome. Gloria is interesting but it dragged for me a bit. I won't mention what I thought of Tetractys as it will probably break some forum rule. Would be interesting to read what other people thought.
  14. it would be really interesting to know what first nighters thought of this programme. I only attended the rehearsal so comment from me would be inappropriate at present.
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