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  1. Looking at Sadler's website I also spotted a one-off show organised by Ivan Putrov on Sept 7th https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2021/i-do-lab-and-ivan-putrov-productions-ukranian-ballet-gala-tradition-innovation-celebration/ "Putrov productions and I-Do Lab present Ukrainian Ballet Gala, a unique celebration of the tradition and innovation of Ukrainian culture. Ukrainian dancers from American Ballet Theatre, Wiener Staatsballett, Lithuanian National Ballet and Toulouse Ballet du Capitole join stars from The Royal Ballet and English National Ballet in a programme which spans The Dying Swan, Don Quixote and Le Corsaire to System A/I, a contemporary ballet premiere from choreographer, Ludovic Ondiviela and dramaturg Olga Danylyuk. Dancers performing include Matthew Ball, Cesar Corrales, Mayara Magri, Isaac Hernandez, Denys Cherevychko, Natalia de Froberville, Olesya Shaitanova and artists of the Ukrainian National Ballet." Tickets look expensive.
  2. The annual matinee was on Sat 10th July. The digital programme booklet can be found here https://royalballetschool.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Digital-Summer-Performance-Royal-Opera-House-10-July.pdf This also (page 15) gives a list of contracts for this years graduates, scattered across the world. Four ladies from the school join the RB Aud Jebsen programme. At one point it was announced that last years Aud Jebsen dancers would appear, as they had missed their graduation performance last year, but this didn't happen. It had also been announced that the performance would be upper school only, but they were able to include an appearance from White Lodge Year 11. A packed programme, over three hours in total, including a complete performance of Elite Syncopations. The Defile was a mix of virtual (screened) appearances from White Lodge mixed with the Upper School in person, ingeniously done.
  3. I think Carlos Acosta didn't wear the frosted wig in Nutcracker, and his partner was dark-haired too. I think this has been noted on here before, though I'm not sure I can find the thread.
  4. Special ticket offer via Official London THeatte SPECIAL OFFERTickets for £10, £20, £30 or £40 only* Valid for Wed, Thu and Sun performances Use the promo code OLT21 when you book online to receive 33% offApply the OLT21 code, then once you have selected your seats, choose the Concession price type, then select the 'Promo OLT' offer.A £3.50 transaction fee applies
  5. It's the livestreaming of Balanchine / Robbins tonight. The performance in the theatre starts at 7pm - but the live streaming says it starts at 7:30. I think this must be deliberate - it's not really "live" but with a half hour delay. The Beauty stream also says it starts at 8pm. (later than the live show) I presume this gives them a chance to edit any blips ? Anyone have any further insight. (I would hate to log on at 7:30 and find that Apollo was just finishing...)
  6. Details are here https://www.ballet.org.uk/blog-detail/solstice-daily-casting/
  7. Ah, that must be it. I was looking at the what's on list, and saw the Ashton triple was followed in the list by Water for Chocolate, but didn't twig that Swan Lake was over such an extended period. Seems to be the new norm, as with R&J.
  8. There seems to be a strange gap in the RB schedule with nothing between 2 May and 1 June. Perhaps there's another mixed bill or something to be added in here ? Very puzzling. The reduction in the number of programmes is depressing.
  9. She was discussed on the old ballet.co forum Legends of British Ballet pages: http://web.archive.org/web/20060214193001/http://ballet.co.uk/old/legend_js_violetta_elvin.htm
  10. Spotted at the very end of the list of the end of this article which discussed crafts in the UK added to the Heritage Crafts Associations endangered list - pointe shoe making, a new addition to the list. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/may/24/kilt-making-and-glassblowing-added-to-list-of-uks-endangered-crafts "Age-old crafts including the making of glass eyes, compasses and sporrans have been added to a “red list” of skills feared to be threatened with imminent extinction in the UK."
  11. A minor point, maybe. The ability to check the view of the stage from a particular seat seems to have vanished from the ROH site (or at least I have been unable to find it despite looking quite hard). It would be really useful to have this back, given at present the circumstances of booking have left me (and no doubt others) with tickets in areas of the house less familiar, and it's not clear just how bad the view is going to be. Has anyone else managed to find this ? All I could get was a video about how they had gone about taking pictures from each seat - but not, sadly, the results of all that effort.
