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  1. Your wise and kind contributions will be a loss to this community....but life moves on. Very best wishes to you and your son in your next adventures.
  2. I would give the nearer shop a try. As others have said, there is unlikely to be only one type of shoe which will suit your DD. In fact i think it is good to get the views of a different fitter from time to time even for dancers who have been wearing a particular shoe for a while. Feet change, and as a dancer gets more experienced their needs can change. Or there may be simply something better for them out there that they havent tried yet! And whilst I wouldn't of course advocate buying something unsuitable from the nearest shop just because its convenient, you do need to bear in mind the fact that as a dancer spends more time on pointe shoes need changing more and more often. If you can find something suitable closer to home I would recommend you seriously consider it. A day trip to buy shoes is ok, quite enjoyable even, when its the first pair or only happening every 6 months or so. But when its every six weeks...
  3. I think the best thing a ballet parent (or a sports parent, music parent etc etc) can do is accept we have no control over what happens. Well, virtually none. Our job is to get them to the venue on time with all the stuff they need. And then sit back and let what will be, be. And later of course to provide celebratory/commisoratory (is that a word?) hugs/chocolate/pizza/icecream* (*delete as applicable)
  4. I didnt ask but I imagine they come via the NHS supply chain like everything else. I work for the same Trust and we get what we are given basically - I dont suppose things are any different for the physio dept.
  5. Can anyone recommend a good wobble board please....one that will safely take an adult's weight? Its for myself, and I weigh rather a lot more than the average ballet student! I am not taking up ballet I hasten to add, but my physio has suggested I look for one as it will be useful later on in my rehabilitation from some injuries I sustained in an accident earlier in the year. I dont want to buy one that collapses under my weight and puts me back to square one 😂. I'm not hugely overweight, but I am no 40kg ballerina either! My DD never had one so Ive never seen one up close - do they state a maximum weight? Any brands that are particularly good? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. You sound very excited. That's lovely. I hope Izzy and you both enjoy her first festival. My DD did festivals from the age of 5 to 18. Overall we had positive experiences and i think she gained a lot from them, in terms of general life lessons every bit as much as dance. BUT we also saw some of the uglier side of competitions and soon realised that it is very important to keep things in perspective. Always remember that the marks and comments are simply one person's opinion on a minute or two of dancing. They may seem important in the moment, but they are very transient. And that applies just as much if they are outstanding as it does if they are disappointing. What really matters are not the trophies and medals (pots and pennies as my DD used to call them!) but what is the dancer gaining from participation? And there are lots of things to be gained - performance experience, resilience, new friends and lots of fun to name but a few. My DD can't remember now what trophies she won or a single mark awarded for any particular dance, but we will still laugh til we cry when we reminisce about particular disasters that occurred and we remember very fondly time spent with good friends at festivals. Plus she can recognise many ways that her festival experiences have been of benefit subsequently. Not to mention the vast improvement in my skills as a hair stylist, make up artist and wielder of a glue gun over the years! 😂 So my advice is try it. Have fun. But be sure to always keep festival participation as your slave - dont let it become your master.
  7. Interesting discussion. I think if you are doing dance, drama, music etc exams ONLY as a means of gaining potential extra UCAS points/ something for the personal statement then its probably a waste of time. The effort required is very high for a limited and unpredictable gain. However, whether it is acknowledged directly by universities or not I do think students with this kind of background have real advantages. The transferable skills that sometimes seem a bit formulaic when written on a personal statement are genuine. Additionally, and so importantly, these activities provide students with an escape from the stresses of their course and potentially an almost instant new bunch of friends if they sign up for the dance club, orchestra or whatever during Fresher's Week. There is so much pressure on young people these days. I think it is crucial that we encourage them to enjoy their extra curricular activities for their intrinsic value rather than allowing them to become yet another hoop to jump through. I think it should be completely acceptable for a student of an unrelated subject to say "I dance because it makes me happy". The world needs more happy people.
  8. Thanks Lisa. Im slowly mending but EVERYTHING has been a nightmare to sort out!
  9. Not relevant to me personally (my DD is grown up and was never an RBS associate)but I wonder what they do for students who cannot travel by train? I dont think it would be physically possible to reach our nearest associate centres on time by train. Those i knew who went by car had very long days as it was - by train it would be a nightmare even if it could be done. Our nearest mainline station is an hour's drive away for starters. I would imagine that quite a few of those who are travelling 151+ miles each way will be in rural areas. Public transport may be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option but its often not a viable option for us country bumpkins. Of you cant provide a train ticket are you ineligible for support? (Sorry, I am perhaps being a bit over sensitive re lack of understanding of rural issues. I have spent a long time on the phone to my car insurers today. I was in a serious RTC recently and am entitled to private physiotherapy, but they have failed to refer me because I hadn't selected a provider within their maximum agreed radius of my home. The London based operative seemed to be totally incapable of understanding that there ARE no providers within that radius, just as there are no train stations, bus stops etc etc...)
  10. So sorry to hear this. It must be terribly difficult to deal with. I have no practical advice sorry, but I will share the advice that a wise person gave me many years ago when my now adult DD didnt get into JAs. It went something like this.... "I know this seems like the end of the world now, but remember that there is more to ballet than the RBS, more to dance than ballet, and more to life than dance. She, and you wont be able to see it right now, and that is understandable, but in the long term this wont seem so bad, and one day you may even see it as good." Now I dont for one moment think our experience was as traumatic as being assessed out, but I do think the advice I was given was very, very good. I hope it proves to be as true for you and your DD as it has for me and mine.
  11. I can understand your reservations - especially the financial side of things. But one thing I would say is that NBS would not have offered you a place if you didnt deserve it. There will have been a lot of applicants for that place and you got it on merit. You have every right to be very proud of yourself and to take your place in the class. I would try to think forwards.....when you are say 40, this boat will have well and truly sailed. How much would you regret not having tried? You say you have already completed higher education and i am assuming (forgive me if im wrong) that you are currently working. So unlike your younger classmates it is likely you already have your "plan B" established. Lots of young people (and you ARE still young remember!) take a bit of time out of a career path to travel etc. If you step off your current career path you may well be able to step back on it if the dancing doesnt work out. But at least you will have tried, and you will know. You wont be sitting at your desk in 15 years saying "I wonder if...."
  12. Pups_mum

