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  1. Does this from ENB help ? You can't miss the red bridge if you come out of the Bow Creek exit - the slightly confusing thing was taking the lift after the barriers to get to the Bow Creek exit. We would advise that guests use public transport as Canning Town tube station (Jubilee Line and DLR) is less than 5 minutes walk from our new building. On exiting the tube barriers, take the lift, following the directional signage to Bow Creek. You will see ENB’s new building on Hopewell Square as you cross the red bridge.
  2. I didn't see the Naghdi/Ball cast so I can't comment on their performances but I think the RB has often fielded some gorgeous Aurora's : Cojocaru, Nunez, Cuthbertson, Takada are just a few. For myself, what has made the huge difference in the performance I saw (Kaneko/Clarke) was the quality of all the soloist roles, in particular the fairies. The Prologue used to be an ordeal but in the cast I saw it was very far from that.
  3. I agree with others - one of the best, an all round excellent insight. Terrific dancing from Magri and Corrales individually and together. Fascinating, insightful coaching from Leanne Benjamin and charmingly presented by Leanne Cope - who barely referred to her note cards. Such a pity there were empty seats - it was sold out in my booking but I was lucky to get a prime front row return the day before so it’s worth keeping looking.
  4. It's a circle standing place D28 £7. Message me if interested.
  5. £10 each. They are e-tickets, message me if interested.
  6. I also saw the Kaneko/Clarke matinee. Fumi Kaneko was exquisite. I find her extremely affecting. She has a very rare quality that it's difficult to put into words : she seems to radiate a combination of delicacy, vulnerability and warmth, as well as being technically gifted. Reece Clarke is a natural prince. His height alone makes him look majestic on the RoH stage, he executed his solos well and he partnered her beautifully. The depth of feeling between them and his obvious pride in her was enormously touching. For once the Lilac Fairy's challenging solo was not executed as a series of independent steps but as a flowing piece of choreography - thank you to Mayara Magri The standard of dancing of solo dancing was generally impressive : in particular the individual Fairy variations were considerably better than a few years ago.
  7. Me too Whenever I see James Hay dance (most recently in the Sleeping Beauty General yesterday) I am left scratching my head as to why he doesn't have more opportunities. Ok, he is not tall, but he isn't shorter than a few principals ? He is so elegant, has such a beautiful line and always finishes properly. IMO he is the only one to touch Muntagirov classically. Why on earth not Franz or Prince Siegfried ?
  8. An unexpected (given their scheduling) pleasure to have O'Sullivan/Hay dance the General Rehearsal today I didn't catch all the cast changes, can anyone confirm who danced the Fairy of the Crystal Fountain ?
  9. It is an e ticket - message me if interested.
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