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  1. Oklahoma - see John Lithgow in 'Third Rock From the Sun' and his rendition of that song in a snowed-in diner. In my top 5 funniest TV moments ever! My musical faves would include Carousel, Singing in the Rain, On The Town, All That Jazz, The Sound of Music and South Pacific.
  2. I believe it is to be broadcast on Japanese TV in early October SO wish I could have been there!
  3. No, I didn’t think you were. Just the day is structured that way, so they don’t have to commute at peak times (and after a late finish if there was a performance the night before) so class starts at 10.30 and they go on from there. Think operas start earlier if necessary, to end before 10.30pm to avoid orchestra overtime! Overall though, a 10.30pm finish isn’t that late compared to many things - when I went to gigs in Camden in my day, it was often a near midnight finish and a mad dash for the tube to get the train home at Victoria - and was often missed!
  4. Perhaps its to give time to dancers to grab a bite to eat (or a quick nap!) between afternoon rehearsals finishing, and getting ready for a performance
  5. the pre-performance Insights (there are a few for Sleeping Beauty in the autumn for example) are usually just chat. The full Insights dedicated to a production, run from 7.30pm to about 9pm tops, and has a rehearsal element in it (which is obviously the big draw). Fortunately, they do seem to be streaming most of these nowadays, which is always better than nothing (though can't beat being there)
  6. Ouch! That sounds a multitude number of swear words level of painful. Hope you're better soon!
  7. Same here. Enjoyed the jokes and gender switching deceptions, and the dancing, colourful costumes and sets were a joy. Even the Soviet era propaganda of the idyllic communal farm with tractors, trains(?) and aeroplanes(???) brought a wry smile. The two lead female dancers - the KKs (Khokhlova and Krysanova) - were dazzling, as of course was the ‘Sylph’ of Russian Skvortsov playing a completely dead straight bat in a frock 🙂 As there were only two performances, completely puzzled why this wasn’t the first sold out. I guess most folk prefer the old war horses. Hey-ho.
  8. yes, but does anyone know about RB dancers at Feastival? lol
  9. ooh - that was my 2500th post! 🙂
  10. heard on the radio today that the music, arts and cheese festival (Feastival) on Alex James' farm in Oxfordshire, as well as featuring bands like Elbow, will also be featuring "musicians and dancers from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden" anyone know anything? As per usual, there is nowt on the ROH website...
  11. I was stunned and very sad when I heard the news. So I can only imagine how much his family and close friends must be feeling. RIP John - and thanks for all the assistance, and the conversations in the SCS area (especially when Sarah Lamb was dancing).
  12. Please note the posts above were hidden by the moderators as the original post breached the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the forum - and so subsequent posts made no sense, or referred to that original post. Just to say that we have had independent confirmation that Laura Morera IS dancing her Manon shows as planned, so further speculation can now happily cease. which is good for all us Laura fans! 🙂
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