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  1. I’m quite new to opera, so far I’ve seen: Tosca (loved it, made me cry), Don Giovanni (very busy and entertaining), L'elisir d'amore (lovely) and The Magic Flute (nice singing, story slight strange, I’m still not quite sure what was going on). I’m booked for La Traviata (favourite opera so far, but not yet seen live) and Rigoletto. Of the others coming up at ROH what’s a newbie going to like? Macbeth or Nabucco? I guess The Marriage of Figaro is a must see? I’ve got a fairly short attention span so nothing too heavy 😄. And I’ll be booking another Tosca. Angela Gheorghiu is one of the few opera singers I’ve heard of 😁, so I guess there’ll be heavy demand for her performances? I appreciate any guidance.
  2. Hello I hope I didn’t post this in the wrong place. We plan on going to the ROH to see a ballet in November (most probably Sleeping Beauty) for the 1st time. And I need help with choosing the seats left. I am willing to pay more if the seats do actually make a difference. From what I gathered it’s better to be sat in the middle part of the ROH because of the horseshoe shape so the options are: - Amphitheatre Row C62 - C61 - Stalls Circle Row C63-64 (no option in the grand tier) It would be great to have recommendations from people who know the ROH seats. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how to access the views that used to be available when booking tickets at ROH?
  4. Am I right in thinking there's nowhere on the ROH website where you can currently check the view from each seat?
  5. Does anyone know what the view from B73 balcony standing is like please? Thinking of booking for the scenes de ballet triple bill at ROH. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong thread but anyone else currently getting a technical error for the swan lake page in advance of friends booking opening today? Hope it's fixed very soon...
  7. I am just about to buy tickets to the Nutcracker, but can only afford seats at the back of the amphitheatre. I was wondering, brutally, if it is worth it? The only other time I was at the ROH was for an opera, and there were subtitles so location mattered less. Will they put the ballet up on screens for people to see at the back? Will we be able to see anything? Any advice would help. Thanks so much!
  8. Hi All, Not sure where this question sits but I'm sure someone will move it to the more relevant place if needed I'm wondering if anyone can help me with ROH seating. It looks like there are seats for price ranges £66, £45, £30 - this is looking at Sleeping Beauty on the 11th Jan but when I select the price range it doesn't highlight the seats in question. Can anyone tell me where abouts these seats are please? Is this because they are not on sale as yet? Also, out of the lower price categories is there anywhere that would be recommended for seating? Its for an Adult and a 10 year old. I have never set foot in the ROH so really unsure in my research!! Thanks very much ETA another question on the Royal Ballet - will they likely tour any of these productions? We are Manchester based.
  9. I’m thinking of sneaking off to see Giselle on Friday while the kids are at school. I have a choice of standing in the back of the stalls circle near the light box D28, C61 - a loose seat at back of balcony, H72 or H43 amphitheater view obstructed by ledge or L71 mid right amphitheatre. Other than that it would be the slips. I’m wanting to get some cheaper seats this time as I’m saving my pennies to see Marianela in swan lake next spring. This will be the first time I’ve been to the Opera House since childhood so I’m very excited but have no idea if any of the above seats are any good - hoping some kind person will help. The roh don’t seem to have the ‘view from your seat’ pictures like they used to either.
  10. Need help!!!! CALLING ALL THE BALLET / ROYAL OPERA HOUSE LOVERS!!! So I have booked my first EVARRRR nutcracker show at the Royal Opera house, London. SO I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! I am attaching my seating arrangement below: Now I need advice if these are:- 1. Are these good seats? 2. Are we going to sit or stand? As the description sounds like we are gonna be uncomfy. 3. Do you lovely ladies have any pictures of the stage from these seats? 4. Do I need to dress up? 5. If I do need to dress up, then what is the dress code? 6. Send me dress up inspos, pleaseeee!!!!
  11. I am visiting the ROH for the first time in many years. We will be making the journey from Cornwall by train and back by sleeper. I was wondering what other people's experiences were of getting a cab after the performance - with covid we prefer this option Also I see the Cloakroom is not open so if I am wearing a coat and have a small bag .... I am not sure what to expect. Can I just sit on my coat? Sounds trivial but I like to plan every detail.
  12. Does anybody have any tickets available for Balanchine & Robbins on either 4th or 7th June? Many thanks!
  13. Sky News claims that David Ross, chair of the Board of Trustees at the Opera House, is likely to resign due to government pressure to remain as a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. In the short while that he has headed ROH he has been generous, notably in buying back the David Hockney portrait of David Webster, and his wide circle of influential political contacts would have continued to be helpful to the Opera House.
