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  1. Due to work commitments cannot use my E-ticket for Onegin on Monday 24th February at 7:30pm. Amphitheatre, seat B74. Bonelli / Naghdi cast. Cost £39 - will take nearest offer. Or, would consider a swap for similarish cost seat for first cast Dances at a Gathering, or any cast for Swan Lake.
  2. E-ticket on offer for Romeo and Juliet performance on Wednesday 29th May at 7:30pm. (The Núñez cast.) Seat is A8 in ampi lower slips. Cost me £11. I’ll take the best offer - Will check PMs and this thread on Tuesday mid morning. E
  3. Unexpected family event means I can’t go to Obsidian Tear / Marguerite and Armand / Elite Syncopations on Tuesday 8th May at 7:30pm. Have an e-ticket for Upper Slips Left AA10 (bench). Not looking for payment, happy to just email it on to you, but feel free to make a donation to an arts or dance charity/non-profit if you want to instead (ticket was 6).
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