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  1. I only ever sew through the lining but I sew for girls at our local dance school so the shoes are preserved a bit more as something special. My daughters don’t get quite the same care and attention 😂 They are a lovely shoe though and reasonably ok to darn. Yes a thimble definitely helps with grip. I used silicone ones from Amazon.
  2. They are really really tough to sew. I feel your pain. I’ve just done 3 pairs this last month. The best thing is to get a very sharp thin needle. I usually like using curved needles but they just don’t cut it with capezio.
  3. @Ruby Foo no issues. She’s confident and enjoys every moment she gets to dance en pointe. It’s more the difference on hours that she’s experience during year 9 that I was thinking about. Will have a look at Sarah Toner thank you.
  4. Ah sorry @Jan McNulty I should have looked. Please feel free to delete this post and I’ll have a look through.
  5. Hi My DD is considering applying for year 10 vocational and I understand pointe work hours increase significantly in year 9. DD is currently yr8 so will be auditioning in the autumn. She is currently in RAD adv 1 and will at some point in the next few months be taking IDTA intermediate. She probably does between 1/2 hr to 1hr pointe work per week plus a dedicated 45 mins once a month in an associate programme but is possibly stopping this soon. How much does this fit with what others are doing at a similar stage and what is out there for increased pointe classes outside of vocational schools? We’re not in London and so access to a wide range of free lance teachers isn’t possible but could look at local private lessons if needed. She doesn’t do festivals so only work is syllabus work at present. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. It’s really hard but don’t lose hope yet. DD got a no for her audition for Elmhurst. It was the first result and hit her hard (she took to her bed to lick her wounds and then bounced back) I recall emailing her JA teacher to ask what the chances were of any good news as I couldn’t get my head round the chance of receiving a yes after that very first no, but she then went on to have offers from 3 other schools, two with MDS/Bursary so all is not lost. Each of the schools look for different things. And if it’s not meant to be this time don’t lose hope children change and come into their own when the time is right for them. Wishing you the very best of luck. (Just a note to add DD isn’t actually at vocational school, we tried but being away from home wasn’t for her, and actually being at home and putting individual things in place for her has been brilliant so again it’s not the end of the world, but I absolutely know how you are feeling)
  7. Just an update. They have used the swimming pool this week so pack swimwear for next week 😁
  8. I think where there are children that aren’t benefitting they don’t continue and you do receive an email each year to say you have been offered another year but there’s no formal assessment like mids.
  9. A few years ago now for us but my DD said after audition that she enjoyed it but didn’t want to do it because she didn’t want to give up her Saturday classes… 4 years later she’s enjoyed 3 wonderful years as a JA, a year of Mids and looking forward to year 8 in Sept. JAs is a wonderful journey. Both my daughter and I have made life long friends and have experienced things that we would never have done had we not received that wonderful email in 2019.
  10. I know exactly what you mean re differing exam boards. I took my IDTA classical award a good few years ago and scored a whopping 90 which spurred me on to retake my RAD Intermediate (I’d failed what was elementary in my younger years). I got a merit for my intermediate (just a few points above the marks that have left me with a failed adv1) and remember being so disappointed with the variation in marks from IDTA and RAD. Something I have had to explain to my daughter who is examined in both. I know what you mean about video exams although they do reduce my nerves ever so slightly with the studio being familiar etc… I’ll send off my enquiry and see where we go from there. I may continue to refresh the syllabus just in case the school does another video session before the summer and I may ask then to retake it but I then run the risk of not doing so well I suppose. I had concerns about my allegro 5 and that one was always touch and go but I passed that section so don’t know if I want to run that risk 😂.
  11. Thank you all for your replies. It’s made me feel a lot better that many of you think it’s unfair. The sad part is I really enjoyed working towards it and really pushed myself. I really did work hard, practicing at home and using free studios when I got the chance and this has really tainted it. @Peanut68 I don’t think I’m brave enough to put my video on here 🙈 will have a think. It would be good if the RAD would at least agree to rewatch the variation but I doubt they will.
  12. Hello. Yes that’s correct. I scored 53 overall but because I scored 3 on the variation I failed. But yes if I’d have scored 4 on the variation I would have passed. It’s literally that one mark that has failed me. It’s different to the grades, IF and intermediate where the overall score has to be above 40. In this exam all 10 components have to be 4/10 to pass. So I could have got 93 and failed if I’d have scored 10 in every section but 3 in the dance. It’s sole destroying! I am going to ask for the breakdown of my marks (it cost an extra £40 on top of the already extortionate exam fee) but I feel I need to understand what I did so wrong. I’ve watched over and over and it’s ok 🤷‍♀️ My teacher has also gone back to the RAD about the marks. I doubt it will lead to anything but I’m grateful she’s trying.
  13. Thank you all. I won’t be re taking it unfortunately. There isn’t the opportunity to keep practising and there isn’t a viable exam session. I know I should have passed it and the variation shouldn’t have been a fail. I’ve re watched it and although it’s not perfect and there’s definitely bits I could do better I hit all the steps and directions. My lines are ok for the most part, I have control and I never fall off pointe, I’m quite secure. To have been deemed ‘limited ability to achieve the component assessed’ doesn’t feel quite right. As I say it wasn’t great but certainly adequate which would have been a 4 and a pass. I just need to chalk it up to a very disappointing result and keep telling myself that I was good enough to pass and 1 mark more and I’ve have been feeling very different this weekend. I went to ballet last night and I no longer feel good enough to be in the advanced classes but I know that’s not true as the marks in the rest of the exam say that I am. I’m going to continue with the IDTA adv 1 syllabus and start RAD adv 2 with the girls I took the exam with. I was never intending to take these exams so it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but I’m sad that I can never say I achieved it. All because of 1 undeserved score in a bunch of good marks. When some can get 4s all the way through and pass with a mark of 40 and I can fail with a score in the 50s feels very unfair, but that’s the way it is. @RHowarth I did variation 2, I wouldn’t have liked to have even attempt variation 1 😁 @LinMM there isn’t the opportunity to do grade 7/8 or the reps unfortunately.
  14. So I failed my adv1. I’m absolutely gutted. I scored mostly 6s, a few 5s and a 4 for my allegro (I messed up on the day so was pleased with that one) but for some reason that neither me or my teachers can understand, I was scored only a 3 for my variation technique so failed! Overall my score was a couple of marks away from a merit but I still failed. I’m absolutely gutted! Edited to add I scored 6 for variation performance which is extremely baffling that I can perform well in a dance that I am not deemed to have the required technical ability to dance!
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