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  1. Hi Julia, I'd be interested also if the ticket is still available. Thanks, Silke
  2. aww, I only just saw this. will have to refresh website to get hold of the matinee ticket. Unless you can retrieve it?
  3. I think some of Vadim looking uncomfortable, especially when dancing with Benvolio and Mercutio, is that Vadim is a "lefty" but has to dance with "righties" hence not on his strong side. I remember Rupert Pennefather having the same "trouble".
  4. my curtain call photos here on Facebook and Instagram
  5. I still very much remember that I walked out of 'Solo for Two' at New York City Center in August 2015, a programme with Osipova and Vasiliev (plus a few guest). It was so boring and ridiculous and terrible that I couldn't stand it any longer and joined the other dozens of patrons that were leaving the auditorium. The other time I wanted to leave but at least stayed until the next interval was Osipova's and Hallberg's Manon at ROH in 2019. I thought there was no chemistry between them, they looked completely under-rehearsed and he even struggled with some of the bedroom lifts. I mean, seriously, how can tall Hallberg not lift tiny Osipova? And their much hyped (by them) friendship certainly didn't translate to the stage. I have often sat-out, or left early/arrived late part in NYCB's multi-piece programmes. I only like certain Balanchine ballet and can't stand others. Best scenario is obviously if the least liked is at the end and one can leave early but oftentimes they are sandwiched in and one has to either endure the piece or has a chance to grab a bite to eat across Broadway in one of the restaurants. Hurrah for NYC's rushed dining service.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a non-expensive ticket for Sunday 11th July, please. Would love to be there for Beatriz's farewell performance and see Yasmine in Beauty. Many thanks, Silke
  7. Hi, I have a spare ticket for this Saturday's (26June) Royal Ballet School Year 3 students performance in the Linbury, Upper Circle A-27, £15. You'll be sitting next to me, I'm fully vaccinated and past the 2 week mark, regularly take the lateral flow tests. Thanks, Silke Programme according to ROH website: "The School's third and graduating year will perform extracts from Ben Stevenson's award-winning Three Preludes and Carlos Acosta's Don Quixote. A new work, created on these students by Ashley Page gives them an opportunity to perform classical pas de deux with a contemporary twist. To finish, students will perform MacMillan's joyful and ever-popular Elite Syncopations with music by Scott Joplin."
  8. ROH website for Nutcracker tickets now states: "Due to London's move to Tier 3, it is with sadness that we must cancel the scheduled performances of The Nutcracker from 16–24 December for live audiences. We are pleased to livestream a performance on Tuesday 22 December."
  9. A fabulous Sunday afternoon performance IG photos Facebook photos
  10. And here is the link to my Instagram IG - Nutcracker General Rehearsal
  11. the magic returns Facebook album Feel free to befriend me on Facebook
  12. Apologies, @Sim and committee, I had not seen this appeal before. I am late but donated just now still, I hope that's okay.
  13. Here a few photos. Usher on my side changed twice during first part of the evening and he forbade me to take photos during applause. He even went over to the official photographer to tell her off, ha ha ha. So, I only got one shot of Swan Lake, and Corsaire through Dance of the Blessed Spirit weren't captured due to this über-usher. Instagram - PDDs Instagram - Elite Syncopations
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