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  1. And this from Stuttgart Ballet Due to the preventive measures being taken by the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg to contain the spreading of the Corona virus, all performances between March 11th and April 19th, 2020 have been cancelled.
  2. Oh yes me too, it was so lovely and utterly heart rending. The Scarlett version (choreography and ending) has destroyed the emotional impact of Swan Lake for me - the only good thing is that I can leave after the Black Act and get home earlier !
  3. I also very much enjoyed the matinee cast today. Takada was delicate and fragile but technically strong. Bonelli was elegant, he partnered beautifully and he danced his solos well. I can't say I felt either more or less chemistry than the Nunez/Muntagirov performance. I was more central this afternoon and could better appreciate how stunningly beautiful the Act II lakeside scene is. A loud shout out for James Hay's Benno - such effortless and elegant dancing.
  4. Echoing all the praise for Nunez/Muntagirov last night - although in my case I skipped Act IV because I find Scarlett's choreographic contribution and the ending unmoving and disappointing. In her recent Auroras and last night as Odette/Odile I feel Nunez has reached astonishing new levels of virtuosity in her dancing and artistry in her portrayals. Muntagirov equally has attained a new maturity and confidence last night showing extraordinary refined elegance and perfect partnering in the White Act, and in the black act throwing off 6 double tours with sheer joy and complete nonchalance. Random other thoughts: I still find the whole Rothbart story line doesn't hang together. Sambe's dancing as Benno a touch forced - and that Act 1 costume is one of the few fails. Kaneko and Magri divine. The costumes for the princesses are unflattering. I have seen better Neopolitan dances than Hinkis/Zucchetti yesterday.
  5. Thank you Rob, I have replied to you. Ticket now spoken for.
  6. I was also there on Sunday and your review and subsequent comments made me laugh too - you very much echoed my own thoughts about everything - what a depressing experience it was, apart from LD's vocal power.
  7. It’s an e-ticket. Message me if interested. Anna
  8. E ticket £6. Message me if interested. Anna
  9. Just in Our records show that you are due to attend the performance of Dances at a Gathering / The Cellist on 28 February 2020. We are writing to make you aware that Cesar Corrales will not perform as scheduled in The Cellist on Friday 28 February. Cesar has recently travelled to Italy and, on the advice taken from The Royal Ballet's in-house medical team, he will rest as a precautionary measure following his trip. We would like to stress he is well and healthy, and we have followed recommended guidelines for those returning from Italy. He is replaced by Matthew Ball as the Conductor.
  10. E ticket. £6. Message me if interested. Anna
  11. Looking for a stalls circle standing or a central balcony for the opening Swan Lake if anyone has a spare .....
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