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  1. Its not that obvious, I agree. Try this: Go to your inbox (click the 'go to inbox' from your messages list at the top of the screen) You can from there, filter for the 'conversations' you started, or if you know what the topic header was, or the name of the person you wrote to, do a search for that message hope that helps
  2. disconcerting for me too - looked like miniaturised people been put through a catalytic converter! 🙂
  3. NB - it is Paris Opera Ballet, rather than NYCB. Though I suppose that is usually the case on Sky Arts...
  4. Morera and Bonelli - they might not do it next time round. and they are STUNNING!
  5. no, it was on the Pyramid Stage (Akram Khan's 'Dust') but very early in the day (lunchtime-ish, on the Sunday as I recall). Ballet Black appeared for those 2mins as part of the headline act, so it was HUGE! And fabulous!
  6. in case anyone missed it, Ballet Black performed a short (2mins or so) piece in the politically charged headline Stormzy set at Glastonbury. Not my sort of music to be honest, but the whole set was brilliantly staged, and he is an admirable master of what he does.
  7. zxDaveM


    it is forecasted to be up to 34C in London area today, but its only for one day. Back to 23-24C for tomorrow and most of next week - thank goodness!!
  8. I was at Sadlers Wells last night too - and felt disappointment on behalf of BRB that so few of us were there (up in the 2nd circle, I reckon everyone would have fitted into the first 5-6 rows had the scattering of people behind me squashed up into the vacant seats in front). As for the bill itself - I really enjoyed Lyric Pieces (I had not seen it before), as 'bridiem' says above, lovely dancing to lovely music. A delight! Not sure what I made of 'Sense of Time'; I liked the two central pdd's (especially the Brandon Lawrence and Celine Gittens one) but not sure about the group dancing - seemed a bit 'west side story' at times. I'd probably need to see it again to get more out of it, as I found the wall of suitcases rather distracting. I rather enjoyed 'Peter and the Wolf' - thought the costumes a bit racy for children though! lol Personally, I had no problem with it being in the bill, as I don't mind stark contrasts between pieces, as long as I enjoy them.
  9. Perfect! plus - first and third sections of Woolf Works, and Infa from McGregor Then throw into the mix, Symphonic Dances, Scenes de Ballet, Within the Golden Hour, Requiem/Concerto... Also, Nutcracker at Christmas, and Giselle for January 🙂
  10. I think that the poster using the nicknames should be politely asked to make the clarification for all that don't know the nicknames. Shouldn't have to happen that often though, I would hope...
  11. sounds a bit of a waste of time, if you ask me. But if anyone wants to start a fresh thread, and all the confusion that would no doubt follow, we can't really expect the moderators to then copy posts into the 'correct thread' when posts inevitably go to the wrong one.
  12. Personally, the only test it fails for me from above is that it isn't immediately accessible from outside. If you come in from the piazza, you only see it side on (I missed it completely the first time I came in that way, after its arrival), and is the other side of the Linbury staircase if you come in via the main doors from Bow St. - and its also behind the staircase leading up to the Floral Hall from the new caff area. Once you do get there though, it does look fir for purpose
  13. I've always found the rake in Sadlers Wells more than adequate to avoid any heads in view problems - the person in front usually has their head below my knee level, so as long as they don't lean forward... (though as I'm trying to recall, I'm sure there is a little bit of a stagger, to assist the view)
  14. This 'correct version' extract is from the middle movement surely (Flight Pattern uses the first), so not sure what that proves. The version I'm most familiar with (and I imagine most of the CFM listeners and/or TV viewers that saw it) was the Dawn Upshaw version, who is hardly 'wobble-free' so to speak. I love that version, so wasn't that enamoured by the version used for Flight Pattern - though I did love Flight Pattern in its own right. I don't know enough about classical music (especially when sung) to really make an informed comment about things like the tempi or the voice-wobble, but all I know is that Flight Pattern moved me to my core, and was helped to that by the music, imperfect as it may have been...
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