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  1. Thank you FioneE. So glad someone has posted about Donnelly, I wasn't able to make the performance so was really keen to hear how he did. He's had very few opportunities in soloist roles, his last big one was The Invitation in which I thought he danced neatly with musicality and gave a thoughtful and intelligent character portrayal.
  2. If anyone has a spare for 7/2 or 29/2 I'd love it please. Or I could offer a swap for 29/2 SCS D44. Please message me if you can help. Anna
  3. I was at the cinema (no transmission problems) and I thought it was an excellent all round company performance - casting up the variations really does show even though one understands younger dancers must be given opportunities. The corps danced with commitment and musicality, the Cavaliers were synchronised. the soloist roles all well taken - the exception being the Lilac Fairy where I think the dancer can get away with the role with either a technique that can surmount the challenge of the variation or a beneficent radiance but when they have neither ..... Bonelli was a generous, secure partner who put huge effort into his well delivered solos. But the evening belonged to Fumi Kaneko who was simply dazzling. It was a triumph for her to to deliver a performance of such quality having stepped into the shoes of a principal, at the last minute, in one of the most important and challenging roles in the rep for a live relay. Brava.
  4. I would like to have seen Magri's Lilac this evening as it was lovely, and surely it would have made more sense, Storm-Jensen had yet another unsuccessful attempt at the variation yesterday evening !
  5. E-tickets. Message me if interested and post here to say you've done so.
  6. Thank you for posting, I really enjoyed watching it, especially the Bournonville
  7. Maybe Clarke only just started rehearsing when those photos were taken ? To be honest I think we are lucky to get the advance casting info we do from the RoH - many companies don't announce casting until a few weeks before the performances - Paris and Stuttgart to name just two.
  8. I asked the box office on Saturday afternoon and this is what they told me ..... Muntagirov started rehearsing Onegin and he realised that he was not ready to dance the role, but he hopes he will dance it at some point in his career. That's it. It can't be a secret and as anyone can ring the box office and ask them I assume it is ok to post it here.
  9. Saturday afternoon matinee: Nunez and Muntagirov gave a performance of such easy assurance and such effortless refined virtuosity, it was impossible not fall under the spell of their combined perfection. Magri’s Princess Florine variation had all those same qualities (she needs to do Aurora next time). Bluebird Corrales impressed too and he looked happy to be sharing the stage with her. I haven’t seen McGorian’s Carabosse for a while and it was a pleasure to watch such a class act. Gasparini, Sasaki and Donnelly gave a neat and musical account of the pd3. I wish the Lilac Fairy had been more widely cast in this run- I’ve seen Storm -Jensen nearly every time. Maybe it’s because she’s young and inexperienced but her dancing is somehow too small and contained to convey the munificence of the Lilac Fairy. This would matter less if she was in command of the technicalities but she hasn’t really conquered the challenges of the variation.
  10. If anyone has a spare SCS I'd love to buy it.
  11. I thought there was a notification couple of days ago (I can't find it now) of illness in the Cojocaru cast for this evening and replacement by Takahashi/Frola ......
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