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  1. I just checked the Rojo/Acosta video. After her entrance with Monsiur G.M, Manon takes off her coat to reveal a jacket over her dress. At some stage, she takes the jacket off and puts it over the back of a chair (revealing the "strappy" dress). Later, when everyone (apart from Manon) has left the room, Des Grieux picks up the jacket and kisses it, putting it down again before approaching her.
  2. It must have just been changed. Ryoichi was still on the list when I checked it around five minutes ago.
  3. Just posted this in the Autumn casting thread. Fumi Kaneko will replace Akane Takada on Friday. Ryoichi Hirano still scheduled to dance. https://www.roh.org.uk/events/78gj6
  4. I just checked the casting for Friday's Beauty performance. Akane Takada is replaced by Fumi Kaneko. Ryoichi HIrano is, currently, still listed as the Prince. https://www.roh.org.uk/events/78gj6 Edited to add that Ryoichi Hirano has now been replaced by Reece Clarke.
  5. From personal experience I can confirm that some tickets were, definitely, held back for Public Booking in the Winter Season. For a number of years I’ve been able to buy a particular seat in the side front amphi during the priority booking period. This seat was unavailable throughout Friends’ priority booking for Winter performances but I’ve been told by a friend that it was released for virtually all ballet performances when Public Booking opened.
  6. Here's the link to the cast list: https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/63/roles/#20191027180000 If you click on the names of the dancers who took the roles of Clemence and Henriette, you should get a picture which will help you identify the one you mean.
  7. I think that the lighting must affect the view from the Stalls Circle. The patterned flooring is definitely visible from the amphitheatre Edited to add that if you look carefully at the photo of Vadim Muntagirov in Jann Parry's Dancetabs review, you can just about see the patterns. https://dancetabs.com/2019/10/royal-ballet-concerto-enigma-variations-raymonda-act-iii-london/
  8. I agree that her solo was absolutely lovely. However, there's usually a split second before most audiences applaud. Since her solo leads directly into the Nimrod music, might this have discouraged them from applauding at that point?
  9. Maybe they haven't yet finalised the events? If it is going to happen, I imagine it will be included in the Summer Season. All being well, they'll announce the details then.
  10. Yes. She danced it with a guest dancer, Timofej Andrijashenko.
  11. He was scheduled to partner both Marianela Nuñez and Melissa Hamilton.
  12. Thanks, Dave. Could you please also delete the 'all performances' at the top of the post as it's now misleading
  13. Interesting! When I last posted, I checked each date carefully and the same cast was shown for every date. When I check the website now, it's showing TBA for the dates you mention. They clearly made a mistake when they first put the casting up and they've now corrected it. It's too late for me to modify my post above. I'd be grateful if a moderator could add this information.
  14. If they are, there's a mistake on the website as, on my computer, the same Part 1 cast shows up for each performance at the moment. Only Parts 2 and 3 are TBA.
  15. I've attempted to copy and paste the casting from the production pages. See below: The Dante Project (May 6, 13, 14, 23, 28, June 1) · Part 1: Edward Watson · Part 1: Gary Avis · Part 1: Beatriz Stix-Brunell · Part 1: Marcelino Sambé · Part 1: Francesca Hayward · Part 1: Matthew Ball · Part 1: Calvin Richardson · Part 1: Anna Rose O'Sullivan · Part 1: Luca Acri · Part 1: James Hay · Part 1: Fumi Kaneko · Part 2: TBA · Part 3: TBA NB - 7, 21, 26 and 30 May are showing as TBA for all 3 parts at present Live Fire Exercise April 2, 7, 20 Lauren Cuthbertson Sarah Lamb Akane Takada Federico Bonelli Ryoichi Hirano Marcelino Sambé April 4, 16, 17 Francesca Hayward Olivia Cowley Yasmine Naghdi Cesar Corrales William Bracewell Calvin Richardson Prodigal Son April 2, 7, Prodigal Son: Steven McRae The Siren: Natalia Osipova April 4, 17 Prodigal Son: Marcelino Sambé The Siren: Tierney Heap April 16, 20· Prodigal Son: Alexander Campbell The Siren: Claire Calvert Corybantic Games April 2, 7, 20 Lauren Cuthbertson Yasmine Naghdi Beatriz Stix-Brunell Mayara Magri Tierney Heap Ryoichi Hirano Matthew Ball William Bracewell Marcelino Sambé April 4, 16, 17 Fumi Kaneko Claire Calvert Chisato Katsura Anna Rose O'Sullivan Hannah Grennell Reece Clarke Nicol Edmonds David Donnelly Luca Acri
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