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Found 57 results

  1. Hi hope I've put this in the right place and that it doesn't get overlooked! I'm thinking about starting going to more opera at ROH. However the prices are a lot more than ballet which really restricts me to pretty much the lower/upper slips, as well as SCS tickets (if I can get them!). I have never sat in the lower/upper slips and would be happy to give them a go for opera (and really don't have much choice otherwise...) as unlike ballet I feel you don't need to be centre facing. However my one concern with all the cheap places (slips/SCS, side stalls circle) is can you still see the 'subtitles'. I would find it impossible to follow along without these (I mean I'd get the general gist I'm sure but I don't know opera or italian/french/german well enough to understand what they're saying). In short - is there adequate provision to see 'subtitles' while sitting/standing in the upper/lower slips and stalls circle (standing and at the extreme sides)? Thanks!
  2. Quoting Bruce's post as it's relevant here too: My purchases went smoothly this morning, too, although like Bruce I don't remember spending so much in the past - and certainly not on so few tickets! I couldn't get nearly everything I wanted, either - although that's partly due to the fact that tickets I might have bought in the past are now outside my budget - so I'll keep my eyes open nearer the time for the "missing" performances. I do find it frustrating, though, having to remember to allow an extra "safety" 5 minutes to do the credit card details by hand each time - I was on-site for around an hour in total, and quite frankly couldn't be bothered to go round and do it all again for a third time.
  3. So, a brief run of Ratmansky's The Bright Stream starts tonight. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket, do let us know how it goes!
  4. I was confused about the packages information given on the ROH FAQs and emailed the ROH Customer Services today. I did get a very prompt reply. Here are my queries and their reply. "I just have a query re booking a ballet package. As I'm not a ROH Friend I realise the package booking doesn't apply until the 1st August. I am interested in attending all the ballets in the autumn period. However, how many tickets can I book? The website says A flexible package allows you to build your own series of performances according to the dates that suit you, letting you choose the seats for each performance. Can I book multiple dates for the same production? #Our packages are configured to offer a selection of productions and so you cannot buy multiple performances for a production within one package. The first quotation seems to contradict the second. Does that mean I cannot book more than one performance per ballet per package. So if I wanted to book 3 performances per ballet would I have to book 3 packages? Also as I book side stalls circles what seats are available in the packages? On your website it says only higher priced stalls circle seats are available for package booking but people who have actually booked said most stalls circle seats are available. Finally do you keep some side stalls circle seats in reserve for when public booking opens?" Their reply was "Please be advised that you can book up to a total of 9 tickets per performance within a Package. The number of tickets has to be exactly the same for every performance within the package. You can only have one performance of a particular ballet/opera production within a single package (i.e. you cannot double/triple up on the same ballet production within the same package). If for example you wanted to see a performance of Manon twice then you would need to book at least two different packages. The seats offered in the Stalls Circle will include all but the very lowest price categories (i.e. the bench seats, restricted view and standing positions). We have slightly relaxed the restriction on only being able to book the top two price categories for the forthcoming season, however I cannot guarantee that this will be the case for every season going forward. We do not hold back any seats in the main auditorium for public booking". So it looks like you can book up to 9 tickets per performance but not multiple single tickets for different nights of the same production (which is what I want). So if I want to book 3 tickets for all 4 ballets I will have to book 3 packages. Also I was rather surprised no tickets were kept back for public booking. I thought a certain percentage was kept back and that was one reason I decided not to opt for becoming a ROH Friend.
  5. The casting for the Bolshoi’s summer season at the ROH is now posted on the ROH website. Some unexpected pleasures, and a few (not unexpected) disappointments.
  6. Today's review: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/sep/19/royal-opera-house-linbury-theatre-open-up-stanton-williams Has anyone been inside yet?
