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  1. I suspect that all adventurous plans will be scaled back, and the big workhorses (at premium ticket prices) will be brought into service to bolster the coffers. So probably plenty of Tchaikovsky and R&J, your Bayaderes and the like. Can't say I'd blame them
  2. we used to have a pair of Dabchicks on Waddon Ponds - not seen them for a few years now though - gulls probably ate them! 😞 I don't think I saw a single Swift round here last summer. As a tangent, when I worked in Sutton, a Swift had gotten itself in through the window in the fire escape stairwell, and couldn't get itself out again, as it didn't understand the concept of going to the flap at the top of the pane of glass. So I manged to catch it (it was exhausted by this time) and let it fly free from another window in the main office. Quite a thrill! Oh - and come July, we always had Peregrine fledglings flying past the window squealing and begging for food from their parents. Now that was exciting!
  3. We sometimes see one along the river at the end of my road - pollution allowing. Usually just a flash of dazzling blue, as they rocket up or downstream when you disturb them. Must be OK pollution wise at the moment, as saw a Little Egret on Sunday, and a Grey Heron this morning, on that stretch of the Wandle
  4. they are! When I was a nipper, they were very rare, and confined to wooded valleys in central/west Wales, so seeing one was really exciting. Now you see them all along the M40/M4 corridor. In fact, I knackered an interview once (which admittedly was not going well anyway, as I had decided during the course of the interview I didn't really want the job), over in a site near Reading, when one flew past the window behind the interviewers head. All concentration immediately evaporated as my mind returned to nipper-hood
  5. the 2 obvious questions that spring to my mind (and most other people I imagine) - if nothing to pursue, why cancel Symphonic Dances? And if cancelling SD because of 'something', why isn't it being pursued?
  6. Statement just issued by the Royal Opera House: The Royal Opera House has confirmed that Liam Scarlett’s position with The Royal Ballet ended on 23 March 2020. As he will no longer work with, or for, The Royal Ballet, it has been agreed that the scheduled performances of Liam Scarlett’s Symphonic Dances will not go ahead this summer. We can confirm that the independent investigation has concluded and found there were no matters to pursue in relation to alleged contact with students of The Royal Ballet School.
  7. YESSSSS!!!!!! (by that I mean, yes to seeing it again, not yes lowering the tone)
  8. it seemed in hindsight, that not only was America at war with communism but at times with its own children when the National Guard killed those student protestors on the lawns of their ivy league colleges. It was almost hard to believe that at the same time, they put a man on the moon!
  9. Agree again, on Band of Brothers - but I have the box set dvd to watch that! 🙂 Oh - I remember a few years back now, seeing Damian Lewis having a Chinese meal with a director/producer/whatever - he was in a play in the west-end at the time.
  10. That series on Vietnam was stunning. Not sure which American channel produced it, but it made for 10 hours of rivetting - and at times upsetting - TV. Hopefully that will get shown again before too long
  11. Actually, they showed series 1 on BBC4, in 3-episode bursts (as well as iPlayer). NO series 2 though! The boxset(s) will probably be on Britbox, as a guess
  12. Yes, that's a point, no-one has said for how long these closures will have to be for. Weeks? Months? (and sadly, in some cases probably forever 😞 )
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