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  1. Sadly your prediction was correct. The following was contained in a message just received from the RBS: The Summer Performances are still a bit of an uncertainty. We are, however, determined for the students to perform and will do everything we can to ensure they do. Sadly, we will not be at Opera Holland Park this year, but we very much hope to be performing in the Royal Opera House. Let's hope that the Main House performance is able to go ahead.
  2. It was filmed in December 2016. Edited to add that it does star Ako Kondo and Andrew Killian but that Killian is Dr Coppélius. Chengwu Guo is Franz.
  3. Collier does appear in one of the diverts in Act 2. She's listed in the 'Pastorale' along with Carole Hill and Wayne Sleep. Maybe someone saw her name in the cast list and just assumed that she had a principal role?
  4. Just checked the the Sky Arts website and it’s scheduled for tomorrow at 12.20pm.
  5. Re catering arrangements, the following was in a recent Friends' email: "We are delighted to announce that the Piazza Terrace and Restaurant will be open around December performances. There are two and three-course menus from which to choose. We are also offering a children's menu, featuring such delights as potato gnocchi and vanilla cheesecake. Watch out for the email to ticket holders that will be sent next week. We encourage you to book quickly as we have limited capacity. Sadly due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to provide services in any of our other bars or restaurants
  6. I just checked the Radio Times archive for the date of broadcast and they have it as December 30, 2000. https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/cfd8ed9746884d49b345be09ed0458fd According to Alina Cojocaru's bio (which is still on the ROH website) she was promoted in April 2001 http://www.roh.org.uk/people/alina-cojocaru Edited to add that, as BBB says, she did do both roles in the 2001/2 season (i.e. after she had been promoted to principal )
  7. The ROH website still has 'camera filming' for the December 22 performance. Maybe all is not yet lost?
  8. Some details of Digital Programme 3 are now available: https://www.sarasotaballet.org/digital-fall-season-2020 Digital Program 3 (from December 18 to December 22) Featuring performances and excerpts of works including: · Christopher Wheeldon's The American · Sir Matthew Bourne's The Infernal Galop, Merman Solo · Sir Peter Wright's The Mirror Walkers · Sir Peter Wright's Summertide · Dominic Walsh's Clair de Lune ·
  9. https://ondemand.ballet.org.uk/?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MARGP1ENBatHomeLaunch04.11.20&utm_content=version_A
  10. I think it's likely that the reason for the November 10 4pm start of Friends' Nutcracker booking is that public booking for the opera in concert performances also opens November 10, but at 10am. It looks as if they're being sensible and are separating the public opera booking from the Friends' ballet booking. Edited to add that I quoted the wrong post above. I'd meant to quote the post that indicated that the 4pm start of Friends' booking was incorrect.
  11. That goes to show how inaccurate my monitor is. The dancer I thought was Maddison seemed to be wearing a light grey leotard.
  12. The colours on my computer monitor aren't always true to life but I just had a quick look and the only dancer I can see with what might be a long-sleeved green leotard is Yasmine Naghdi. On my monitor, however, her skirt looks blue rather than green.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to put this. Mods please move if necessary. Francesca Hayward is featured in a clip on the BBC website for Black History Month: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-54572418
  14. I imagine it's another 'cut and paste' from the mixed bill performances. I wouldn't be surprised if this is later modified as a maximum of two tickets would, as you imply, prevent two parents coming with their children.
  15. During his Ballet Association Zoom interview, KOH said that streaming was very expensive. If they don't stream the performances, this could well be the reason.
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