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  1. sometimes, you don't have to go far from home to see nature. Sometimes you don't even need to leave the kitchen table! Just been watching a male Sparrowhawk sitting on the crown of the roof of the house opposite me. No wonder all the sparrows gone missing!
  2. the stored nuts will sprout in the spring if forgotten about - which is of course, what the trees are counting on!
  3. I THINK its through observations; the naturalists observing the squirrels note down where they stashed their nuts in the Autumn, note which ones they visited during the Winter and early Spring, and the ones they didn't. Painstaking work!
  4. There is a link going round on Facebook for a RB Nutcracker stream on Wednesday 6th Jan. The link they give is: Sign Up: watchingonhd.xyz / Royal-Ballet's-Nutcracker (my cross through - but DON'T open this link) Any website with "anywords.XYZ" is more often than not dodgy, so I'd have a small wager that this is a scam (would love to be proved wrong!)
  5. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    There have been many problems making new programs. Those in front of, and those behind, the cameras, have to practice social distancing. Someone goes sick with Covid, or has a asymptomatic positive test, or is notified by the NHS that someone near them has, production stops as the crew may have to isolate for 2 weeks and the expense rockets. Making new shows over Zoom (such as Staged) are limiting; studio dramas would look weird with everyone 2m apart anyway; outdoor dramas have technical difficulties (and expense), as well as travel problems due to lockdown/tier restrictions. So I'm not sure
  6. seeing those NYCB streams of their archive short works was a joy Being almost stupidly happy to get back into ROH for a performance after the summer The bird song in the beautiful Spring / early Summer Watching (on TV) Stradivarius winning the Ascot Gold Cup Getting back onto a race course (Sandown) to see the horses up close (and have a winning day to boot!) Before lockdown happened, seeing my own horse Sabrina (well, syndicated horse) win at Ascot, when I had an owners badge - and so received the winner's trophy from the Ascot CEO on the same spot The Queen would pre
  7. after watching Scottish Ballet's rather marvelous wintery mash-up for their Snow Queen and Nutcracker, couldn't help but wonder about future offerings along those lines, for filmed entertainment during no-audience covid conditions. Such as Ondine emerging out of the Swan's Lake? Sylvia and her warrior maidens taking out the Romans to allow Spartacus free? The Wilis taking vengeance for the drug induced haze of Solor? Widow Simone's kind heart sorting out Cinder's sisters (and step-mother)? Endless fun possibilities! 🙂
  8. What is it with people like that! You see them in the supermarkets and on the trains, and most other places where people congregate; and people wonder why the infection rates shooting up. Its a shame there is no one around that can slap an immediate fine on them! Most people ARE making the effort to keep others safe (in my area in the Amphi last night, I didn't see anyone not wearing their mask properly). On TV, the somewhat sparse crowds at the racecourses, have all been in their own small groups or as individuals, beautifully spread out in the vast looking stands - and still masked up! After
  9. It was such a pleasure being back in ROH even for just a wee while last night, tinged with a little sadness that we don't know when we'll be back (it would be a miracle if we get those shows after Christmas). Also seeing Nathalie Harrison's last performance - she has long been one of my favourites, and I think she started with the Royal just a few months before I started going to see performances, so has been one of those constants (apart from matenity leave of course!); still, I got to see her dance for once last time, as a lead flower, and the first snowflake - the first snowflake that alway
  10. This is correct, as I type. Fingers crossed it stays that way
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