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  1. Whether it predates Covid or not, the timing of issuing/reissuing this is absolutely appalling. And just when I think this government couldn't sink any lower I discover that I shouldn't be worried about my struggling year 13 because he is going to get a whole extra 3 weeks in school to catch up before his A levels. Well that should do the trick. Not.
  2. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the systems in particular schools, I think the point that is often made on this forum is ever relevant- its the journey that matters. The destination is not guaranteed so it is crucial that the young person is on a journey that they enjoy and value for its own sake, and not tolerating unacceptable things because of the hope of something special at the end.
  3. Thanks @Kate_N. He had a really rough night last night unfortunately but I got very good service from our GP surgery this morning and he's now got some medication which will hopefully kick in soon. And the negative test meant my older son got to do his A level physics mocks today thank goodness. I know it sounds daft worrying about that in the current situation but with all the furore over grades last year, I really didn't want him to miss it and potentially have problems later. I should apologise to the OP - this thread has taken on a life of its own and strayed a long way off topic. I
  4. Good news for us - just had a text saying the test was negative. He is still really quite unwell but at least its not that. I can now send my other son in to school do his mocks tomorrow and go for my scan with a clear conscience. And if the poorly one is no better tomorrow I can call the GP and they won't just say "Sounds like Covid". Hope your DD is soon on the mend @Kanangra It must be hard for you both with her being away. No matter how grown up they get its natural to want to be at home when they're ill. 😢
  5. No experience of this particular brand sorry, but I have bought lots of stuff from outside of the EU over the yeas. It seems to be quite random whether you get customs charges or not. I have had plenty of packages that have just been delivered with no questions asked, others that have been held until extra charges have been paid but not opened(you get a card through the door a bit like a failed delivery card telling you how much andd how to pay) and one or two where the package has been opened to see whether it actually is what the label says it is. One was a tutu which they had then seriousl
  6. Congratulations to the yesses and the SWLs and commiserations to the nos. Its nearly 15 years since my DD was at this stage but I remember how difficult it was, so thought I would share a few thoughts. 1) Nos remember that you are in a big majority. Only around 10% of JA applicants get a place and that seems to be fairly consistent over the years. On forums like this, you can sometimes get a bit of a skewed perception as naturally, people are more likely to share good news. But be assured, you are not alone. 2) The children that audition for JAs are on the whole the strongest da
  7. Thanks Fiz. I hope so. He was complaining of feeling dizzy earlier and not being able to hear normally, so maybe its an ear infection. Another aspect of the Covid fall out is that of course any pyrexial illness is Covid until proven otherwise now, so I know there is little point in calling the GPs until I have got the test result. Hopefully I will get it back soon then know one way or the other and can get a doctor's appointment if its negative and he is still poorly. I know I was super lucky to be able to get a test quickly given the problems many have had so I am very grateful for that.
  8. Yes, hope your DD gets well soon @Kanangra I have just taken my son for a test. He came home with what looked like a bog standard cold yesterday but today he had a temperature of 38.5c and we were fortunate to be able to get a test right away. I've got my fingers crossed its negative, but have a sinking feeling it won't be. My other son is half way through his A level mocks and i have a scan booked at the end of the week that I have been waiting for months for so its not the ideal time to have to isolate. I appreciate that others have it far worse though.
  9. I think quite a few people were following our plight Fiz! I know it sounds a bit nutty but I could physically feel the support from forum members that day. Even though nobody could actually do anything practical to help,just knowing that other people cared, and "got" why it was so important for us to get there made a huge difference. (As opposed to my husband who said "Ah well, never mind, its not the end of the world" or some similarly helpful comment!) It is one of the really special things about this forum. Yes, there are a few disagreements, but the vast majority of members are totall
  10. We had a near disaster at RAD HQ too, for DD's Adv 1. In fact the forum helped save the day! Things weren't great from the outset as DD had been injured and shouldn't really have been doing the exam to be honest, but it was the very last sitting of the old Adv1 syllabus and she desperately didn't want to miss it, so we'd had some emergency physio a few days previously to try to get her well enough to do it. We'd travelled down to London on the train the evening before, but part way down she developed a migraine (stress I suppose) and spent much of the night vomiting and being unable to see. I
  11. Another festival panic I had was the first time DD got a bit of make up on a costume. Then I made it worse by trying to clean it off with baby wipes. I was distraught, thinking that it would look terrible and the costume would never be usable again. But I sat in the audience and realised that if I couldn't see it (and I was looking for it!) then the adjudicator definitely wasn't going to spot it. Or indeed care, even if they did. I later noticed how many marks there were on lots of the older dancers' costumes when you saw them close up, and how completely unfazed everyone else was about it. I
  12. I am sure those of us with older/grown up DCs have lots of things that if we had the ability to travel back in time with our current knowledge, we would do differently, and some of those will be quite big, serious things. I know there's plenty I would change. But as something of a counter to the sad and serious world we are living in at present, let's stick to less major things and share some of the "if I knew then, what I know now.." learning points that might help newbies, or just amuse people. For me, it's ribbons. For years I struggled to sew, and to tie that awkward, stiff, 1.5cm or
  13. Thank you to all the moderators and everyone who contributes to the forum. I've been a member since the beginning, having moved over from the old forum, and it has been truly invaluable for me over the years. I've had some wonderful advice and support and made some real friends. My DD is grown up now (though still in the dance world) so I am an increasingly infrequent visitor as the world of exams and auditions etc is becoming a distant memory. But I still value this place and am happy to make this small contribution to help keep it alive for others.
  14. I feel for you @hfbrew. It is a terrible time for dance schools. The teachers that I know personally are all in much the same position - working harder than ever but with less income due to the class size restrictions and extra expenses. Like many small businesses, I think a lot of dance schools are in survival mode, just hoping they can ride things out and still be in business when better times arrive. I think the economic effects are really starting to hit home. I see news of local businesses closing almost every day now. A few days ago it was our local dancewear shop, today a positivel
  15. The whole situation is a nightmare. The situation Fiz describes is clearly unacceptable. If I understand the Scottish education system correctly, first years can be as young as 17, and even those who are technically adults are still very young and for many it will be their first time living away from home. If it was my child, and the circumstances are indeed as are being widely reported, I would be very worried and upset. However, universities, colleges and schools still have costs to cover, including staff to pay and the money has to come from somewhere. I have little time for the curren
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