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  1. Some details of Digital Programme 3 are now available: https://www.sarasotaballet.org/digital-fall-season-2020 Digital Program 3 (from December 18 to December 22) Featuring performances and excerpts of works including: · Christopher Wheeldon's The American · Sir Matthew Bourne's The Infernal Galop, Merman Solo · Sir Peter Wright's The Mirror Walkers · Sir Peter Wright's Summertide · Dominic Walsh's Clair de Lune ·
  2. https://ondemand.ballet.org.uk/?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MARGP1ENBatHomeLaunch04.11.20&utm_content=version_A
  3. I think it's likely that the reason for the November 10 4pm start of Friends' Nutcracker booking is that public booking for the opera in concert performances also opens November 10, but at 10am. It looks as if they're being sensible and are separating the public opera booking from the Friends' ballet booking. Edited to add that I quoted the wrong post above. I'd meant to quote the post that indicated that the 4pm start of Friends' booking was incorrect.
  4. That goes to show how inaccurate my monitor is. The dancer I thought was Maddison seemed to be wearing a light grey leotard.
  5. The colours on my computer monitor aren't always true to life but I just had a quick look and the only dancer I can see with what might be a long-sleeved green leotard is Yasmine Naghdi. On my monitor, however, her skirt looks blue rather than green.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to put this. Mods please move if necessary. Francesca Hayward is featured in a clip on the BBC website for Black History Month: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-54572418
  7. I imagine it's another 'cut and paste' from the mixed bill performances. I wouldn't be surprised if this is later modified as a maximum of two tickets would, as you imply, prevent two parents coming with their children.
  8. During his Ballet Association Zoom interview, KOH said that streaming was very expensive. If they don't stream the performances, this could well be the reason.
  9. I do hope you're right about the streaming of the main stage performances, oncnp. Although the information below is on the production page, since the link goes to the October 9 performance (as well as to the other streamed performances which are still on line), I took this to mean that they had left this information there by mistake. i.e. if I remember correctly, the other information on the page is almost identical to the information which had been on the production page for the main stage opera performances which were available for streaming as well as for live audiences. These
  10. Recently there was a Ballet Association Zoom interview with Kevin O'Hare. He was asked about this matter and his response was that there wouldn't be any promotions.
  11. Just appeared on their Facebook page: Dear friends! Due to the failure of video broadcasting equipment of the theater, online broadcast of the ballet ′′ Don Quixote ′′ with the participation of Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev, scheduled on October 15 at 19:00, will not take place. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. https://www.facebook.com/novat.nsk/?ref=page_internal The streaming was due to start at 1pm UK time. Edited to add link
  12. A Front of House manager told us, (during our ROH Open House tour), that standing places would not be sold for these socially distanced performances.
  13. During our Open House tour last week we were told that there had been a socially distanced, invited audience for the streaming of the Royal Opera Live in Concert earlier this month. They were apparently seated in the amphitheatre and one of the other tiers, either the Grand Tier or Balcony.
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