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  1. Whilst I can sympathise with the inconvenience caused - that is surely the whole point of a demonstration. If no disruption, it gets very little if any press coverage. And even then, they only seem to get wide press and TV coverage if violence erupts sadly. And besides, most demonstrations accumulate in a park (usually Hyde Park), and people walk along Park Lane, Piccadilly, St James and into Trafalgar Sq for Whitehall and Downing St. From my own personal experience, using either Charing X or Waterloo, I haven’t been disrupted much at all
  2. Such early starts are a pain even when you do live in or around London, as you can’t get much done in the morning, apart from getting yourself up to central London - weekend engineering works permitting of course!
  3. I don’t where you are coming from, going home to, but have you tried splitting the journey? For example, if you can say, get to Birmingham quite cheaply, you can get singles to/ from London for about £7-£8 outside rush hours. You wouldnt even have to change train, if the service went through your in between station
  4. it also makes you wonder what else they are carelessly getting wrong in the rest of the paper
  5. they've run out of Andre Rieu to show (for the umpteenth time)? 🙂
  6. This is true - but I can't ever see the dancers perusing the website checking their casting! They will have been told, I assume, either personally if being asked to step up as a replacement - especially at short notice - or on their noticeboard when casting decided. I can't see them thinking - oh, better check the website before posting this nice new opportunity on my social media thread, so my friends will know too. If there is a reason NOT to announce this news, I'm sure they would be told not to announce it when they themselves are given the news.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen a larger crowd assembled outside the stage door after that performance. One of those WOW, I was there! - type performances (as I was!)
  8. Maybe a glitch. Or just poor interdepartmental communication. Probably the latter, as they still haven't updated the casting for Tuesday's mixed bill for example.
  9. For practical partnering purposes, he has to look at her, but otherwise, he is trying hard not to make eye contact, as you would in a standard pdd. At least, that’s what it looked like through my binoculars in th3 performances I have seen
  10. it was - Perseus spent the whole pdd either moving his face out of line, or with eyes closed (and the soldiers helmets were so designed to cover their faces so they could not see)
  11. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    At ROH and this ‘open up’ is getting through to the laptop freeloaders - hardly anywhere to sit for punters who have come for the performance and most that I could had not even bought a coffee! 😞 had to go outside in the cold - bah!
  12. Saw him, and Joby Talbot, in ROH the other evening - perhaps they are gathering forces for a new work for the 20-21 season
  13. so - now £20. I was put off at £17, so will only now see the streamed ones for sure
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