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  1. I watched it via TouTube 'live' as it were, and had no problems - except when people were speaking out of range of a mic. Very enjoyable and informative Insight, I thought
  2. yes, that was the only thing that 'spoiled' his performance in my book - he looked supeb though
  3. As I'm getting 2-3 ads for la Boheme in my gmail account almost every day at the moment, out of idle curiosity thought I'd look to see how the tickets were doing. And no wonder they are so deperately plugging it - a few randomly selected dates show its barely half full - far less on one date. Not like the ballet side of ROH then!
  4. perhaps no one has reported this to the box office/ROH so they are blissfully unaware. Though you would hope they would be looking out for this sort of thing, rather than turning a blind eye to it.
  5. I think that was what Kevin was talking about at the beginning - her time at BRB
  6. she was indeed - sitting almost directly in front of me! 🙂
  7. I've not seen it, and unless it comes on telly, unlikely to if I'm honest. But playing devil's advocate - I think a lot of the fuss origianlly was made because the cgi 'add-ons' looked plain weird, creepy even. Apparently, the released film still wasn't that great, so they redid the cgi again, and changed all the 'prints' in the cinemas showing it, with these newly enhnaced cgi effects. Which were a lot better by all accounts. So that might account for people seeing it AFTER the first week of release, being less spooked than those who saw the original - and the trailers from the summer
  8. I stood next to someone like at the Opera House the other night. Even at the end, the most cursory couple of claps, and then off out. Makes you wonder why some people like that attend, as they don't seem to enjoy it much!
  9. Tonight's show was indeed pretty spectacular. Hats off to Reece Clarke in his debut as Onegin; how he changed from oh so superior in the first 2 acts, to a forlorn mess in act 3, seemingly unable to believe how he managed to blow it so completely. The other leads in this cast (Natalia Osipova, Matthew Ball and Francesca Hayward (and Gary Avis as Gremin)) also delivered and then some, in their individual roles - but you have to say it was one of those nights when the whole was most definitely larger than the sum of the parts. If forced to chose, I'd have to say the night belonged to Reece though!
  10. 'opening night' is when the press critics are given tickets to review the show (though some were at both shows today). The 'press night' cast, is usually stacked with Principals, and press photographers often get to photo a special 'pre-general' full stage call rehearsal (of said press night cast). That's how it usually works anyway
  11. I only go to our local cinema now, in the mid afternoons. Often see blockbusters, even in early days of release, with only a handful of fellow movie devotees - but now only go 6-8 times a year, rather then 2-3 times a month. Otherwise, the distractions just too great. Why can't people spend approx 2 hours without having to consume enough snacks to feed the 5000? Enough pop to refloat the Titanic? The slurping and rustling just drives me bonkers! Its usually at their kneee level - i.e. right at my ears level - and almost blocks out the soundtrack. Then there's the chattering in the quiet bits - you know, the plot develpment bits. Bah! And don't get me started on the queue to buy a ticket (I often have a voucher to use, so can't use the machines outside) when one small family group often takes 10-15mins to get served all this expensive flim-flam. Mind you, I suppose all that non-sense does keep the cinema afloat and the ticket price down. I cheat - I just get a small packet of sweeties from Sainsbury at about 1/5th the cost and twice the volume!
  12. lets be frank, the King is a bit of a scuzz-bucket! When accused of forgetting the invite for Carabosse, he quickly throws Catalabutte under the bus, so to speak. Yet when faced with 3 hapless peasant women trying to improve their threadbare wardrobe, he proffers a hanging, until his sensible wife steps in...
  13. Possible - I think Francesca Hayward only danced it on the opening night... (please correct, if I'm mistaken)
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