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  1. I always try to catch Ballet Cymru when they visit London, and it is always worthwhile when I do. Got my ticket sorted already 🙂
  2. yes, I thought he had been playing dress-up with his Nan's old dress - but yes, does remind of the old style dressing gowns circa mid-60's worn by the old 'femme-fatale' in sit-coms on telly
  3. absolutely loved the corps rehearsal for act2 of Giselle, with Sam and Sian running the dancers through their paces, and putting in those tiny corrections for hand/foot placements of mere inch or two. Fantastic to watch - especially 'the hops'! For me, the best part of the day. But is it just me, or did they finish half an hour early?
  4. will they be auditioning for 'character' artists? I've got my own inbuilt fat suit, if that helps
  5. When I was in uni we had a Monday evening film club in one of the lecture theatres, which gave us the opportunity to see a current film outside of the cinema (back in those days it was several years before they appeared on telly, and of course no videos back then). Anyhoo, I can't recall the film (it wasn't that good, is all I recall) when it came to quite a raunchy sex scene. Rapt silence.... until a low voice down the front exclaimed "borrrrr-ring". The film didn't survive the rest of the evening
  6. I went this afternoon. Lovely to see Alessandra striking a few poses and running through a step or two (she looks as elegant as ever), but all in all, can't say I was bowled over, tbh.
  7. a rather interesting piece of casting - she really looked 'not of this world' in a stunner of a pdd
  8. The guy in front of me looked sheepishly guilty after the announcement just before curtain up - but didn't even have a mask with him, let alone wrapped around his face
  9. Agreed! I don't know if it's my eyes getting older, but I could swear it has been getting darker and darker over the years. As an example (in the finale tomb scene), I always struggled to see Romeo separating himself from the candle carrying monks - now I can barely see the monks at all! Or the scene where Juliet goes to see the vicar for the sleeping draught/poison, can hardly see any of that now, except when they both come right to the front of the stage for a wee prayer.
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