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  1. Not sure what you mean “it’s not too difficult to deal with”. As as far as I can see you still can’t read it 🤔
  2. I was buying two tickets for this for a friend so didn’t realise it was difficult to buy singles as well. I did have to have two goes at it though can’t remember what went wrong and it’s still difficult to contact anyone quickly if it does 🙄
  3. 4am!! I’d better get my little tame Robin - bobbin to give me a wake up call 😩
  4. I’m going with a friend on the 24th Matinee we are sitting in the Balcony Row A. It’s quite some years now since I’ve been to the main Festival Hall I cant remember the layout at all or how you get to the Balcony or what the view is like up there lol!! Will look out for you anyway. The seats are good value and I got a promotion code for being a Friend so that was another 20 percent off the price so excellent value altogether. Ive just booked Creature today as well ...am going on the first night.
  5. Thanks for all the reports on this Program definitely increased my enthusiasm for the 24th Matinee! A close friend was there on the first night and she really enjoyed it highlighting the Corsaire Preludes and Wings! So she did enjoy that piece ....though I sometimes think certain pieces taken out of a main ballet especially a more dramatic one can be difficult to get in to. It’s why I rarely enjoy extracts from ballets like R & J at Galas.
  6. Well it certainly could be Takada as the reason it is not confirmed yet could be because of her injury ...they want to see if she will be okay or not ...but Takada and Hay would be lovely ...though I wouldn’t be able to go 😢
  7. I think Nureyev suited the role so much partly because of his striking and slightly exotic features ...but of course it was also what he gave off on stage a sort of superhuman energy ....you could believe he was Apollo!!
  8. Margaret Barbieri was a lovely dancer with Sadlers Wells Company. I have a soft spot for her as saw her dance at the Oxford Playhouse a couple of times when I was a student (around 1967-9) it would have been) and then got a piccie of her from the Ballet Bookshop in London and had it on my student room wall among other ballet pictures including Fonteyn and Nureyev of course. She may have been in Monotones the first time I saw her but then saw her in Giselle and she was lovely in that especially the second Act. Will people be able to attend in person by July 20th or will it all be on zoom?
  9. Sorry back to tickets for a minute. I can see that C.27 is about level with D.1 standing. I think I get the idea about the overhang from having stood on either ends of the standing from time to time it’s a nuisance ( eg I’d rather be a few steps along towards the centre so to speak) but it’s not so bad.....better than at the top of the Amphi anyway!! Ive only got two dates I can go now on June 30th or July 8th and the 8th isn’t ideal as will have this mad dash to get back to Brighton by midday on the 9th for final “end of term” piano concert for our City Lit zoom piano group (which I probably should be practising for all day on the 8th lol) and then immediately afterwards have to go careering off to Cambridge!! I would have done the Amphi thing again on the 30th...bought two tickets ...but all the seats myself and friend prepared to sit in are gone!! I might try to see what the Friday singles comes up with for the 30th which is the better date really. I think the 8th will be too exhausting but thanks for the info about the seat there .....might be worth considering in the future. Some years back I did a workshop working on a bit of choreography by Mats Ek. It was a bit from his Giselle. A touch weird to say the least and certainly not easy to do but have never actually seen it performed so couldn’t judge it in that way. Im assuming any work by him will be pretty contemporary and probably quirky too but no doubt entertaining!!
  10. Have you sat there before? Did you have a problem seeing the stage?
  11. I don’t look at the price range which would indicate any obstruction of view though so haven’t gone into the cheapest seats for any area and don’t like extremely high up in the Amphi so perhaps when I’ve said anywhere in the House this may not be true then but that means they are only prepared to sell single seats which may not be so popular. I have just managed to go into the date Rob mentioned and it did come up with a single seat ....for the first time....in Row C in Stalls Circle but it’s obstructed view. Does anybody know if the Friday single seats being offered are all ones with restricted views or is there a cross section of the House available?
  12. But I looked already just to see after Robs post ....I can’t make the 9th or the 11th anyway but wanted to see what came up and I got the usual message for anywhere in the House on those dates! There’s a chance I could do the 8th but the same for that date as well. I am doing this from a phone would that make any difference....and I’m not a Friend.