  7. Hi all, still newish to the forum so not sure if this is the right place to put this so please do move if not. Enjoy all the discussions on here and find it all very insightful! I'm debating whether it would be worth getting a ROH membership - I'm under 30 so would qualify for young friends (and anything above this is out of my price range anyway). I have a job with regular hours so it looks like I wouldn't be able to attend any friends rehearsals. I have so far only bought tickets £30-40 (though realistically would be looking to spend up to £70 for the new season depending on what I think is value for money) so I question if it's worth it for me, as the membership is the same as another ticket! So it looks like I'd really only be getting the membership for priority booking, but usually at the price ranges I buy (generally seats in middle amphi) there is reasonable availability (apart from when I tried to book for the Firebird mixed bill I had to settle for tickets which were actually cheaper than what I wanted to spend as the better seats had been snapped up!). The other thing I'm thinking is now the Linbury is open, which is a smaller theatre, I'm even less likely to be able to get tickets in there? Furthermore with the ROH price increases I can potentially see more people may be booking seats in the price ranges I may be looking at (especially if they want to see multiple performances), although I also think people who can afford a membership are more likely to spend more on seats (and most in this forum seem to prefer to sit in the stalls etc, which I would love to do occasionally but have never been able to afford) but perhaps this is a misconception. For additional information I mainly go to see ballet, around once or twice a month and generally see each ballet performance at least once (depending on what's on, I didn't go to see Frankenstein at all, but have seen R&J twice!). I've seen two operas over the past year and think in future I'll mainly stick to ballet, though with the odd opera maybe once/twice a year (though for opera I would actually be looking to spend even less on tickets then for ballet!). I also wonder if having a friends membership creates a bit of a scrum on friends booking day, as that's what you pay for so I imagine the website is pretty crowded and so in some ways it may be 'better' to wait for the general booking day as there may actually be less people on site that day (though admittedly with fewer available seats!). I do wonder if 'friends' are sort of a squeezed middle of paying for priority booking, but there have already been various premium friends booking periods open before so you still don't get access to the seats you want necessarily? Also wondering if friends membership generally increases every year in price, because I'd be quite annoyed if I had to pay substantially more year on year (ie seeing ticket price increases over the past year has really worried me). I wouldn't want to pay £62 for a young friend this year say, and then end up with it being £75 next year - I know it's impossible to predict this but just wondering if historically the membership price does increase year on year, and how proportionate it is? I presume the friends membership runs for a calendar year (e.g. from 1st June to 31st May say)? So in short - those who have membership (particularly those with just 'friends' membership) - what makes it worth it for you? Do you generally get to buy the seats you want on booking day (would also be interested to see how much you spend generally). Has anyone stopped being a member and found a big difference, or recently started? Sorry for a long post and genuinely grateful for any insights you can provide!
  8. I am not sure if the topic fits into this category but I don't know where to put it. It is kind of a general discussion? Have any of you tried dinning at ROH before? How is the experience? I have been to ROH so many times and the dinning section is the only part I have not experienced... Quite curious.
  9. Hi All, Not sure where this question sits but I'm sure someone will move it to the more relevant place if needed I'm wondering if anyone can help me with ROH seating. It looks like there are seats for price ranges £66, £45, £30 - this is looking at Sleeping Beauty on the 11th Jan but when I select the price range it doesn't highlight the seats in question. Can anyone tell me where abouts these seats are please? Is this because they are not on sale as yet? Also, out of the lower price categories is there anywhere that would be recommended for seating? Its for an Adult and a 10 year old. I have never set foot in the ROH so really unsure in my research!! Thanks very much ETA another question on the Royal Ballet - will they likely tour any of these productions? We are Manchester based.
  10. I've been to a couple of daytime events in the Floral Hall recently - one of the Month of Sundays mornings and today the Ballet Studio Live:Class, and I thought both were well run events and a good use of the space to generate additional revenue. Today apparently sold out quite early, and seems set to become a regular feature. Today's dancers were mostly from the Aub Jebsen programme , which I hadn't been aware of before. Several were quite impressive, so fingers crossed for them getting full contracts in due course. Taisuko Nakao had some serious height in his jumps, and of the girls Katherina Nikelski and Yu Hang looked very neat and accomplished, while Lania Atkins was also both graceful and striking. More of this kind of thing!
  11. I will not fill out another survey for them! https://www.artsprofessional.co.uk/magazine/article/dancing-pinhead-pricing
  12. Public booking a nightmare! I had to try each page several times before the 'book now' button would load. For the mixed bill it never did until I went in date by date by the cast info links down the right hand side. Needless to say I couldn't get a ticket for the gala although it kept telling me there were still 2 available in the amphi.
  13. My husband has just received an invitation to name a seat in the new LInbury Theatre. He will not be accepting the invitation (the minimum price is £1000!) but the advantage of this mailing is that it came with a seating plan for the new theatre. I found it very interesting and thought it worth scanning so that you could all see it.
  14. Brilliant. The website seems to be barely functioning this morning - or is it just my browsers? I can't even get into any of the Spring events to book On the odd occasion that I've been able to get onto the production pages, there are no links to any of the performances.
  15. I have a ticket for an Insight Evening later this month in the Clore. Can anyone tell me if the studio has been changed/"upgraded" as part of the new "Open" programme? Have to admit I'm hoping the seating has been improved as in the Linbury. Linda
  16. I was just disappointed with the poor choice of seats left. It also shows there is a distinct need for more matinees!! Seems all the priority bookers got there first. I think they need to look at the whole booking system because Joe Public is not getting a fair crack at the whip. I got 1 DonQ where I wanted and I had to book a cheap seat for Les Patineurs which will do, but it really is not where I wanted. Thankfully I got an Insight ticket for DonQ. As I had wanted to see 5 DonQs and 2 Les Pats due to the high prices and lack of seat choices I ended up with only 1 of each. It seems ROH got its wish to exile regulars. Meanwhile I will now use the time and money to patronise other companies elsewhere.
