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  1. Dear Sam, My DD is accepted to CNSMDP and will start in September. We are very excited about it. Though known not famous as other named ones around Europe, I understand that it is important in France.
  2. German ballet schools are mostly Vaganova based; since the tradition of teachers come from Russian teachers; for ex John Cranko Stutgart, Hamburg, Munich, partially Berlin. Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey these all study in Russian style.
  3. very much appreciated, thank you. She has tried repetto when she was 11 and was not happy but since she has grown much then she may give it a try, if freed is not possible.
  4. really helpful, thank you.
  5. Thank you for the help. We currently live in Istanbul and have access to certain models of Freed. But she will be in Paris in summer for POB SI and we will do our best to make a proper fitting there. I do not know what "wineglass maker" is though?
  6. She is in the state conservatoire in Istanbul, but she will be moving to Paris for 9th grade.
  7. Now in Istanbul but she will be in Paris next season.
  8. She will start at Paris Conservatoire National Superior and in her current school in Istanbul some brands are not allowed either. But we will see how well she will fit in Freed. They monitor the kids and prefer them to wear Freed as they have told me, we will see in September for sure.
  9. My DD will have to wear Freed in her new vocational school, she has been wearing Grishko Smart with a M shank till now. She is used to be trained in Vaganova so harder shanks worked better for her. But now, she will continue her education in French style and they require softer shanks for more efficient foot work. Does anyone have experience in both Grishko and Freed so that they may give some advices? She has narrow feet and medium insteps. What would be good model options in Freeds?
  10. Typical travel insurance I suppose, since we are required to get a visa this insurance comes along with it.
  11. My DD has done the summer school twice and also did the school auditions at the age of 12 as well. She raised up to the final round but did not make it. She is now to continue her education in CNSMDP in Paris. She is accepted to the school, prep class. She is coming from the Russian style and tells me that the major difference is the use of arms and feet speed. French is more fluent compared to Russian style, where as the Russian style is more precise on technique.
  12. Yes we have done it, last year in May. My DD raised into the final 12 but was not accepted amongst the 3 chosen. But anyhow, it was a great experience for her, as she says. Then this year, she applied to Conservatoire National Superior and received a place there. So proud of her.
  13. My DD will be doing it for the second time, attending from Turkey. She also experienced the school auditions as well. She will be in advance class. Who else will be there?
  14. thanks, we do not have Russian pointe here in Turkey. So a fitting for that is not possible. But noted.
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