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  1. zxDaveM


    It was a typical Jamie Spencer ride - way off the pace, tried to find a way through a host of horses too close to the running rail (perhaps should have come round the field down the middle of the track). By the time he had a clear run on her, the winner (and other placed horses) had gone past the winning post
  2. zxDaveM


    unfortunately, the jockey gave her no chance with a very indifferent ride
  3. zxDaveM


    Vadream out again today, at Glorious Goodwood. Has a good shout too
  4. zxDaveM


    Baryshnikov runs at Ayr today, and is fav for the 3.55 race
  5. zxDaveM

    Quick Quiz

    That's 'True' Gold', is that...
  6. we still await your glowing contribution... 😉
  7. Don't blame you on Judas Tree - I stopped seeing it when it was in the last mixed bill it was part of. If I never saw it again, I wouldn't be upset (even if one of my fave dancers featured) Infra is the piece I think you mean. I liked that A LOT, I have to admit; loved the Max Richter score, and it went from there. Some of the position he got his dancers in were extrordinary (and some, not all, strikingly beautiful - those that weren't did tend to bend into ugliness)
  8. gach! - I'd much rather see Concerto, Gloria, Rite of Spring, and especially Requiem than that lot, I cannot deny
  9. or hold it at the bottom of a field with a slope - a la the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury (but on a vastly smaller scale obviously!). A sorta amphitheatre type thing. As for standing - for a tenner, fine. For £85, not so fine (in my opinion)
  10. yes, how long before 'Lighting by' becomes 'Gloom managed by' I wonder....
  11. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    They probably saw the rest of the family going out, so made an assumption. If so, they could have tried flagging down said leavers!
  12. They haven't yet marked the increases in prices to those seats
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