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  1. Nutcracker - GONE!!!! 😞 Well, it's gone for the moment anyway, as I was just looking to check dates and to see if casting released (and from post above, this seems unlikely anyway). I'm just hoping the page missing as they are adding updates to it....
  2. ah - nothing about his ballet music (except a snippet of his reworked Vivaldi Four Seasons, which has been used in ballet - so not exactly unmissable
  3. Max Richter is currently featured on 6Music (1pm-2pm) Sunday 22nd (and on 'Sounds' later, no doubt)
  4. SL will probably be the amongst the first things performed come the Spring - assuming minimal lockdowns and the like. A financial winner, great for company dancers' techniques, just about the whole company involved, etc. And as Alison says - it will be back to where we left off last Spring. My tea leaves are predicting that after letting us have a bit of Festive fun, the government will have us locked down again come Jan/Feb as Covid spikes again, so those months are going to be pretty dire, I fear. Come March/April, we'll be needing those Swan Ladies!
  5. gawd - NO!! There are several dancers I want to see a lot (and one in particular) - and some I'd be happy to miss forever more. If pot luck applies, I know which I'd probably end up with 😞 So very happy that ENB have listed the casting, so that I could pick one show (on my birthday a it happens) with a cast I wanted to see among several on my shortlist
  6. I see that a horse called 'Vadream' won at Newcastle this evening, at 6/1. And no, I hadn't backed it....
  7. Having watched a couple of times now - and some bits more than that! - the parts I enjoyed most were Concerto's middle pdd with Yasmine Naghdi and Nicol Edmonds (just sublime, heavenly dance, and some beautiful music - what more does one need!); Rhapsody with Akane Takada and Alex Campbell (so sublime, with utterly lush music). Also a masterly rendition of the bedroom pdd from Manon by Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli, set the heart racing. I thought Valentino Zucchetti's piece was fab - so nice seeing tthe corps dancers get to star. And despite the dismal lighting at times, and my preference
  8. No, last night not filmed, as 'Elite' was streamed in the 'return' gala, so to speak. The stream/filming next, is on Friday next week (13th) of the performance that would have happened that night. Some say it will be streamed that night (probably after a short deIay), though I also heard it may be streamed later (though no doubt will be available for a few weeks after it is intially shown). We will find out soon which it is, I have no doubt
  9. Thanks Richard - had to put something down, but barely scratched the surface really.
  10. Well, what a delicious evening of samplers that was. The night before Lockdown II starts, the RB combine the 'gala' elements from this week's rep (ending in Elite Syncopations) with pieces that were due next week, with 'Within the Golden Hour' as an end piece, as everything after tonight succumbed to the lockdown bogeyman (The shows due next week, one is to be streamed soon - once its been filmed - so something extra to look forward to) - and give us all a hearty treat before the gloom descends. Lots of gala type party pieces, all marvelously performed. Highlights for me (amongst a
  11. Its probably the performance that was due on stage next Friday. Though unsure of when it will be streamed, as it may be filmed and streamed at a later date, rather than β€˜live’ (or live delay)
  12. I've only had an email saying they will email me later about the options (of a refund, donation or whatever). Which seems a bit pointless, to be honest
  13. Perhaps theatres should have a 'Barnard Castle' clause in the oncoming lockdown, whereby we can all go to a performance to test our eyesight.
  14. I doubt there will be anyone there to accept any bookings, and I can't help but feel the performances might not happen anyway
  15. its largely because many people just don't give a toss. On my way home tonight, saw 8 women on the opposite platform, obviously on their way out on a hen night/ Halloween night; no social distancing, no masks (until they got on the crowded tram). So much for the rule of 6, etc
  16. 😞 Time for a Bond season on the DVD. That's Bond, James Bond
  17. not if you've done it as often as me! lol Actually, its probably easier just to go along the main Farringdon Road, and hook a right at Exmouth Market up Rosebury Ave
  18. I don't know about anyone else, but all this chatter about booking etc, is making me ridiculously excited!!
  19. my guess it is the cost of a box (the Β£600) - but even so, that's Β£150 a seat. So, not a cut-price ticket for a cut-down performance...
  20. I think a good many of the various company's 30mins streaming slots are on simultaneously, so you have to pick one, and watch the other (if so inclined) later. I seem to remember that was what happened last year. At least, that's what my memory is telling me today....
  21. I hope so - I got a phone call mid afternoon to inform me that the best seat I managed to nab was double booked, so they were offering to reseat me (in the same row, but slightly less central). Wasn't worth any hassle to refuse - though I did think half an hour later perhaps I should have negociated a better seat for the other performance I managed to get as a trade off! πŸ™‚
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