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  1. I don’t know what to say and shouldn’t say much as I left at the interval. It’s very dramatic and gets the point of the outsider driven out by the social order really well and some already touching scenes between the Creature and Marie just about forming a bond in this first Act. It was all very intensely and amazingly danced as far as I saw it. Everybody is very believable particularly Cirio and Takahashi in the main roles. However it was VERY LOUD! I know this contributes to the drama and atmosphere of the piece but it really was a bit unrelenting....probably what the composer intended!! During the interval I got the feeling it was only going to be more of the same so sadly and unusually for me ...I did a runner as couldn’t face another hour of this relentless piece which probably means it’s going to be a huge success! Maybe I will go on another occasion and see the second half but I wonder with a ballet of this degree of intensity if it’s a bit like the Rite of Spring and could be condensed to perhaps a long one Act ballet? I probably couldn’t take two hours of the Rite of Spring either! Will be interesting to read other reviews.
  2. Yes it would be great to see a couple of others perform who I’ve never seen in Swan Lake but I’ve got a lot more fussy where I sit since reaching the old three scores and ten so have to make choices and generally go to less performances. Still it’s always good to try for a scs standing nearer the time for an extra performance as luckily they do pop up on the Forum from time to time!! I spent so much money on R&J and Giselle that I’m already standing for Nutcracker!
  3. Thankyou for posting this. It’s interesting as I had originally booked Swan Lake in Spring 2020 with Hayward and Corrales which of course didn’t happen. So now looks as if that partnering isn’t happening for Swan Lake. Ive not seen either of these two in the roles so now looks like at least two trips! I think the Corrales Magri partnership could be an interesting one so that would be my number one choice at the moment....But Hayward Bracewell is a must too!! A pity these performances are SO close together though!
  4. I will look at SW dates to see if it can tie in with my London trips
  5. Thanks Beryl! I think may have actually seen that poster from a distance ..as you say there are lots of tables and chairs out in front of the theatre ....and thought it was some ghost mystery play or something lol! I just didn’t see Matthew Bourne’s name! I might go and see the Dresser!
  6. LinMM

    Room 101

    Those bus extra stopping times in London where an announcement says “ the driver has been asked to wait a few minutes at this stop to even out the service” Even out the service my foot! Twice recently ....once just last Thursday when on a 38....this happened and another 38 came up and joined us at the stop and followed us all along Rosebery Avenue! If we hadn’t stopped for longer at the stop there would have been a better gap between buses instead of two at once!! I don’t know who makes these decisions but they need better ground intelligence lol!
  7. I just walked past the theatre after class about three hours ago and couldn’t see anything Matthew Bournish advertised. There’s a massive advert for Jamie the musical on over Christmas and a poster for Hairspray and one about the Dresser! What’s the new work called? I wish I had known it was on!!
  8. Beryl H was the Matthew Bourne on at the Theatre Royal Brighton then?
  9. I am pleased to hear that Pas de Quatre. Perhaps his works were not performed whilst investigations were ongoing so may now take their place in the repertoire from time to time.
  10. I seem to remember studying a book for A level admittedly a very long time ago now called “ Mozart auf der Reise Nach Prague” I can’t remember who wrote it now but I’m sure he took advantage of a few young ladies of marriageable age ....I think people generally seem to marry younger then ...so don’t know how out of the norm he was for his time....some would say ahead of his time no doubt!! I really love Mozart’s music but that doesn’t mean he was necessarily that likeable as a human being! It wasn't a straight comparison though. I brought that up because of what seems to be a shunning of Scarletts work and hope this will only last for the current generation of dancers who may not want to dance in his ballets....but I don’t know this of course.
  11. I already commented. Perhaps that should now be moved here though I haven’t much more to say about it now anyway.
  12. The less I see of Nadine Dorries the better as far as I’m concerned! I suspect the real Arts are in danger but hope I have to eat my words!!
  13. Yes probably not the thread for it but I have a feeling no thread will really be appropriate here as there are contentious issues around this I’m not sure but think another thread around this was locked in the end. The article is indeed rather damning about the RB and the School too but I really hope the RB are not going to “ban” or should I say “withhold” his works indefinitely. Hoping this is just a temporary situation for obvious reasons. I love Asphodel Meadows and Symphonic Dances at least. After all look at the life of Mozart!! A good job though that nobody decided to burn all his music because he was a very much less than perfect human being! Sometimes some people can only truly express their particular wonderful ness through their work.