  13. RobS in an earlier post above you said you were “browsing the seats on offer and had the choice of the 9th or 11th July Stalls Circle single seats”..... I am a bit puzzled by this because it has been impossible to book single seats anywhere in the House ...they just don’t come up 🤔 I know there is this Friday offering of singles now but where you have to ring up to book so you can’t really browse! Are you seeing something I’m not seeing! Love your “refreshments” comment that made me laugh 😂
  14. To those who may be now looking for a ticket on the 11th if you go to ticket exchange/sell etc section Hambleton still has two Amphi tickets at £43 for this date. Id love to have gone if free but a 70th birthday party ( outside) is happily taking place still!
  15. Dawnstar I believe RobS was being ironic in his post ...so it’s okay for you to moan a bit about an organisation like ROH having greater income /resources than yourself because you’ve also had a tough year financially speaking not just them. Bruce Wall I once had a very good seat in the stalls ( happens about once every two years or so) and have never forgotten James Hay’s eyes. Would love to see him do Romeo or Albrecht .....then might be tempted to go for another Stalls seat and hang the price!!
  16. I still have a soft spot for Lynn Seymour in this role she was so good at sending herself up!! And managed to communicate the humour to the majority of the audience. However that was a very long time ago so I do like Morera in this role. I thought she was funny ...on the 10th anyway ...but the audience was not overly responsive at that point. I said somewhere else I would love to see Hayward do the green girl can see that comedy potential in her but she would have to be given a longer role the way it seems to work now. Apparently Fumi Kaneko made a good showing in it recently but missed that unfortunately.
  17. Bluebird the S for “standing” in row D in the Balcony I found when I pressed on them they came up as Tall seats ....at quite a price too for Giselle at any rate £90!! There are some strange timings for performances. Saturday at 11.30 is a difficult one unless you live in London but isn’t it the weekends that give non Londoners a chance to see performances. Ive also never seen 12.30 on a Friday before....could that be a school performance? Some interesting partnerships. Id be keen to see Kaneko and Bracewell in R &J and Takada and Corrales in Giselle haven’t got head around all the Nutcrackers yet though. Thanks for typing all that casting out oncnp!
  18. Great news about Sue Barker! Sorry to sound so grumpy about this but it’s all the getting there and getting back as well! There only has to be one cancelled train and they end up at full capacity as well ....as happened to people travelling to Brighton last weekend just glad it wasn’t me having to do it. It’s just the inconsistencies of all these rules as some families still can’t go and stay with each other because of the rule of six indoors and no dancing at weddings lol but never mind that we can have perhaps over 200,000 going to stadiums!!! Although the virus is spreading rapidly at the moment even in Brighton I’m not particularly bothered for myself everyone has to assess their own risks to do things if they are not vaccinated but don’t want to be on track to let another variant in so never move forward out of this pandemic.
  19. Personally I’m getting fed up with these Pilot schemes supposedly to ascertain if they are safe which I’m sure is just a bit of a lame excuse when it comes to the Euros and Wimbledon. Is it fair that Wimbledon can have a capacity crowd of 15,000 when we still haven’t opened up properly under this pretence of a “pilot scheme” If there is a delay in order to get many more people vaccinated that’s fine and makes sense but loopholes like this for sporting events are likely to scupper the whole thing! Why could not Wimbledon be delayed until after July 19th or they should have reduced capacity attendance. Im just fed up with there always being things allowed to happen which undermine what the rest of us are trying to do.
  20. I have just messaged Hambleton to say I will not be needing these tickets on the 11th after all so they are available again as far as I know.
  21. And she does take more risks than many other dancers which in certain pieces can be very exciting to watch.
  22. If I went with the above cast I’d love to swap Hayward and Morera over I have an idea Hayward would be good as the Green Girl and nice to see a bit more dancing from Morera.
  23. I know it’s impossible as so many lovely dancers to choose from but I don’t think you could miss out Nunez at the moment for an ideal team for DaaG!!
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