  12. Article in the Guardian giving more details https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/may/06/plans-for-50-funding-cut-to-arts-subjects-at-universities-catastrophic
  13. The ROH Friends magazine has arrived but there aren't any performance dates for 2021/22 in it, just booking dates. It says the new season summary should be issued at the beginning of June. For this summer it does say that the "meet the Young Dancers" insight event will now be streamed on 7th May. Other insight events are mentioned but there are no dates for these yet.
  14. This news item on the ROH site adds in details of Royal Ballet School performances and dates. Also a bit more about Draft Works and Rambert School. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-announces-packed-schedule-for-spring-and-summer-2021
  15. An email from the Friends of RBS indicates this about School performances. They " will be at the Royal Opera House, both on the main stage for the Matinee on Saturday 10 July and also in their Linbury Theatre, from 23-26 June with further performances in the Upper School and at White Lodge." "Only the Upper School will perform at the Royal Opera House while White Lodge will perform in their own Margot Fonteyn Theatre, though this will just be for their families." Tickets will be very limited (socially distanced seating).
  16. The Culture Whisper interview with Kevin O'Hare says "The Royal Ballet founder choreographer, Frederick Ashton, is remembered with a triple bill: ‘Scènes de Ballet, Month in the Country and Rhapsody. Both Scènes de Ballet and Rhapsody we haven’t seen for quite a while, and I think we definitely have the dancers to do those ballets justice, and I’m really looking forward to that.’ " https://www.culturewhisper.com/r/dance/the_royal_ballet_season_2021_22/16242
  17. If the RB need to limit the number of dancers involved and concentrate on duets for the moments, then maybe Pite's Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue, as seen at Sadler's in 2013? I remember it had very moody lighting.
  18. The V&A along with the British Museum and other museums have used Blythe House, an enormous building in Olympia, for storage of parts of their collections for many years. The government announced a few years ago that it would sell off Blythe House and provide some funding for alternative storage sites for the museums. The development of the V&A East in in two parts, one for this storage. The other part on the waterfront (next to where the Sadler's Wells new small theatre will be) is for display. https://www.vam.ac.uk/info/va-east-project
  19. Opera Holland Park have announced changes to their theatre for this summer season. The capacity will be reduced from 1000 to 400 to allow for socially distanced seating. https://operahollandpark.com/your-visit/what-to-expect/ The season announcement is here https://operahollandpark.com/season-and-events/2021-season/?utm_campaign=783647_Season Launch with membership push&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Opera Holland Park&dm_i=4Y6B,GSNZ,1X9PNM,1ZIBE,1 There is no mention of any performances by the Royal Ballet School. But there does look to be a gap in their announced schedule in early July which is when any RBS performances might typically take place. Of course, that ight not be possible for all sorts of reasons. But the venue plan looked interesting.
  20. Nice to have news of Muriel Valtat who I remember fondly, particularly in Ashton works.
  21. Don't miss this. It's really charming, really well put together and no spare fat on it at an hour's running time. The little boy with the football is brilliant. Available till midnight on Christmas Eve.
  22. Details of Royal Ballet leavers https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-ballet-announces-news-of-dancers-leaving-the-company-in-2020?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_Dec_ENews_Friends_18Dec&utm_content=version_A&emailsource=52436
  23. Only alternate rows are occupied. So in the amphi, it's row A, C, E etc that are used. B, D etc are completely empty. In the rows that are occupied there are two empty seats between each group. The boxes seem to be occupied as normal though - I couldn't be sure.
  24. Article in the Telegraph today (in today's links) about Stopgap Dance https://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/0/just-us-disabled-dancers-behind-wondrous-new-bbc-film/ David Toole appears in this new dance film BBC4 Nov 18th 11:50pm.
  25. Obituary in some detail in the NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/10/arts/david-toole-disabled-dancer-with-grace-in-his-hands-dies-at-56.html
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