  14. Sorry I never got around to saying anything more about this which is not a reflection on the quality of the gala just have been busy! A week late is a bit tardy but here goes. Regards the ballet bits as I said above the pas de deux from Diana and Actaeon was really stunning from both dancers and Frola never lost his classical elegance no matter how much he was throwing himself into the air! The moment in the gala when you felt very glad you had come! I loved the Dying Swan from Christine Shevchenko and of course Corrales was his wonderful self in Don Q with Christine again a terrific and strong partner in this mini extract....there were several variations from other members of the Company as well as the pas de deux. In the Bayadere extract as soon as Fernando Montano walked on stage very resplendent all in white he got a round of applause just for the costume I think! This was nicely danced so certainly justified his initial reception but I didn’t take to Anna Muromtseva so much as she was somehow just a bit too precise but I know these sort of dances can be difficult out of context. I felt this about the Corsaire extract too. Some lovely bits and very good classical dancing but difficult to get into the roles to give it that real panache you get usually from the whole performance. I loved the Gopak ...great stuff... and had everybody smiling ....reminded me we hardly ever see the big Folk ensembles these days from Russia and Poland Hungary and of course the Ukraine. I loved going to these so hope one will visit U.K. soon. The new Ondievela piece was what I call “Okay” Music didn’t blast you out of the theatre was actually quite pleasant in fact. Didn’t like the costumes I’m afraid and wasn’t sure of the story ...assumed it was robots getting more and more life like and possibly about to take over human roles but could be totally wrong here. Some moves were typical of a piece about AI but there were a couple of very interesting pas de deux ( I don’t know the names of the Ukrainian dancers in an earlier one which was very good but also including one with Magri and Ball towards the end sometimes including Leo Dixon who had to replace Putrov at short notice. This finale did draw me in a bit more. It was a strange piece in a way....what was all the wrapping up and unwrapping of one of the dancers about. I would have got the giggles if it had been me. However it is a piece worth another look ( partly owing to the music) Sometimes pieces seem to grow on you when seen again so suppose the jury is out on this at the moment. I did have a gripe with Sadlers Wells though which I’ve now discussed with them and have never complained ever before! It was because they said they strongly recommended and encouraged the use of masks but then allowed people in to the auditorium after the interval with drinks!! Well you certainly won’t be wearing a mask when drinking!! I know this is allowed usually but thought might not be allowed just at the moment. Maybe the intervals there should be longer to accommodate drinking if just mask wearing is your main Covid policy. I hate the damn things but we have to be careful still unfortunately as many are still unvaccinated in the London area. Anyway that was the only grouch otherwise a really pleasant evening a lovely end to a lovely day( almost forgotten how hot it was a week ago!)
  15. I think one of the problems with something like ballet ...or any Sport at high level...is that it can be a very fine line between being super fit and on the verge of the body being under par so getting ill OR an over stress injury to set in. And stress muscle and joint injuries in particular can be tricky in that they don’t always appear at the time you are putting the actual stress on them! You could do 250 repetitions of a particular move one day....and all is fine ...Then just go to do a simple thing like a tendu the next day and your calf muscle or whatever says no!! Im not recommending doing loads of repetitions of any exercise ....not even simple rises....30 could be strengthening and 50 a stress injury! There’s no magic number but to try and be really in tune with your body so you can sense when enough is enough. Just as we try to be kind to others so it’s better to be kind to your body. That’s how I see it anyway.
  16. Yes I would definitely go to this if not otherwise engaged! It’s a pleasant walk from Canary Wharf ....I like anything where bridges are concerned lol and have been before on a few occasions to see some amateur productions but this is a step up!! I really hope it’s a success as any chance to see dancers so closely is very welcome
  17. The French word for pupils is written : élèves .....and has nothing to do with relevés or the word élevé. Just looking at those two words relevé and élevé I get the feeling the relevé has a sense of bringing together so drawing the legs underneath you more whereas élevé feels more like a rise in situ so for example in 5th position in the relevé your feet would come together and be touching but in an élevé (though personally I’ve not heard that term used in a ballet class) the feet would be more apart from the 5th position from a straight rising up so to speak. I suppose the opposite of your saying is: « Everything comes to those who wait » But this type of waiting isn’t passive it has a meaning of everything in its right time. If you work hard at the right level first you will gain the progression you need to move on to the next level but perhaps in a more organic way.
  18. However he did say whilst not going ahead now they will be “keeping it in reserve as a potential option“ So that probably means in another months time lol!! You can’t really trust anything they say to be honest.
  19. Wow that was an edge of the seat match two fantastic young players but Emma keeping pretty cool as the crowd pretty much on Fernandez side for this match!! What a win for her ...amazing!
  20. The Lanterns Theatre is quite small though sight lines are good and you would be close to the dancers. It’s probably smaller than the ROH Linbury so tickets could sell out fast. Its about a 10-15 min walk from Canary Wharf tube station. Unfortunately for attending this gala which looks very interesting am also at the ROH on 23rd.
  21. wow well done Emma ...in the final! And the way she is winning. There is something very refreshing about her too. A natural all round.
  22. Well at least pretty much paid for any studying she might want to do at some point!!
  23. I’m not that much into tennis but just heard Emma Raducanu has reached the semi finals a pretty good achievement did anyone see the match?
  24. I’ve looked but although you can now book this I can’t see any casting. I don't even know if Frola will be in it but if he is I’d hate to miss him!
  25. Am still in London with a bit of a busy day ahead but will report back later. Very enjoyable Gala but for me Frola stole the show yesterday with his partner Natalia de Froberville! More later once back home.
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