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  1. Perhaps you could go in with someone - have a sleeve each 😉
  2. She has done some before now - and you're right, she's wonderful
  3. Fuller review (with photos) here: https://www.walesartsreview.org/dance-tri-darn-three-works-ballet-cymru/?fbclid=IwAR3DuVaRF_e6w-_6rGieZYXToLGDtZKjmBN9H23OUZQyU5EnUzdI8oeRops
  4. Tri Darn / Three Works Celtic Concerto (Darius James & Amy Doughty) Divided We Stand (Patricia Vallis) Wired to the Moon (Charlotte Edmonds) Went to see Ballet Cymru this evening, performing their new triple bill at the Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre (in Sadlers Wells). It was a shortish, but terrific evening's entertainment, has to be said. The first piece, Celtic Concerto, was a tribute to harpist and composer (and company patron) Catrin Finch. Choreographed by Darius James and Amy Doughty (the Artistic Director and Assistant Director) it was simply the joy of dancing made physical. The women had rather striking black 'puff' tutus which enhanced the joyous movement no end. All the dancers sidled on as the lights got brighter and for the forst movement all danced together, coming together as a pair for a lift or some other partnering. The second movement, one couple danced a lovely pdd, then a second came on and took up the mantle, and then a third. It was very effective. The final movement all the dancers began assembling again for a finale worthy of the name The second piece was 'Divided We Stand' by Patricia Vallis. This had two groups in confrontation with each other, aggressively and combatively challenging each other. Gradually, partnerships began to form, the 'kilts' were lost and a more understanding and soothing atmosphere took over, as couples and trios 'spoke' to each other, rather than 'shouted at' each other. But never did the tension break as such. The final piece was by Charlotte Edmonds (Wired to the Moon) and may be one of the best things I've seen from her. Starting off a bit like a Pina Bausch piece, but with dancing, we had a 'set' of pot plants, CRT tellies showing what looked like street riots, and a dozen white boxes, each big enough to hide a dancer - and one did. We had been cleared from the auditorium so when we re-entered a couple of dancers and boxes (which got moved around to form new shapes) already in place and as the stage lights came up, and the house lights dimmed, we realised they had already started. The dancers were kitted out in heavy grey suits, under which they had nothing but some somewhat battered looking vests and pants. Eventually, as the piece progressed, dancers took turns shedding the suits in various ways. Nothing says 'stick it to the man' as shedding your grey suit and dancing in your vest and pants!! All the while, an electronic timer was counting down (and sped up as pauses in the music happened and dancers repositioned), as well as a stream of sand falling from the ceiling, as if in an hour glass. The final visage, as the counter went to zero and the lights went off, was of one of the female dancers being promenaded on one of those white boxes, as if a ballerina in a music box. All in all, a really good evening - wish I had gone on Sunday as well now.
  5. I think the answer comes down to - more money than sense - especially if it’s a top priced stalls ticket! I often feel like volunteering my services to occupy their seat for them whilst they can continue ‘enjoying’ their phone browsing. Wouldn’t want them to miss anything! On a cheaper scale, it happens in the cinema too, which is why I will only go see films on a midweek afternoon, when if the paying audience goes into double figures, it’s a busy showing! And we ar3 all there to see the film, rather than socialise via a smart phone
  6. The current announcer (of time to be seated fame) reminds me of a Kaminoan Cloner from the Star Wars movies...
  7. They could just cut some scenes entirely (the starting ball, and its walk-on parade; the fireworks show and opera bit; the hunt scene where the gun goes off; the pub scene maybe; the Hungarian officers - that sort of thing), but use the choreography and score the same, for the scenes they do perform. At least, that's my guess.
  8. and a 'about to begin' with 2mins to go. Mind you, we often then sit/stand in the auditorium for another 5mins or so whilst the conductor finished his cup of tea (or whatever) 😉
  9. I don't think these were patrons - far too young (and Stalls Circle, not Grand Tier)!!! lol This wan't just 'after lights dimmed' - the orchestra was in flow flow - but the curtain yet to rise, thank heavens
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