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    ran on really well in the last 2f to get 3rd @ 28/1, behind the joint favs for the 'boys in blue' of Godolphin in 1st and 2nd.
  2. zxDaveM


    Vadream out for a spin at Ascot this afternoon, dropping back a furlong from her last race. Bit of an outsider though
  3. Only in your profiles' page - the badges were the 'upgrade' for that
  4. We have switched the badges/rankings system 'off', as no one seemed to have anything positive to say about them, and we could see no real value in having them there, So bye-bye badges
  5. No, I am pretty sure no one is! 🙂
  6. chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, maybe?
  7. zxDaveM


    Project Dante goes in the 1st race at today's Royal Ascot meeting, at about 7/1
  8. More dancing from Laura Morera would indeed be splendid, but I was just drawing up my list from those we'd seen doing those roles
  9. After the final performance, I couldn't help myself drawing up a 'fantasy dream team' for Apollo and Dances at a Gathering (but just from the dancers we'd seen). Just as a bit of fun. Apollo - Vadim Muntagirov Terpsichore - Yasmine Naghdi Calliope - Claire Calvert Polyhymnia - Fumi Kaneko Pink - Yasmine Naghdi Mauve - Francesca Hayward Apricot - Anna Rose O'Sullivan Green - Laura Morera Blue - Fumi Kaneko Brown - Marcelino Sambe Purple - Federico Bonelli Green - William Bracewell Brick - James Hay Blue - Valentino Zucchetti
  10. anyone else think that perhaps they should have waited an hour, re-read, given it a bit more thought, before pressing the 'send' button?
  11. I think I can change the titles of the ranks - but we'd need to decide what they are called. There are 14 altogether, though the earliest levels could be left as is (newbie, rookie etc). Of course, most regulars would just be in the higher ones, and wouldn't see a 'progression' through, as would someone who has just joined, unless we reset everyone back to zero again...
  12. I'll have a look tomorrow, I know you can create 'new' badges, but how you tie them in with the actions, I'd have to work out
  13. that's computers for you....
  14. there is a process running that has temporarily removed them - they will return when that ends, and I think will reflect better people's longevity and volume of postings
  15. You're a newbie to the new system as of last night 🙂
  16. Only by switching the whole thing off, I'm afraid. I can do that if enough people hate the whole idea, but suggest we let it run for a few days at least, to see how it builds up (there is currently a background process running which may take a wee while to complete - and is why the badge disappeared for the moment). The idea behind it I believe, is to stir up some 'community spirit'. Not sure how mnay of us would be up for that though!!
  17. regarding the new ranking and/or badges flagged against your IDs, please have a look in the sub-forum: About BalletcoForum -> Problems, queries & feedback -> New Rankings etc Please post any questions, or comments, about it in there (so to keep them all together) thanks all
  18. Hi everyone Yes, we had an update last night / this morning. Had a lot of problems running it through as my browser/computer/the internet was throwing a complete wobbly last night, so I put through the update on auto, and left it run overnight (this will account for some poor connectivity in the wee hours of this morning). At least it did complete, and my internet connections also seem restored. I then had an appointment this morning so had little chance to catch up on what was occurring. What it left us with was some background admin console fixes/updates for 'behind the scenes', and this new 'rankings system'. If you look at your personal profile on here, you will see the levels you can 'attain'. Unfortunately in some respects, it reset just about everybody to zero again. There may be something running in the background that as people log on, the system rechecks your (recent) activity and automatically 'awards badges'. I've not seen enough of it doing so to confirm this or not. So bear with us - or get posting and earn a badge! (ahem) It should NOT affect postings future, current or historical, apart from the wee symbols on your ID disc (top left of each individual post - the 'Z' in the olive-green disc in my case)
  19. to my mind, Apollo is a great ballet - and was performed as such this evening. Saying that, I really enjoyed their previous outing too - would love to see Yasmine Naghdi and Vadim Muntagirov as partners more often, I cannot deny. Osipova was on fire I thought - and bang on the money timing wise (she was mistiming slightly last time, to my eyes). I'm afraid she doesn't always 'do it' for me - but tonight she sure did. Perhaps royalty should attend more often! 😉 As for the Gathering - Laura Morera nailed it again as the 'Green Girl' - almost more character than the rest of the cast put together! Much prefered seeing Fumi Kaneko as 'Blue', and enjoyed Francesca Hayward's dancing too.
  20. lol or those designs (loose term) with black leggings, and black top, against a black floor and black sides and black background. If they didn't have uncovered heads you wouldn't even know they were there.
  21. I'm just hoping whatever it is, it doesn't mean dancing in a Stygian gloom of haze effects and barely lit stages, where it seems that the lighting designer (?) more important than the dancers and choreography
  22. zxDaveM

    Room 101

    I had that problem with Chrome, so switched to Firefox. Was excellent for a while, but now I do have to close it down before closing the laptop lid. And for some reason, I can't use my photo editing program, if FF is open (perhaps they want to use the same memory addresses or something). Now its struggling with a few sites, and goes into hyperdrive on others. Either that or I really do need a new computer!! lol
  23. perhaps it's just an extract - the Apollo/Terpsichore duet maybe
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