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  1. Noooo.... still waiting, incredibly slow delivery.
  2. Crystal Pite's Body and Soul was breathtaking in my point of view. The repeating narrative that accompanied the dance; the versatile abilities of the dancers... the unity of the costumes. Whenever I make it to Paris I always try to see a performance of POB. I suppose this was one of the best I'd seen from them. And it is such a good feeling to see a contemporary woman's work; very inspiring for my DD who is just 14 and tries to adapt Paris on her own to be a dancer and choreographer one day as well.
  3. While she did a fitting they said sleek is better for her as well, as th sides were empty as u described. She is not living with me, but in Paris. But once she receives and hopefully tries, we'll let you know as well :-)
  4. My DD wears Grishko 2007 XX and sometimes XXX, she did not fit in a 3 box in GM, we ordered a 2 box sleek model, we are waiting to receive it since it is difficult to find box 2 easily.
  5. juniors and seniors most probably, in the competitions the candidate nos. are 100 (j) and 300 (s) for girls 200 and 400 for boys.
  6. I think it is a better way to look at the school more than the nationality of the student, since most schools are multinational these days.
  7. Can you please expand what you mean by not being ready for int. students? I know there is no dorm either. Communication, friendship etc? My DD is having a difficulty in France as well, since there are few international students. But dorm is settled, since they have been working like this for years. Her major issue is lack of friendship and communication tools. I suppose your DS is in Hamburg now. Is he happy with the training as well there?
  8. Thank you for the support. My daughter is used to a full time training. But as you say, changing the country, being alone, being friendless is upsetting her. She still is not sure whether the classes will be enough for her or not. This will I suppose take a few more months to clarify. Munich was an option for her as well but since she is 14, we said no cause there was no boarding for that age. I am glad that your son enjoys her new school.
  9. Thank you Afab. Of course it helps. Funny to say, but my DD says the class is quite crowded -14 girls- (they are PREPA and I suppose they take more to see how they will evolve and eliminate in time) and she says the level is not as high as she expected. Again maybe it is because they call it Prepa. The want to bring them to a homogenized level. For the nurturing, I guess as you say most well known schools have this issue, because there is a pressure on teachers and kids to be their best. Ballet is a harsh world anyhow... When I look into things and when it is said Germany will not be very much different, I guess it is our best to wait and see how things will develop within the year as she practices the language more. The option of staying in her home country is always gonna make things more difficult to spread abroad when she is around 17-18. I see that year by year chances of doing classical ballet is decreasing but contemporary and neoclassical is preferred in many companies. This brings the need to learn how to be a versatile dancer. And this is something difficult for her to learn here in her own country. Ps: Lately there are no POB left girls in the school just 1 or 2. But again almost everyone is French :-) This is a basic culture shock for DD.
  10. Very helpful indeed, thank you. I am thinking about this "the thing" issue myself. And try to let her put down a list of likes and dislikes and re-write it from time to time, to see how things are evolving. I trust the director. Not very much sure about teachers, they are sure capable but at least for the time being we need to wait and see if DD is in good contact with her current teacher. That 'click' you know sometimes is not there. Perhaps changing a technique is a reason. But as you said, all is very new and patience is sometimes all needed.
  11. :-) thank you for replying back. Well, maybe you can be of some help. My DD is 14 and just started CNSMDP this September. She is an aspiring ballet student. She auditioned in several places like berlin, zurich and got acceptances but we chose Paris cause she wanted to learn the French tech. She is a very well trained in vaganova technique. She lives in the dorm and her uncle living in paris is of help. This was the main reasons we chose it there. But she seems unhappy not to mention the language barriers, homesickness etc, it is more than that. She says they work very less compared to her previous school and she is losing her strengths. She is a very mature girl and is aware of herself a lot compared to her age so I listen to these with respect. The school director is great and tells her to be patient :-) . I was just wondering if we are on the right track and things will be different in years. Otherwise we will have to re-think the school issues once again. Our aim is for her to be able to dance in Europe. Any input will be helpful I suppose.
  12. Hello afab Are you still living in Paris, and somehow your dd.s are connected to ballet? My DD is studying in CNSM now and we have some concerns in our minds.
  13. Yes tapered and not sinking. How about the width? My DD sometimes wears XX sometimes XXX, since her feet are still growing, it varies from season to season.
  14. My DD has been through so many different brands and models. She always felt it very difficult to find the perfect fit for her. She finally felt good in Grishko Smart. She has narrow and tapered feet. She has strong ankles and mobile fingers but a low arch. The vamp height supports her metatarsals. She feels supported and lifted in Smart M shank. Now her school recommends to use Freed in class but unfortunately she cannot find the model for her in Freed and wants to continue in Grishko but the school says they are always very hard...
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