    Foot creams

    Thanks for all the suggestions and well wishes. I sent my husband out with a list of the more popular suggestions this morning. Naturally he came back with something completely different! The local pharmacist suggested an organic baby moisturiser which she says a lot of adults also swear by..... cant remember the name...still full of painkillers! So i will try that and return to this list if it doesnt help ( or the "mild fragrance" proves too much.
  13. Pups_mum

    Foot creams

    I know this should probably go in Not Dance but i am hoping for advice from dancers/ parents of dancers so I hope the mods will forgive me. A few weeks ago I was unfortunately involved in a major car crash and suffered multiple injuries. I am home now and with the potentially life threatening injuries dealt with, it is the less serious problems come to the fore. I have a bad fracture of my left heel bone and my whole left foot has bern very badly swollen though that is settling now. But my whole foot has bevome abnormally sensitive to touch and temperature and the skin has become very dry and cracked. My physio has recommend very gentle massage of the foot and im looking for some kind of nice cream to use, especially around my toes where the dry skin is at its worst. Which is where you guys come in....who knows more about sore feet than ballet dancers?! Could you let me know of any good creams you use? My DD has suggested an aloe vera cream but i dont like the smell, and another very weird effect of this crash is that my sense of smell has become heightened and smells that i used to find mildly unpleasant now really repulse me. (Husband has just burned toast in fact.....arrgh!) Thanks in advance for any suggetions and apols for any drug induced spelling, grammar or reality errors!
  14. Well done anf good luck. Sorry i have no idea about funding but i hope you are able to find something.
  15. You have received a very good mark for your Intermediate exam - congratulations. It is not at all unusual for students to score less highly in the vocational grades than they have been used to in the graded exams so you are certainly not alone. And remember that an exam result is only a snapshot, just one person's opinion of how you performed on one occasion. On another day or with another examiner you may have scored a few marks differently, who knows? What REALLY matters about exams is not your final mark, though naturally we all like to do as well as we can in any test, but what you have learned from studying the course. As others have said, many students dont even take exams, particularly those who have studied abroad. No audition panel will discount you on the grounds that you "only" have merit for Intermediate, I promise. They will make their decision on what they see on the day. Prior to auditions it is often stated that candidates need to be working at Intermediate standard or above, but that is just to give a guideline of the level that is to be expected, in a language that most students and teachers will understand quickly. It doesn't mean you have to actually have done the exam. The only value in re doing the exam would be to satisfy your personal pride. It wont affect your career one way or the other. Even if you opt to train as an RAD teacher the entry requirement is that you need to have passed intermediate, not gained a distinction. If you were my DD I would advise you to put it behind you and move on, unless you feel there are elements of the syllabus that you genuinely need a significant amount of additional work on, which seems unlikely. In fact that is exactly the advice I did give my DD nearly a decade ago when she did get a merit for Intermediate!
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