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    Well it could be that tennis is more of an individual sport ...one player against another...whereas football is a team sport so has a more “tribal” element coming in. The vast majority of fans are good natured and just want a good game and don’t take it too personally. But it’s the few who are acting like headless chickens ( fuelled by too much alcohol) who get ALL the publicity. And some have behaved disgracefully after the Denmark game even though we won for heavens sake 🙄 Also with this Euros the press are really hyping it up as to England winning meaning EVERYTHING in your life ...not a good thing for those who in reality have very poor prospects. It would be good if on this occasion We do win ...even better if it’s a really good close game ..but Italy are a good team and have been playing very well so if they win it won’t be a disaster! One team has to lose!! And let’s hope those minority of “fans”who cause trouble can behave themselves whichever way it goes. Football is the most popular game in this country so has a much greater following so will include more people who will be potential trouble makers unfortunately.
  2. Just going back to the first part of the first post here for a moment...I was very glad to see one of the RBS students joining the Company was Alix Van Tiggelen ...though congratulations to all of course....this is because a couple of years ago at the RBS annual performance by chance I sat next to Alix’s mother. I had a wonderful seat in front stalls where I’d never sat before ...courtesy of a Forum member...so a terrific view. Anyway I got chatting with mum who lived in Belgium at the time so had come over especially and after the show she introduced me and a close friend I met up with afterwards who had been in Amphi to Alix such a lovely dancer. I wondered what had happened to her since and so great news to see her joining the Company I know mum will be over the moon. Regards Joseph Toonga appointment I think the jury’s out for me at the moment. Of course I would hate it if the Royal lost its Classical style and started turning into a Contemporary company instead but I’m not convinced ...well yet...that this is going to happen. Joseph Toonga is described as an “emerging choreographer” and he seems very open and keen to get to know more about the classical style. Ive seen some terrific hip hop story telling pieces with dancers at the top of their game with this style so who knows what could come out of a conjunction of these two very different styles for certain choreographic Pieces. Im sure the Company won’t throw the baby out with the bath water but obviously see how it all goes and am prepared to look on the bright side at the moment anyway. Meanwhile am sure the RBS is continuing to maintain its high standard of classical training with its students and attracting dancers who want to train there from all over the World.
  3. LinMM


    I’m not sure I could bring myself to call a horse Vaccine Lockdown or Epidemic though 😱
  4. A friend has just posted this Guardian Article to Facebook and there is now a picture of Beatriz with Yasmine Naghdi instead of the original one
  5. At second attempt managed to enlarge the above photo ( it wouldn’t the first time so couldn’t see faces properly) and presumably Leticia is the one behind Beatriz who is central in the photo. I’ve never considered they look alike before probably because their dance styles are so different and Leticia is smaller but they do look a bit alike in that still photo above but can see the difference! In the Guardian photo I can see now it probably is Leticia 🙄 I am amazed that Beatriz obviously didn't have any say in which photos were shown or she would have pointed this out surely?
  6. As the trend is for “immersive experience “ these days the auditorium could also be sprayed with a certain smell you get where hundreds of sea birds congregate 😉
  7. I’m not sure about ISTD but somebody will know. In RAD it’s around Intermediate Foundation level ( or Grade 6 if not going pointe work route)
  8. Wow so quickly great for him but am not surprised really it is obvious he has the potential to go a long way. And thanks for that interview Fiona 😊 Must start brushing up on my German now!
  9. I don’t really understand why people have to automatically self isolate ....if they have no symptoms they can take a test.... and if test is negative should be able to take part in a normal day 🤔 But then I’m only about half way through my Degree in understanding all the Covid rules.
  10. Hi Simon I replied to you but think must have been a personal message reply let me know if you don’t get it but as I live in Brighton I won’t make it tonight I hope you find another taker Many thanks Linda
  11. Yes they were the better team today so deserved the win. I was just enjoying seeing all the fans reactions I believe the stadium was only half full but they made enough noise for twice as many people!!
  12. Gosh that does look like some storm 😳 Hope it doesn’t disrupt things for too long
  13. 😂 Well at least he had me doubting his human status lol!
  14. It’s a gorgeous area that Yeo Valley bit we drove all around that area last year. Im sure the Ballet will be gorgeous as well!
  15. I think you’ve said it all Sim for the Matinee. Loved the show ...very varied a really nice mix to watch. I agree with just about everything you say and yes a really loud shout out for Daniel McCormick in Corsaire ....even in that extract his Ali was very stylish and exciting ❤️......Couldn’t take my eyes off him ....though Hernandez was pretty good too ....Hernández is a very relaxed dancer which I really like he produces some showy stuff without being showy somehow. The jury’s out on the new lady Natascha Mair at the moment. I can see she’s very strong so can certainly cover the technical requirements for this role but for me on this performance I felt she lacked any stage presence or charm. As she’s new to the Company and performances have been few it will be interesting to see how she develops. Another stand out for me was Carolyne Galvao....terrific in The Broken Wings ...she was so convincing and really seemed to be enjoying and owning this role and can certainly hold her own with others I’ve seen in it. I’ve never seen her before but definitely would like to see more of her dancing too. The Dust pas de deux was quite extraordinary and a real highlight. I did like the Playlist was a fun piece to end with .....more balletic though than I was expecting doesn’t quite grab me like Rambert’s Rooster does where I find it really hard to sit still!!! So all in all as Sim said above a very enjoyable afternoon and didn’t miss the interval at all. I have to say it was a real pleasure to be at the Festival Hall such a relaxing building to use. Obviously lacks the style of a building like the ROH but it’s so easy and spacious to get around and you know where all the loos are etc!! The staff were falling over each other (almost literally) to be helpful and make sure you had no worries ....I have to say in contrast to a couple of weeks ago being rather abandoned in the Amphi at the ROH with no idea where the seat actually was!! Well done ENB for putting together such an interesting programme in very little time.
  16. Thankyou MaddieRose!! Just wanted to check a couple of casts.
  17. Does anybody know which thread all the RB Autumn casting for R&J and Giselle is...I can’t find it on the website so think it was posted here somewhere 🤔
  18. When I rang in today they only had right at back of Amphi left but couldn’t get to the phone until 2 so was pretty much expecting that.
  19. Has anyone a ticket for June 30th Unfortunately no restricted views Amphi okay as far as about Row H. But not slips etc! Many thanks Linda
  20. We never see any bitterns at Minsmere 😢but do hear them so some compensation!
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