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  1. Absolutely - my musical daughter, who it seems is offered reserve places for everything, says she is going to get a t shirt made saying"I make lemonade!" Her CV won't show she got places off the reserve lists. . She certainly savours the opportunities when they do arise, maybe more than if she had been first choice (although that is nice when it occasionally happens too!)
  2. It might also be worth investigating courses in Scotland (I think RCS has a musical theatre course?) Their funding is organised differently to the English courses. I have no idea of the calibre of their offering. And what happens next year is anyone's guess at the moment ..
  3. Please think seriously before using your one funded chance at higher education on something you aren't keen on! My advice, for what it's worth, to Musical DD when deciding on options was to imagine she had the money (fees, accommodation costs, living costs) in a pile in front of her. If she had to hand over real cash for a course, how would she feel? She had felt pressurized by a teacher to take a particular offer (especially as it came with a huge scholarship). Even reducing the pile of imaginary cash she was handing over it clarified, in her heart of hearts, it wasn't a purchase she wanted to make.
  4. From what I can see, it's up to each school to make their own decisions regarding Safeguarding. My school uses Teams via school email but students must be muted and cameras turn off - interaction is via the message facility. My husband's school follows ImgyA's model. I must admit after DD (who is 20!) was discussing her bedroom redecoration with her teacher as her instrumental lessons are online, I can see the issues. From a practical point 30+ students trying to talk at the same time wouldn't work. Our online zoom church services show the limitations as 30 of us try to say the Lord's Prayer at the same time. Chaos. And then there are the times the internet drops out and valuable information is missed. First experience of "bubbling" next week. Interesting times. From a professional development point of view, I've undertaken more training (a lot of it free!) in the past 12 weeks than I have managed in the past 12 years. Numbers attending are huge, and I can see this continuing.
  5. Not only did they stay open (throughout all holidays as well) but working online is as frustrating for the staff as well as students. Marking takes 3x longer, and developing new teaching resources is time consuming. Not complaining just saying ..
  6. Odds are stacked against you anyway (she says cheerfully). JA places do become available. My tiny August son wasn't offered a place in Y4. Looking back I'm not suprised. Re-auditioning for year 5 he was accepted but we were unable to take a place at the centre offered. We rang them and they went through all the centres available and we were offered a place elsewhere - my point is that places do become available. And plenty on this forum will tell you that you don't need to be a JA to get a place at 11 either in MAs or vocational school - indeed the converse may be true. It's a long journey. Take your time. Enjoy the view. Don't feel pressured because "everyone" seems to do x,y,z ...
  7. Like Lusodancer's daughter, my musical DD has concerns about her musical degree. She is seriously considering, with my support, intermitting for a year. If one-to-one lessons are via skype, and there are limited or no ensemble activities, she may as well pay privately and have her skype lessons from home and get a local job and earn some money. It will also enable her to travel and take lessons internationally, quarantines permitting, something she was keen to do but couldn't afford on her student loan. It's a horrible situation for young people. Personally, I was born to isolate and am having a very productive period, albeit with the luxury of my family around me.
  8. Worth having a look at the funding page - I'm not sure if LSC degrees are fully covered by student funding? Others will have more information. Also she will obviously pay (a lot!) more for London accommodation. But what a talented girl to get both offers.
  9. What a great result! Will she take this over the English offer?
  10. Hugs to you both. If he was anything like my son, a good burst of exercise (now the bike is clean, get it dirty again!) helps a lot. He is obviously very talented, I am sure other opportunities will arise if he decides that now is not the time. Feel free to PM Meadowblythe
  11. He's in Bulgaria - first company plenty of ex-pats so language not a problem, current, as mentioned, want you to speak their language. It's not essential but it is expected, if that makes sense. He's proved quite adept at picking up speaking in other languages. Less so written! He was previously in Czechia and there was some overlap. Time off for injury also, oddly, contributed - working as a KP in a London hotel, such a mix of nationalities. And he was truly awful at languages at school.
  12. On the other hand, what a brilliant opportunity to truly learn a language and appreciate another culture. A lot easier to do when you are young and presumably most schools offer some support, or lessons could be had out of school (and in advance of moving) to help, at least with the conversational language. Also opening up opportunities for employment further along the way, both in dance and other professions. DS has danced in Europe since graduation. In his current company there are 3 English speakers but they are all aware that to make progress they need to speak the national language if they want to be considered for solo/principal roles. The other 2, who have been there a few years, are fluent - it's a powerful incentive.
  13. Just love these - such a great pressie for the male ballet dancers in our lives. Not sure if they would survive postage to Europe and definitely won't go in hand luggage. But definitely tempted to try posting. How much (approx.) do they weigh? Also a lovely post performance gift for musical DD
  14. Congratulations! My DS graduated a few years ago but now but please feel free to PM me if you have any questions I may be able to help with.
  15. This is such an achievement! Well done to him.
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