  17. This has been referred to on other threads but I thought it merited a separate discussion as it is an interesting initiative in its own right, especially in the context of 'open up'. I was fortunate to see the live rely of The Nutcracker and, last night, a repeat of the Lamb/Muntagirov Manon which is to be issued as a DVD/BluRay. But there have been, and will be, other ballets (Osipova/Acosta in Giselle, Cuthbertson/Bonelli in Romeo and Juliet, Nunez/Muntagirov in Swan Lake etc) and operas. The Linbury environment seems ideal for such screenings and it is a nice touch to have introductory interviews with dancers (last night Hirano rather than Lamb as advertised). Most of what is being shown has been out on DVD/BluRay for some time. However, the 'big screen' is a very different experience and what I value especially is the opportunity to watch a ballet that way at a bit of a distance from the live relay and the actual run of the production. One comes to it with a fresh eye in all sorts of ways. It was again noticeable last night that there were many in the audience who were new to the ROH, new to the RB and new to Manon - tick. Tickets were cheaper than in most cinemas - tick. Screenings must surely be cost-effective for the ROH and easily mounted - tick. What is shown is 'played straight': just an intro to the ROH, then straight into the performance, with only one short interval - tick. There are some 'wrinkles' with The Linbury so I'm now turning to my e-mail to customer services. But I count this Cinema Festival as a success for 'Open Up' and look forward to more such seasons.
  18. Original post deleted because the link given below is far more useful than my list of dates alone was.
  19. ... which also lets you print at home if you haven't a smart phone. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-to-introduce-e-tickets-during-2016 Excellent news!
  20. Just been looking into booking seats for Don Q. The idea of having a photo of the seat and from the seat is a good one, but why doesn't the view from the seat at least have the curtains open?! Daft! And while I'm here - where do I look for seat recommendations? I presume it's not quite as simple as "you get what you pay for" and there may be one or two (relative!) bargains to be had
  21. Very longwinded booking today, possibly due partly to having to cross-check the castings. I suddenly realised I only had 3 minutes to complete my booking, and was only partway through Two Pigeons, so paid for that lot, then realised I hadn't marked off which 2Ps I'd already booked, and my new purchases weren't yet showing up in my account, so I couldn't double-check! Pretty much turned my nose up at Don Q, apart from a couple of not at all good standings - sorry, Powers that Be, but if you seriously think I'm going to pay £19 for a seat with a 60% viewing restriction you've got another think coming! But can someone tell me, since for once I actually got in at 9 am on the dot, no queuing: given that the ROH has to hold back 20% of tickets for the general public, how it can be that there is only 1 ticket left in Stalls Circle for the first night of Les Patineurs at 9 am? I assumed the 20% was distributed evenly throughout the house. Oh, and the "sorry, that ticket is no longer available" box seemed to be oddly difficult to get rid of this morning!
  22. For a while a number of Stalls Circle seats nearest the stage have been unavailable "for acoustic reasons" (A4 to A13, A101 to A111, B6 to15, B98 to B106, C12 to 16 and C97 to C101). However these seats are now showing up, priced, on the Pricing Plan for the general booking for the Winter Season, which opens 31 October, and also for the Spring Season events - see attached example plan (for Romeo and Juliet). So it looks as if these cheaper seats are now coming back into general availability. I have emailed the ROH for confirmation and will report back - unless anyone is in the know already?
  23. Looking for a ticket for Monday morning’s rehearsal if anyone is looking to sell one. Thank you.
  24. Sorry - I may be posting this in the wrong place, but I just want to know what it's like sitting in the front row of the Amphi - I've just snapped a SL ticket up for a friend, (fairly central) but am now not sure whether she'll see over the tier as she's short. Any advice, please? Thanks Jacky
  25. The ROH website is currently headed as follows: "WEBSITE ALERT: INTERMITTENT NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ISSUES AT OUR ISP MAY CAUSE DISRUPTION TO PURCHASES, PLEASE KEEP TRYING." It wasn't showing when I logged in on the trusty ipad (using the Chrome browser with my email account open in Safari) at 10 am to do a subscription booking for 2014/15 period 3. I proceeded problem-free until I hit the "pay now" button and was taken immediately to the next page to await payment confirmation - and waited with the internet connection symbol spinning for nearly an hour. Eventually I thought to look in my email account and found that an "order confirmed" email had arrived within seconds of my pressing the "pay now" button. Abandoning the still-loading payment page on the ROH website for my ROH account upcoming performances page, the relevant bookings were showing with their order confirmation number. So all was well but I thought that if it spares anyone the anxious hour I had this morning, it's worth posting here.
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