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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but all this chatter about booking etc, is making me ridiculously excited!!
  2. my guess it is the cost of a box (the £600) - but even so, that's £150 a seat. So, not a cut-price ticket for a cut-down performance...
  3. I think a good many of the various company's 30mins streaming slots are on simultaneously, so you have to pick one, and watch the other (if so inclined) later. I seem to remember that was what happened last year. At least, that's what my memory is telling me today....
  4. I hope so - I got a phone call mid afternoon to inform me that the best seat I managed to nab was double booked, so they were offering to reseat me (in the same row, but slightly less central). Wasn't worth any hassle to refuse - though I did think half an hour later perhaps I should have negociated a better seat for the other performance I managed to get as a trade off! 🙂
  5. I think the single tickets were in short supply from the off; I too struggled - managed ok for 'Golden Hour' bill for Thurs/Fri, but could nothing for the 'Elite' bill, so bit the bullet and bought a pair of cheapies up in the back of the amphi on the 4th - one seat for each cheek, as it were! lol (meant I could only go to one evening of course)
  6. I think the limit of only 2 tickets per production, and maybe people outside London being a little reluctant to travel up to town, has made booking easier for those so inclined.
  7. I think that would be far too open to Mr Cockup coming to town ...
  8. I was wondering that too. I had initially assumed the opening night of each would be streamed, so we can all fume at vimeo's pay-as-you-go but the info available not supporting that assumption at the moment. Perhaps it will become clear soon (one hopes!), and perhaps a hint at the rep aside from Elite S and Golden Hour (and casting?). There again, breath not being held Also, rereading the page just now, when they discuss Nutcracker, they say there will be covid-safe performances that we can attend (if a ticket procured!), but the link in the text goes to the cinema broadcast of the 2016 b
  9. yes, the production photographer hired by ROH (per production) usually photographs all casts (if possible), so those are the photos they would have used to make the composite poster.
  10. Wasn't it just! And it never ceases to amaze me just how thrilling the finale of Symphony in C is! 🙂
  11. watching it 'live' it was quite obviously on a delay (the way they cut between pieces, the way the audience's applause suddenly died, and the background 'hum' changed as the next piece was about to start, etc). I guessed it was about 30mins (rather than 60) to allow for hiccups. Can't say it bothered me to be honest.
  12. I suspect someone dragged it up after said minister's crass comment about people working in 'the arts' should retrain for something else.
  13. I think this was just one of a series of ads, trying to get people from a wide range of walks of life, and current careers, to think about going into cyber security training (where there is a shortage of candidates to fill the positions available), rather than advocating artistic careers were doomed so go train for something else. Which is what some tory ministers had been advocating. I don't think the company involved was being directed by the government in this case, so for once they are innocent of this
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