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  1. The education is good. Her wish to go abroad sooner is to create a path to proffesion in europe. Let us know about Gr 3007 as well please 🙂
  2. oh unfortunately no. Noone from her region...
  3. Hello all. Does Modibodi sell in EU? Or is there any equivalent to that brand which I can buy online from Europe? We live in Turkey so I need to buy them anyhow online.
  4. Hello. She was fitted a 3 box with a slightly smaller shoe size. And it worked fine as well. We'll be ordering a new pair soon. But we are waiting for gaynorgirl announcements first 🙂 she was in final round. She is back to her previous conservatoire in Istanbul (MSGSU) and is in 10th grade. She wishes to be abroad again in 2 years time when she 16/17.
  5. It's been motnhs though but just returned back to forums. My DD is very happy with her gaynors, she is now wearing a box 3 instead of 2. She syas she feels better in GMs more than her 2007s.
  6. We have a large floor mat but located on parquet flooring and there is concrete below (we live in an apartment flat). How do you solve the jumping issue, vinly floor helps for nonslipping but does not help for jumps.
  7. We are interested as well, I know that they have a vaganova based solid training. But kids before 16 are hard to attend cause they do not have dorm facilities.
  8. We do not live in UK but my DD has taken some lessons from her as well. She is a very dedicated teacher, as far as I can see.
  9. not at all. Strong and flexible feet is completely enough. There are sooo many aspects of a good dancer. If she can articulate her normal-looking feet and use her other best sides and musicality it will be all fine.
  10. That I have to ask her :-) But as an outsider eye, the slim look of 2007 is there in box 2 as well.
  11. finally... she is wearing her gaynor mindens. The sizing was perfect, even though she did not have a chance to try them on before ordering. She is happy with box 2. They are sleek fit and yellow (the shank color).
  12. junior and intermediate are pale pink, uppers are black. The leotards are better be quite simple with no sleeves, not too much add one with a skirt as well. You'll receive an email where they explain the dress code.
  13. Noooo.... still waiting, incredibly slow delivery.
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