  14. ... which also lets you print at home if you haven't a smart phone. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-to-introduce-e-tickets-during-2016 Excellent news!
  15. Although we have a separate thread on the recent transmission of the Royal Ballet School's "Peter and the Wolf" , I thought I'd start an overarching thread for all the Royal Opera House's "Our House To Your House" showings. I am, unsurprisingly, loving seeing the Royal Opera/Royal Ballet coproduction of Acis and Galatea again Ed Watson will be making an appearance soon (well, heck, sorry, I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms)
  16. I found the Opera programme highly enjoyable. It was rather strange to see the orchestra using the whole stalls area and to see members of the chorus scattered around the theatre. Clever choices of repertoire that didn't require close contact between the soloists, some that is obviously difficult to achieve in ballet. There was a handsome set - I think.it may have been specially designed for the occasion, but someone on this forum may correct me on this. I most enjoyed the finale with Gerald Finley, orchestra and chorus in the Te Deum from Tosca. Amazing how an artist like Finley, can, in just an excerpt and without a full stage, can create such a powerful impression of evil! He had previously sung Iago's Credo - definitely an evening for the baddies! Will watch again, and of course can't wait for the ballet evening
  17. Oh dear, we have the curse of Kaufmann again. His Fidelio is not included in the Mixed Packages for Ballet and Opera but is included in the Total Opera. Fair enough, (just), but hey, guess what, all the packages in Total Opera sold out before booking opens. Oh dear ROH, you don't want your regulars unless they are prepared to pay for enhanced access in which case the General Public can go do the other thing.
  18. My husband has just received an invitation to name a seat in the new LInbury Theatre. He will not be accepting the invitation (the minimum price is £1000!) but the advantage of this mailing is that it came with a seating plan for the new theatre. I found it very interesting and thought it worth scanning so that you could all see it.
  19. I've been to a couple of daytime events in the Floral Hall recently - one of the Month of Sundays mornings and today the Ballet Studio Live:Class, and I thought both were well run events and a good use of the space to generate additional revenue. Today apparently sold out quite early, and seems set to become a regular feature. Today's dancers were mostly from the Aub Jebsen programme , which I hadn't been aware of before. Several were quite impressive, so fingers crossed for them getting full contracts in due course. Taisuko Nakao had some serious height in his jumps, and of the girls Katherina Nikelski and Yu Hang looked very neat and accomplished, while Lania Atkins was also both graceful and striking. More of this kind of thing!
  20. Anybody got any tickets for 21st Jan? Ideally stalls circle but anything would be good!
  21. Hi all, I have one ticket on offer for the Onegin Rehearsal this Friday. 17 January 2020, 12.30pm LEVEL 5 Amphitheatre 5C, K-51 £24 Paper ticket. Can trust the post or can pick it up from my office in Clerkenwell. Please DM if interested
  22. If anybody has any Stalls Circle tickets for Coppélia on the 10th December I would be very grateful 😊
  23. Lizbie1's recent post has made me realise that, with London Open House being this weekend, it must now be a year since the Royal Opera House "Opened Up". Now that the dust has had time to settle, and there's been time to sort out teething problems, perhaps it's time to take stock. What's working, in terms of programming, layout and physically, what isn't, and so on. (But can we just take it as read that the grossly inflated prices on some of the more restricted-view seats stink to high heaven and concentrate on things directly related to the redevelopment, please? )
  24. Hi if anybody has 2 tickets for Sleeping Beauty 9th November @ 7:30pm I would be very interested!
  25. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere- mods please remove this if need be - but I have just noticed my ROH account page now includes links to the coloured seat maps, with prices, that used to be published, and then went missing. They are there for the Autumn, Winter and Spring Seasons. I have downloaded them to my PC but the files are too large to upload here, so hopefully these links will work... https://static.roh.org.uk/seatmaps/2019-20/ROH1920-BP1-Seating+Plans.pdf?_ga=2.90681050.1528449642.1570985255-1611466181.1570985255 https://static.roh.org.uk/seatmaps/2019-20/ROH1920-BP2-Seating-Plans.pdf?_ga=2.266784590.1528449642.1570985255-1611466181.1570985255 https://static.roh.org.uk/seatmaps/2019-20/ROH1920-BP3-Seating-Plans.pdf?_ga=2.266784590.1528449642.1570985255-1611466181.1570985255
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