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  1. Not mentioned on his ROH website biography: http://www.roh.org.uk/people/dawid-trzensimiech Edited to add that the biography doesn't appear to have been updated for some time.
  2. My memory is different from yours, David. I’m pretty sure Kobborg was supposed to choreograph the ballet scenes in Verdi’s Les Vêpres Siciliennes. Edited to add an item from the Dancing Times: https://www.dancing-times.co.uk/kobborg_leaves_les_vepres_siciliennes/
  3. I've just found it on YouTube. Edited to add that it's clearly not Lauren Cuthbertson in this picture. The YouTube page does list Lauren Cuthbertson as the Sugar Plum Fairy but I've not yet watched it so can't confirm.
  4. Don't know if this is the appropriate place for this but just received an email to say that all Glyndebourne performances are cancelled until July 14.
  5. From the ROH Twitter feed: "In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision with a heavy heart to close the building to the public and cancel all performances at the Royal Opera House with immediate effect We will be in contact with all ticket buyers in due course"
  6. I was due to go to this evening's performance of Traviata. After hearing the Prime Minister's announcement, I called the ROH Box Office to find out if it would go ahead. I was told that it would be going ahead as normal. However, minutes after putting the phone down, the very kind Box Office Assistant called me back to tell me that the performance had, indeed, been cancelled. That presumably means no more ROH performances in the immediate future.
  7. He's replaced tomorrow night as well: re "the performance of Fidelio on 13 March 2020. We are contacting you to let you know that, due to illness, ‪Jonas Kaufmann is unable to sing the role of Florestan. He is replaced by British tenor David Butt Philip."
  8. https://www.roh.org.uk/welcome-performances/what-is-a-welcome-performance https://www.roh.org.uk/welcome-performances Edited: The first link give general information on welcome performances. The second link is to a page which provides yet another link. This leads to guidance on how to apply for the welcome performances. NB: They are only for people who've never been to the Royal Opera House.
  9. Apart from the slips, the entire amphitheatre has been unavailable for all levels of Friends (including Premium Friends). A friend of mine called the Box Office and was told that the amphitheatre was "invitation only" for that particular performance. Edited to thank Margaret for that clarification (we were posting at the same time).
  10. There are a lot of people on Twitter who seemed to love The Cellist. When I checked it late last night I found, almost entirely, positive comments. I'll try to provide a link to the comments: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23ROHcellistmixed&src=unkn Edited:Click on 'latest' if you want to see the most recent first
  11. Thank you, Janet. I'd also just found the original thread. Since the nominations might, possibly, be of interest to some readers, I'll paste them below and I'd also like to add my congratulations to all the winners. Short-listed nominations for the National Dance Awards (#NDA20), covering performances in the UK between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019: DANCING TIMES AWARD FOR BEST MALE DANCER Alexander Campbell (The Royal Ballet) Jeffrey Cirio (English National Ballet) Israel Galván (Compañia Israel Galván) Vadim Muntagirov (The Royal Ballet) Marcelino Sambé (The Royal Ballet) BEST FEMALE DANCER Sara Baras (Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras/Flamenco Festival) Francesca Hayward (The Royal Ballet) Katja Khaniukova (English National Ballet) Laura Morera (The Royal Ballet) Marianela Nuñez (The Royal Ballet) STEF STEFANOU AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING COMPANY Mark Morris Dance Group Northern Ballet The Royal Ballet San Francisco Ballet Scottish Ballet BEST INDEPENDENT COMPANY Ballet Black James Cousins Company National Dance Company Wales Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Yorke Dance Project BEST CLASSICAL CHOREOGRAPHY Patricia Guerrero for Catedral (Flamenco Festival) Cathy Marston for Victoria (Northern Ballet) Helen Pickett for The Crucible (Scottish Ballet) Stina Quagebeur for Nora (English National Ballet) Alexei Ratmansky for Shostakovich Trilogy (San Francisco Ballet) BEST MODERN CHOREOGRAPHY Matthew Bourne for Romeo + Juliet (New Adventures) William Forsythe for A Quiet Evening of Dance (William Forsythe/Sadler’s Wells) Shobana Jeyasingh for Contagion (Shobana Jeyasingh Dance) Arthur Pita for The Mother (Alexandra Markvo/Bird & Carrot) Pam Tanowitz for Four Quartets (Pam Tanowitz Dance) EMERGING ARTIST AWARD Jemima Brown (Dancer, Tom Dale Company & James Cousins Company) Salomé Pressac (Dancer, Rambert) Mthuthuzeli November (Choreographer, Ballet Black) Stina Quagebeur (Choreographer, English National Ballet) Joseph Sissens (First Artist, The Royal Ballet) OUTSTANDING FEMALE MODERN PERFORMANCE Avatâra Ayuso in No Woman’s Land (AVA Dance Company) Cordelia Braithwaite as Juliet in Romeo + Juliet (New Adventures) Jemima Brown in Epilogues (James Cousins Company) Natalia Osipova in the title role as The Mother (Alexandra Markvo/Bird & Carrot) Solène Weinachter as Juliet in Juliet & Romeo (Lost Dog) OUTSTANDING MALE MODERN PERFORMANCE Mathew Ball as the Swan/Stranger in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (New Adventures) Jonathan Goddard in The Mother (Alexandra Markvo/Bird & Carrot) Liam Mower as the Prince in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (New Adventures) Joseph Sissens in Night of 100 Solos (Merce Cunningham Trust/The Barbican) Saburo Teshigawara in The Idiot (Saburo Teshigawara/ The Print Room at the Coronet) OUTSTANDING FEMALE CLASSICAL PERFORMANCE Sara Baras in Sombras (Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras/ Flamenco Festival) Francesca Hayward as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (The Royal Ballet) Katja Khaniukova as Frida in Broken Wings (English National Ballet) Pippa Moore as Princess Beatrice in Victoria (Northern Ballet) Anna Rose O’Sullivan as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (The Royal Ballet) OUTSTANDING MALE CLASSICAL PERFORMANCE Gary Avis as Kulygin in Winter Dreams (The Royal Ballet) Cesar Corrales as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet (The Royal Ballet) Nehemiah Kish as the Husband in The Concert (The Royal Ballet) Marcelino Sambé as the Blue Boy in Les Patineurs (The Royal Ballet) Nicholas Shoesmith as John Proctor in The Crucible (Scottish Ballet) OUTSTANDING CREATIVE CONTRIBUTION Koen Kessels (Conductor; Music Director, The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet) Nadine Meisner (Author, Marius Petipa: The Emperor’s Ballet Master) Dimitris Papaioannou (Designer, The Great Tamer) Peter Salem (Composer, The Crucible) Gavin Sutherland (Conductor/ Music Director, English National Ballet)
  12. I'm sure there must be a thread with the nominations but I haven't managed to find it. Perhaps moderators could move this there. The winners of the Critics' Circle National Dance Awards: Best male dancer Marcelino Sambé, Royal Ballet Best female dancer Francesca Hayward, Royal Ballet Outstanding company San Francisco Ballet Best independent company Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Best classical choreography Alexei Ratmansky for Shostakovich Trilogy, San Francisco Ballet Best modern choreography William Forsythe for A Quiet Evening of Dance, Sadler’s Wells Emerging talent Stina Quagebeur, choreographer, English National Ballet Outstanding female performance (classical) Katja Khaniukova as Frida in Broken Wings, English National Ballet Outstanding male performance (classical) Gary Avis as Kulygin in Winter Dreams, Royal Ballet Outstanding female performance (modern) Solène Weinachter as Juliet in Juliet and Romeo, Lost Dog Outstanding male performance (modern) Jonathan Goddard for The Mother, Alexandra Markvo/Bird and Carrot Outstanding creative contribution Gavin Sutherland, conductor and music director, English National Ballet De Valois award for outstanding achievement Marion Tait
  13. Full cast is now up: https://bolshoi.ru/en/performances/36/roles/#20200223180000
  14. Just checked the class lists in the 2019 RBS Summer Performance programme. He is listed as Second Year Upper School. Some students leave at the end of the Second Year. Does anybody know if he stayed on to do the Third Year? Edited to add that I found an article which refers to a three year scholarship for the RBS so he's most likely still there. https://www.braingainmag.com/how-amiruddin-shah-pirouetted-his-way-from-mumbais-slums-to-the-royal-ballet-school.htm
  15. If I remember correctly, each time the website has indicated that an Insight event is to be filmed, there has been a live streaming. I don't remember any of these events being filmed for a later screening. Does anyone remember this happening?
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