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  1. Not live streamed but Kathryn Morgan has some good classes on YouTube. Her barre combinations are nice and she has a range of different level ones there.
  2. Thank you so much for all of your replies, I looked into a lot of your suggestions and I think you were right, focussing on ballet outside of work is probably where I will enjoy it more. Turns out I’ve been offered a job within my company, in the operations area starting in just over a month. However, I’ll be moving to Basel in Switzerland! So anyone with any advice on ballet and living in Switzerland I’d love to hear from you.
  3. I know this isn’t strictly doing dance so if it’s in the wrong place sorry please move! I’m having a bit of a career crisis and was hoping the wise people here on this board might be able to help. I’m 24 years old, work in marketing and have been at the same company in the same role (although with two promotions) for three years. I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst I’m good at what I do, I really don’t enjoy it. So I need to find somewhere to move to. Now for the hard part. I love ballet, always have done, but only started dancing at 16. I think part of me would like to try and work in a role that incorporates ballet in some way, but I have no idea what’s out there. I don’t have a ballet body and my technique really will never be good enough to teach so that one is out. I think being confined to a desk all day possibly isn’t for me either. I’m good at research and planning. I’ve organised events for 450 people overnight (that one nearly killed me!) but logistics and analysis are my skills. I’m also pretty good at customer service as I have to answer the overflow calls on our reservations lines (it’s cruises I’m marketing) and our reservations director regularly jokes she wants to poach me... I’ve taught myself so many things for the role: HTML code, Indesign, Photoshop, filming and editing videos, copywriting ect. The one thing I’m really really not good at is maths! I also know a lot about ballet and dancewear from reading these forums, taking classes around the country and world (once all the way in Taiwan!) and research. Pointe shoes and fitting also fascinate me. I’d be very grateful for any suggestions of where I could look for a new opportunity. My friend joked I should start a new leotard company because I’m obsessed but I only have basic sewing skills and I think stretch fabrics are super complicated to sew.
  4. After seeing her Juliet I was hoping to see Beatriz Stix-Brunell in another lead role as she was so stunning artistically and technically. She’s lit up the stage in everything I’ve seen her in, even just in supporting roles. Am I missing something or is she not cast much? What can I see her in this season?
  5. Do you have photos of the Barreto leotard?
  6. Pink tights under leotard, black ones over. I always think that black ones under look really weird! Mine are black stirrup tights so they go over my pink shoes to make sure they don’t break up the line of my leg.
  7. Please could you send me photos of the yumiko? Does it fit similar to a size small in Capezio or Bloch?
  8. Every time I’ve seen Beatriz dance, up until now only in soloist type roles, she’s always drawn my eye. So I was really desperate to see her dance Juliet and I’m so glad I did. Her innocence, overwhelming love for Romeo and desperation were so incredibly portrayed. She grew from childish and shy to determined. Her artistry was beautiful and Hirano supported her wonderfully. I’ve never really watched him properly but tonight I really enjoyed his interpretation of Romeo and felt his growth as he matured as he met Juliet, who he supported wonderfully with beautiful partnering. It was a stunning performance.
  9. Is the view not great? It says the view is restricted by the pillar, is it that bad?
  10. View from Stalls Circle C 22, is it ok for someone short??
  11. Does anyone have a spare ticket for sale for the Royal Ballet Romeo & Juliet on the 13th May? Thanks!
  12. Could I see photos of the warm up suit and leotards please?
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