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  1. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    I don't mind the neighbours BBQ smells so much - its the ghastly music they blast out whilst they are having them, that does me in!
  2. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    Flies. Those big black/green buzzy ones - as soon as I open the back door a crack, or a window, its as if they are queuing up to come inside, where they frantically buzz around bumping into things - everything apart from the way out....
  3. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    The heat!! The HEAT!!!! Think my brain is boiling away inside my skull....
  4. to be fair, virus laden particles are dispersed much easier out-of-doors, what with sea breezes etc. so infection rates a lot lower. Not nil, just a lot lower
  5. we sometimes get an egret along the river at the top of the road - usually in winter though (have even seen two one day, about 50-60 yards apart, either side of the wee bridge over the river). The thing I like about Moorhens is the way that when they see you, they don't usually bolt for cover, but just sorta sidle their way casually out of sight, as if you weren't watching them do it! 🙂
  6. out on my walk this morning, despite the returning noise of overhead aircraft, was delighted to hear the Goldfinch (finches?) in the back garden as I started off. Outcompeted the sparrows! In the park spotted a Grey Wagtail on the bank of the river, and a juvenile Grey Heron trying to find breakfast. Heard (but didn't see) a Green Woodpecker, which I have not heard for a while. Out on the open spaces in the park, it was like a scene from Hitchcock's 'The Birds' with all the corvids standing there in the cool morning sunshine (mainly Carrion Crows, but a few Jackdaws and Magpies in there too), as still as you like. Then nearing home again, saw another juvenile Heron in the part of the river at the top of my road (their nesting obviously must have been successful this year). Must try and get out a bit earlier, to avoid the joggers! Oh - and as I write, the Goldfinch in the back garden must be hoarse by now!!
  7. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    I know they scrape wood (door frames, window frames, wood panels on doors etc) in order to make paper for their intricate and facinating nests
  8. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    wasps are a gardner's friend, as they take many pests that munch on garden plants to feed to their grubs. Its only once the new queens are produced and the nest finishes, that worker wasps hunt out sweet things to maintain them in their last few weeks of life, that they become a cranky neighbour. Or if you make a nuisance of yourself and bother their nest, when they will defend it
  9. He did that odd but well received version of Swan Lake (Loch na hEala) at Sadlers Wells. And no, I don't think its your cuppa! 🙂 I'd use google to find more reviews and photos (like on DanceTabs for example) if you want to get a better idea
  10. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    a case of random distribution
  11. From what I understand, they are coming back in a staggered fashion, and on a voluntary basis. Small groups, spread throughout the various studios at ROH. And I assume, working on / rehearsing (or even creating?) specific rep, with an eye on future developments. Perhaps mangagenment have a plan for the rep when they start to return to performances, and the casting for that, so would look to bring in the dancers cast earlier than those cast for later performances. That sort of thing. I realise this is somewhat conjecture on my part, but until such time as that info 'officially' released (or leaked by the dancers!), we aren't going to know one way or another, no matter how enthusiastic we are in wanting to know! 🙂
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