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  1. littering is one thing that is guaranteed to make me blow my top. Not long back from a walk in the local park, and there were pools of litter in the open spaces, where people (probably ill brought up youngsters) had been gathering in groups. Some patches of litter not 10ft from a bin. I really struggle with the mentality of people who open something up, or finish what they are consuming, and just chuck the packaging on the floor. If there is no bin, can't be difficult just to pop it back into the carrier bag it was brought in, and pop it in the bin as you leave or at home when you get there. GRRRRRR! Rant over... for now
  2. Yes, that would have been my reasoning too! Unless they intend repeat shows, or something like that? Where if everyone saw the first, they might not get much of a crowd for later shows. Doesn’t seem logical though, not to max out the first then perhaps limit later ones.
  3. Yes, I found that puzzling too. Laura Marling is doing the same thing for a gig from the Union Chapel. Perhaps they are trying to make it feel special, with that self satisfaction you get when nabbing a ticket for a show that gets sold out, in a limited sized venue...
  4. Just went round the block for a twilight walk - and heard a Song Thrush competing with the Blackbirds. First time I've heard one in AGES! Quite made my evening, even if it is a relatively common bird
  5. That's a shame - its my favourite section of Jewels! Still, we've had so many delightful treats, seems rather churlish of me to even think of complaining!
  6. unless she did 'mad' wilis Giselle! lol
  7. Run time for Giselle sans interval would be about 1hr 45mins. Same for Nutcracker roughly. Though you would probably have to have a bit of a pause (at least 5mins or so I would imagine) between the acts to change the scenery
  8. maybe a cat - or another fox. And perhaps after making the kills, they couldn't get their victims out of the pen (over/under/through the fences) in time, before people started moving about. Its definitely not pleasant, but the fox isn't being deliberately malicious as people would be. As I say, there is a method in their apparent madness - which is difficult to comes to terms with if they are your chickens!!
  9. Foxes may kill but not eat, when they get disturbed. If left to their own devices, they will cache most of the kills for leaner times, away from the kill site within their territory. So it looks awful, but has a logic in terms of a survival strategy (Artic Foxes do the same with sea birds when their chicks take flight for the first time, but fail to make the sea from their cliff nest sites). It obviously works for them, as I think I read somewhere that Red Foxes now occupy every continent except Antartica. Thinking about it - its what humans do in a way, when fishing or livestock farming, where our cache is the cold cabinets in the supermarket or our personal fridge
  10. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    toe, arse, firm connection. That should sort it!
  11. Thanks for posting this - I enjoyed it enormously. Yes, the constant wide angle wasn't ideal, but its such a pleasure to watch ballet without having to peer through the gloom, or against the gimmicks and gadgets, that blight so much modern choreography. Probably why I enjoy watching Balanchine's works so much! 🙂
  12. what a wonderfully elegant and richly rewarding ballet Initials R.B.M.E. is. And beautifully, clearly lit too! I'm very glad I watched it - almost didn't, as was catching up on something else but a friend recommended it.
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