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  1. We already know there are some vacancies: Soares has left, Kobayashi has retired ........
  2. I agree with your picks Sim and Mayara Magri is also a possibility when there is a vacancy although like Fumi Kaneko maybe she needs another three-acter ? I guess Reece Clarke will have to wait because of missed opportunities due to injury. Lower down, definitely Leo Dixon, possibly Harry Churches and Sae Maeda.
  3. It's an ticket, message me if interested. Anna
  4. Looking for a SCS for the last Corrales/Hayward if anyone has a spare or can't make it. Please message me. Anna
  5. To the extent there were any minor imperfections at the Saturday matinee with this same cast (thinking Corrales slightly falling out of turns in the masks pd3 and Ball dropping his sword) these were ironed out this evening and it was a sublime performance with a charismatic and exciting young cast who danced and acted their roles exceptionally well. It is years since I've seen the masks pd 3 danced with such precise timing and control. I disagree with Bruce above that Ball had been talked out of his Saturday matinee Tybalt interpretation, rather I thought he had retained much of that but added a touch of extra aggression - he was superb. His Tybalt has opened my eyes to his versatility - I thought he was a Lensky but he is definitely already an Onegin too For me, the leads were simply sublime: wonderful acting, dancing and most importantly sensational chemistry between them, I couldn't ask for more.
  6. Let's hope so - would be nice to have some new Manons and Des Grieux. Very happy that the Ratmansky 24 Preludes is being revived. Will be interesting to see how he reworks it and with which dancers given that many of the original cast have left.
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